The mysterious complaint

first_imgThe first weeks of confinement were marked by the earthquake that caused Emili Rousaud on the Barcelona board of directors. The former vice president resigned when Bartomeu was preparing to demote him from his position along with other fellow members who also went with him. Up to six managers resigned amid a crisis environment that heated up when Rousaud said that “Someone had reached into the box”. Those words prompted Barcelona to announce criminal actions against the former council member. Well, it turns out that That complaint, which was announced after the telematic council meeting on April 14, is a mystery that further confuses this case. We must remember that at the origin of everything is the hiring of the I3 Ventures Company, which is already quite confusing in itself waiting for an internal audit that will never come.The fact is that there are two versions of the complaint. On the one hand, from Barcelona they assure that this same week the complaint was filed in the courts and that they are waiting for a day to be decreed for the previous conciliation act. On the other hand, Emili Rousaud himself states that he has not received any notification. The first position can be read in Sport and the second in Mundo Deportivolast_img

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