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Website revision case Ali information upgrade project summary

a section of the advertising: this project in October 10th the first phase cut version at the end of October will release the full release! No cut version, please look! Released address:


2 years ago, the initial Ali has no positive had the privilege to participate in the revision of the information project, but my products debut, in a corner of the visual designer, then get the hand is a black-and-white draft unpainted and a plane draft. Don’t know who is the producer, do not know who is the director, but do not know who is the other actors, the boss said to me, "is in disorderly fashion. Stumbled 7.8 versions, take it to the demand side election, and finally quite smooth, chose the first edition. Then change it again in the optimization, every day of the week to get 11 points, the last before the appointed time, to the front of students, responsible for late then, then on the line… At that time the feeling is: the original product design is like this.. After the on-line, unsatisfactory, a lot of things and I imagined still a little distance. read more

Popular thin weight loss network example talk about a station operation and profit model

weight loss website should be how to operate it? Profit model should first clear, understand, with clear operations and profit model, in accordance with the plan to implement the development. There should be goals, establish a clear goal, for example, engage in popularity, traffic flow, I have to do in six months, ten thousand IP, the remaining six months to improve user stickiness, improve browsing, PV and so on. In a word, the train of thought must be clear and the target must be clear.

is my example: popular network this is my thin weight loss diet net. Next, I’d like to talk about my own ideas and views, the general operating website model and profit model. read more

Thought by a local portal site

haven’t written an article in the station for a long time. It’s not work, I have no time, because I have not got a job after half a year’s graduation. Not to mention busy. But as the webmaster’s friends, all know, do webmaster is the most tired. Don’t see some Adsense monthly income of tens of thousands, hard work and perseverance is people can not understand.

if you’re a student at school, doing a station can be a hobby. Can flow, income can be obtained through the flow, the best, but also to reduce the burden on the family. But when your four years of easy college life is over and you have to think about your future life, doing a hobby becomes a career. read more

Solve the problem of website revision

web site operators to a certain stage, there will be insufficient function, user friendly and other aspects, there may be a webmaster famous, more, before the website look tired, so I want to change, but for whatever reason, the revision is always a potential in the process will be the initial site because they do not understand the market, users do not understand, then to build a better good website is necessary, however, we are facing after all, there are two types of users: search engine and user. read more

The mobile community so fire how to do a chowhound community

introduction: there is no good example of such an Internet community in the kitchen, a very good community for food.

may only have a Japanese class website (COOKPAD), a relatively high degree of community, because in a monopoly position. Japan’s development of the Internet is not particularly good, local manufacturing site and as it is then developed, COOKPAD is in fact a webmaster to do, because the sense of smell, very early, with the Japanese social environment (many housewives), caused by the monopoly. read more

He Tao link tips

, many professional SEO want to change friendship links with others, especially those who like those sites, friendship links did not write before "friendship link" four words of the site, then why is this?


below, let’s look at how to view friendship links and non friendship links from the SEO’s point of view.

link SEO people believe that any link written with "friendship" four words, or "URL" or "links" on the link page links are friendship links. Because the links in these places have been identified by search engines, search engines, and especially Google, have been exporting rights to these regions. That is, the export of the same page link, did not write friendship links, the export of PR and weight will be very high, and write a friendship link page, export links will be relatively low. Of course, also includes link.htm/link.html/links.htm/links.html/link.asp/links.asp/link.php and other pages. read more

Confessions of a rookie stationmaster

half a year ago, not satisfied with the ordinary work, inadvertently contacted university students, knew he was running a local car website, and do a good job, think this industry is quite promising, they also have their own website idea. Because I was in Guangdong, just look to the Southern Metropolis Daily coverage of the Guangdong provincial Party Secretary Wang Yang met with friends, Ma Yun praised the founder of the Alibaba, to talk about the network to help SMEs in Guangdong to solve the bottleneck problem of development and called on everyone should support this industry, I hear the blood boiling, think network promising car is certainly more and more, then I do some of his supporting services well, then I find a car classmate invited people to develop this website. read more

A novice to talk about standing for 100 days of experience

I am

from the beginning of this year as a station, entering the trip I want to rookie SEO, rarely, often feel on the front of the computer every day to get ah do not know why, just heard stand up first to put inside out N content, everywhere to find some related the content of hand inside mad, bought the domain name from January 23rd, 24–27 the basic framework stand ready, so far seems to just 100 days.

for some veteran hands, my current data is amazing, but I don’t know what it is and what it stands for when I look at the statistics. I 27 in 51 of the statistics, from the beginning of the day was Google. 1 pages, after the data collected every day on the increase, don’t see nearly a month included data is always fluctuating, the station name search like the fourth row in Google page read more

How to open a coffee shop

a lot of people love to drink coffee, so the coffee shop business is also good, coffee joined the project has become a lot of investors are concerned about. Business needs to be considered, the opportunity to grasp the key. The following describes the need to open a coffee shop to learn some skills and methods, take a look at it!

read more

Baidu was re collected five days after the K site

gets up on the Internet at seven every morning. The first thing on the Internet is to check out your website. Have you ever been re indexed by Baidu?


I was disappointed again this morning, Baidu included, or all the blank pages.

PM, I have a new website ready to apply for a good domain name. In my space business in the election for a few hours, and eventually my new site’s domain name for, meaning ‘fortune telling fortune teller’, my new site is online fortune telling website. read more

5 days new station visits from 80 to 3000

              see 21 days to the site from 1 to 10000IP the actual article lets me admire, I was a novice, a day spent in continuous learning, that is not suitable for personal navigation network more suitable for newcomers to do, and I see a lot of people to choose the navigation network, I also like. Really tired, but very happy, watching the flow of growing up every day, just like their children.

date, PV access, independent visitor, unique IP ratio,

2008-11-14 3136944263 51.03% read more

Do the flow of immortality imitate Dafa

imitation is one of the frequently used methods in website making. But there are still a few people who study the ways of imitation deeply. To master the essence of imitation is to master the essence of others’ success. It’s easy to imitate. I don’t think so. Imitation is both simple and difficult. Imitation is a kind of method, if you can get a method using to reach the acme of perfection then your achievements is not less than the object you imitate.

many websites in China are modeled after foreign countries, because foreign networks develop early, and we have imitated objects. Of course, foreign countries are imitating us. Our nation is, after all, the best and most creative nation. Imitation is also our national strength, any development of things basically can not leave imitation, imitation is not plagiarism, we need to understand the meaning of imitation, the spirit of true imitation. read more

Community operators defeat you or can avoid failures

has been silent to see his brother’s blog, many great God to share their network promotion, operation success, I also want to share, but my success and delay. I believe a lot of friends watching others to share, want to join the network promotion, operation of the service, so I would like to share my feelings of failure to do community operations, perhaps can let more people don’t follow my steps.

for more than a year, I seem to have failed,

, a medical practitioner, currently works as assistant general manager in a company that treats hair loss and works as community marketing and sales. As a result of the work, before I do my own community platform, I have accumulated a large number of fans with therapeutic needs, QQ friends around 13 thousand, and continues to increase. Related to more than 500 QQ group has 13, these users are through the Tianya and other forums, Baidu know, and other questions and answers platform, and do video, ranking and other drainage slowly gathered up. And QQ friends, and QQ group Friends overlap is very small, in other words, I have more than 20 thousand potential community users accumulated. read more

Confessions of a product operation what is operation

[Abstract] there is no operation in the world, dead products are more, and then there is operation.

every day playing various QQ group, a private chat is holding operation; holding million budget, in charge of global channels, IP is also facing billions of operations.

you get your first job, a little-known small factory, grand blueprint for entry when listening to the boss and the boss, you are full of self-confidence, believe their clever will a man of great talent talents, this work full of sound and colour. read more

A successful website is a sales force website

A few days ago,

came across a Dongguan talent network and got a look at the site, although I’ve been away from the online recruitment industry for a long time. But jobcn, the alternative website, has always been my focus and curiosity. I have the blog brand "Mr. Gong Wenxiang" opened in a marginal IT website, but 1 years has reached 300 thousand of the traffic, as no rival "Chinese recruitment website first blog", can be said to become the only valuable part of the Internet industry. read more

Dai Yusen Poly China is now the first cross border electricity supplier in China the first category

Abstract: "orders from the point of quantity, is China the largest cross-border electricity supplier, not only that, also launched in April this year, the mother has done the first channel,

cross-border electricity inside the maternal and child category shipments


] many people mentioned titanium media impression is, "cosmetics vertical electric providers", but the day before the United States co-founder amamori wearing salon in a forward observation of maternal and child industry, "from the angle of orders, we are China’s largest cross-border electricity supplier". Not only that, also launched the maternal and child channel in April this year. The United States maternal channels online for more than a month, said Dai amamori is become "mother the first cross-border electricity supplier". read more

26 things a stationmaster needs to do

believe that many webmaster have heard of webmaster world WebmasterWorld (also some turn over network management world) this bbs. This is the world’s most famous webmaster gathered place, talking about a variety of web related topics, including search engine optimization, network marketing, website construction technical problems, e-commerce, and so on.

Tabke, founder of

webmaster world, is a papal figure in the field of search engine optimization (Brett). He is said to have been frequently used and various experimental means of cheating people, of course, he now has to forsake heresy and return to the truth at least that is how it seems. read more

Baidu online trading platform initial experience

yesterday, the mobile phone received a short message, the content of the general situation is that I applied for network business platform account has been approved, and I am welcome to advance to settle down and so on. Previous expectations have now been achieved, and with excitement, I landed on the platform (

is not as simple as other platforms after landing, and the page is very simple. One is the release of goods, one is shop decoration, the other on some of the help files and the like. I first opened the shop decoration, the page inherited the simple style of Baidu, clear and clear, and most of the online platform template almost, but no other online shop that mess seven or eight connections. Template transformation is simple, a key to get. The page code executes very quickly and the pictures are large. read more

Flying pig on site traffic statistics from the count to the decision

first website traffic statistics program function is very simple, using the database, and even some server memory variables, there are a few people visit statistics, refresh a page +1, good words with session or s do a simple distinction between visitors. Up to now, most website traffic statistics still count as the main function. Here, is the access to statistical procedures in counting pinnacle, the function of the website traffic records, the use of can meet the demand well, and it also provides a contrast function flow index of the small dimensions, with some of the characteristics analysis of website traffic statistics program. read more