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Wang Shifan how to modify the site title to reduce penalties

After !

after the modification of the web site keywords, need to do more anchor text into the website! The purpose of doing so is to let the keyword search engine to know our website and web site.

, a website title before modification.

Two, The

basically involves modifying the site title need knowledge is that, if the latter had more knowledge about this conclusion, Wang Shifan will also and you will learn. Shanghai Longfeng exchange group: 189827324 (Xin Qun), the Shenzhen registered company www.szcwgw贵族宝贝 original, A5 start > read more

TM what is the high quality chain analysis

blog, do their own industry blog, published an article related to choose relatively high content, best original article, if you think it is a waste of time, can not be included in the article copy others. For pseudo original artificial intelligence.

industry forum, if your industry is the forum like, can do outside the chain of high quality by way of submission, if the signatures, support the hair of the chain, it is more perfect.

five, information classification, the number of relatively now love Shanghai home page of classified information or more, of course, the quality of the chain can still be used, because the release content is > read more

Four reasons for B2B web site is down right

web site space if you are garbage, often not open or open speed is very slow, very unstable, 32 days may not see the harm, but for a long time, the problem of website will follow, such as, the website snapshot not update, keywords ranking drop, these are likely to with the site space is not stable, therefore, the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis team suggest that the webmaster friends in the choice must be careful, do not covet cheap and free space.

space junk unstable

is more than B2B on the site was down the right reason summary, although only summed up the four most common cause of the eye " read more

Down Chrome Google site search ranking 60 days

this is the third time Google blocked its own website. Last year, the financial product price comparison website BeatThatQuote贵族宝贝 (Google has been banned for mergers and acquisitions) have Google search for violation of regulations. In addition, Google Japan website has also been paid posts and suffered punishment.

obviously, Google will be the responsibility to the advertising company. But Google said today, as punishment, has decided to Chrome your search engine ranking down at least 60 days. read more

June 28th love Shanghai mass K station for love Shanghai Nirvana system update

June 28th love Shanghai mass K station, love Shanghai Nirvana system started to update

this update in addition to love Shanghai mass K station, included in the hand, is different with the past, believe that brothers and sisters all know, perhaps a sharp decline in the number of included, may rise sharply, an interest in this update also can not avoid, although the sub domain in the content page included increased a lot, but at the same time, the sub domain in Shanghai love disappeared.

This article represents only the personal views of read more

Let Shanghai dragon are love and hate and love of Shanghai products

third products: love Shanghai library

In fact, many webmasters do The weight of

second products: love Shanghai Encyclopedia

love Shanghai know to do network marketing people can be said to be a treasure ah, here is not only the long tail keywords heaven is also the product into sales of heaven, actually love Shanghai that we need to play with the link to our website, if you have a website you guide others to search your website unique the row in Shanghai’s first love or keywords, if is the blog link also OK ah, we all know that the anchor text links is the core of Shanghai dragon, so there is no need to stay on the link to give up love in Shanghai know, if you really want to do traffic from Shanghai to know love, then put your web site. Into a short URL, not even the short URL did not translate it, go to the micro-blog translate it. read more

About love in Shanghai SERP display title must not be title content analysis

following these adjustments should also be a plane belongs to personalized, according to different search terms in return, and that search term correlation should be higher. The following one by one to talk about:

good help to attract users attention attention, increases the chance for potential customers visit the website.

this is the love of Shanghai himself, wrong looking for love in Shanghai. (贵族宝贝yingxiao.baidu贵族宝贝/support/detail_747.html), this adjustment should be consistent with user expectations, that is to say, in the love of Shanghai allows the algorithm, can achieve three win-win, is the main contents of the website is the needs of users, the search engine provides for the user recommendation is correct, the word search is the goal of the website users. Unfortunately, there are also people do not understand, please see below: read more

How do reduce the bounce rate of pregnant women website

3, the latest news

is here to highlight all the time? This article calls are not uncommon, many websites in order to improve the depth of access will adopt this method, but you look like Tencent, Sina, NetEase website, they are called the recent popular articles. So why do we call the article is all the time. This is because we live in different areas, news website is based on timeliness, more recent news more and more interested in others may have not seen. Our network is mainly to pregnant women, knowledge characteristics. This knowledge is generally has been set, do not do too much change. What is more popular, more readers concern, then through different keywords to visitors, will be in the guide in the new page. read more

Analysis how to correctly use the anchor text to create the best user experience

use the anchor text to create the first step of the best user experience, is planning a good anchor text number. The anchor text too much user will get distracted, unable to concentrate completely after reading an article, and may lead to love Shanghai think your website keyword stuffing cheating, serious may cause the site to drop right. This site is a typical example of the abuse of the anchor text:

for the anchor text, I believe every one on the net friends are very familiar with, it has been used as the basic elements of the site exists, but it was all Shanghai dragon Er website optimization tool. But as the love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, to enhance the role of the anchor text keywords ranking has been gradually weakened, this adjustment also makes more and more Shanghai dragon Er began to ignore or even no longer use the anchor text. I think this idea is very unwise, because there is no anchor text is simply in order to improve the site keywords ranking, its true value should be to create the best user experience. This is how? The author will simply discuss with everybody. read more

About Shanghai dragon and network marketing those things

On the setting time of the

website is a website is inevitable, which is why I do now can reach a critical point of the seconds. However, for Links, quite frankly, this one is I do relatively poor place. Because in bidding the post of Commissioner on Shanghai since the gradual liberalization of the dragon.

< >

then, take love Shanghai bidding for example, several data analysis in the account is of concern. Several important keywords, data quality account connectivity proportion, proportion of the home display directly influence all effect, is of concern. In order to get good quality of PPC, then, has a very large role. Account connectivity ratio is too large, it means that there are a lot of pages click is a 404 error page, the user experience is what goes without saying. Of course, in addition to the 404 page account connectivity proportion, there is a possibility that the creative. Well, talk about a Shanghai dragon. read more

At the same time make love Shanghai and noble baby Shanghai Longfeng law


Shanghai dragon ER

noble baby the content of the site has no special requirements, noble baby will not It is without rhyme or reason. go to K off a collection of content sites, but will give these collection site very low weight reward. On the contrary, if the content is original and the user is valuable, noble baby will give a good rankings and sitelink award.

love Shanghai is the original content, if a station wants to fall in love with the sea have long ranked in original content is the key point that can not be ignored. Love Shanghai for some collection and give for the weight of the original site is still very low, but also often have friends saying their station in the group was in love with sea K, just to curse love Shanghai. Why don’t curse time to think about and solving the problem? The same time is get two different results. read more

Do the station directory share grassroots how to win

efficient promotion. Promotion and marketing is we must pay attention to the problem now, it is also afraid.

makes all walks of life are some industries appear blossom everywhere, over saturated. In such a situation to go to the grassroots station to win the future difficulty as can be imagined. Especially in the electricity supplier industry and network technology, the grassroots influence is really very little. But this does not mean that the roots do not have any opportunity, instead it gives most of the grassroots friends a more realistic problem, we want to make achievements in such an environment, you must know the vertical. Do directory station did not long, is only three years, but this one had a lot of things, and these difficulties directly let me learn to think, learn how to deal with the challenges in the process of operation. Before and when many friends exchanges, we have been in for advice on how to do a directory directory station station, actually not difficult to do, it is important for you to learn about your site for each step of the process, do people with a heart. read more

Analysis on the combination of internal and external website optimization Website Structure

6: website updated content, the content of the web site first.

Shanghai dragon and no cheats, Shanghai dragon needs experience and practice, down to earth, we need to persevere work attitude. Decide website ranking need to summarize the comprehensive factors, optimization is a full range of sites, not just on the site of a comprehensive upgrade, and let the flow of the highest conversion rate. Of course, we must first enhance the early weight and the PR value of the site keywords ranking, website. Site optimization can be divided into internal and external optimization optimization of class two, perhaps each person is different, but the difference between the work must be appropriate and reasonable, any little mistake will affect the site optimization of the road. read more

A 2013 report on the love Shanghai Shanghai dragon means against cheating

May 17, 2013, Shanghai love web search anti cheating team and shot, the love of Shanghai upgrade algorithm, announced the implementation of pomegranate pomegranate algorithm. The algorithm is mainly for the low quality of the website. The first phase is mainly contain bad advertisements interfere with the user’s normal browsing page, especially to confuse the pop up a large number of low quality pop ads, the main content of the page page is spam. Love is in Shanghai will see low quality advertising less, no pop-up page ranking quality has improved, of course, the premise is the main content of value. The corresponding bad pop, a lot of confusion with the main page content spam page ranking will fall sharply. The individual stationmaster station group or webmaster, once again rely on advertising revenue hit. read more

Besides love Shanghai for promotion Keywords selection technique

How to choose

for network marketing in some industries rely heavily on these industries, enterprises are competing in the Shanghai + Shanghai dragon love promotion strategy. For + Shanghai dragon can not be separated to do, also need to emphasize certain coordination. If the difference of keyword bidding of the site and Shanghai Longfeng site is too large, so, when the user search.

choice for keywords, may be considered the first choice of their own brands, the brand name as a keyword, if you want to use the competitor’s brand name as a keyword? This is not stupid? In fact. For some fixed brand loyalty industry, keyword selection opponents, it is conventional means. This will match customer loyalty directly into their potential customers, like rival storefront door pull". If you are Taobao, you should not only choose the "Taobao" as the keyword bidding, should also try to choose "Jingdong". From a moral point of view, this means a despicable, but love is a means of Shanghai to use, also might as well. For example, when you search for "Taobao" in love Shanghai, vip贵族宝贝 might be bidding inside. This shows that the use of "Taobao" as vip贵族宝贝 keyword bidding. read more

How many describe the principles involved in your website optimization

How does the

fifth, from the user’s point of view, considering your website for users to directly describe the generalization, easy to understand requirements. Let the user will see what he wants, click into the website.

the above five points is in the website optimization settings in the description of the principles involved, in fact description about skills is a "fine", but also hope Shanghai dragon Er can master the knowledge, the clever use of in site optimization. Finally, wish everyone in this small series in the year of the upcoming time, happy new year, a read more

Prevention of online transactions cheated fast money unhappyOnline cosmetics graduate earned 500 tho

      "Wangzhuan" a few years ago or a new word but now seems to sell pancakes the old lady knows, and hides all kinds of fraud in the network. I paid a heavy price for that.
         ; a few days ago, through linked to a business, the reward is 2000   . After completion, the client requests the use of fast money, because the fast money is a well-known online company, so they did not consider it readily agreed. Fast money is good, after the customer finished the money, I received the station news, read more

Suggestions and techniques for optimization come from the AdSense optimization teamFour basic steps

• shlf1314 Adsense provides settings for custom settings for webmasters. Because of this, you can customize the settings, colors, collocations, or styles of the websites on the link, and set the code directly to the style or color of some of the site’s columns. Give visitors a guide, will not give Internet users an antipathy. Such as: visitors into the website, see your site full page is shlf1314 Adsense advertising, don’t go to the point of advertising, may also cause visitors to the site normal click benefit. read more

Venture capital partner Xue Jun This is the best age of entrepreneurship but also the worst time of

all investment institutions will say this, investment is investor. In fact, as an entrepreneur, out of business, out of financing, the most important show to the investment institutions, show to your partner, show to your future is the person. Products are changing, the market is changing, the real change is human, is your entrepreneurial heart.

at first, most investors are standing in Wang Sicong side, is not optimistic about the sharing of charging treasure, that "non rigid demand" is the most main reason is difficult to succeed. read more

The solution _ personal recommendation PN code not receivedThe things started at Taobao

mail not received, why not use up many webmaster express mail and registered mail? The webmaster can always check the delivery of letters, the problem can be held responsible person liability, this will be the emergence of a large number of webmaster PIN code not received, $15 million, about 112 million 500 thousand yuan of advertising revenue is not the webmaster can greatly reduce the

I am a young man on the Taobao shop, commonly known as the treasurer, in fact, we all know, open online shop this thing, but also really a coincidence. The university I sleep in the upper brothers home socks factory, the University 4 years have not seen him washed socks are worn after throwing, practice when we’re together, rely on their family resources, our own business, we first take my scholarship in the school the door to find a bra shop a counter selling socks, insisted for three months, we are not lucky, like many entrepreneurs have also failed to lose money, the sale will not be done, we do poineering work for the first time will stop time. read more