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WeChat should have what relation with the charge carriers of CCTV

this is equivalent to cutting a large cake, the original three operators, and the three operators do not come up with targeted measures, but secretly by CCTV of government departments, to use WeChat to charge. Normal development is the lack of legal basis and that of market economy, it will surely make believe that the majority of the private enterprises to shiver all over though not cold.

and I feel more shocking is that the CCTV news has also reported that WeChat should collect fees, it is said that WeChat has been using German zaozao charges, this has been. As the first China CCTV television, the impact on users is very deep, not to pay attention to what the toxic milk powder incident, not to investigate the social facts, but here because the hard relationship between some state-owned enterprises, WeChat reported the bow and scrape charges. read more

Out of love of Shanghai snapshot dilemma must be optimized step by step

server is very important, this is the site of Gideon. If the server is not stable enough, the spider is very difficult to find your way "home". So suggest Adsense don’t rent a good stability of the server in order to save costs.

rule, he will directly affect the site flow, weight and ranking. So I suggest that the owners should be regular checks on the chain, time permitting is best to check every day. Because most of the time, today you check in, but tomorrow is removed.

webmaster tools is a necessary tool for the analysis of the web site is every webmaster, as a grassroots webmaster me too. But in the process of using, but I often get into trouble, either ranking backwards, or snapshot stop, which makes me very tangled. Later I asked a few colleagues of the master, the problem quickly resolved. Happy, and everyone to share master sent me the recipe. The first 10 methods about love Shanghai snapshot steady climb. read more

On the latest adjustment to love Shanghai

ranking good site site included reduced or halved. Stay in the snapshot. The site itself is updated every day snapshot, and last night, there have been some changes, do not keep up with the snapshot. Love Shanghai recently for some serious cleaning garbage station. The hands of ten actual content, pure rely on the flow of money, basically be cut almost. This is a serious blow to increase the intensity of the guest site. Nine the guest site in our hands were all K. Other engines remain intact. Including some collection site, was badly down right. According to our analysis. Shanghai love the smitten, the flagship station, Shanghai Phoenix station outside the chain of title, efforts to excellent site, collection site, repetition site. Yesterday night also released five stations included, five before the station included has not been released, a full release yesterday, nearly a month, can be included in the formal site within 24 hours, that love Shanghai may increase the server. read more

How to write original articles as well as the integration of the original article in unfamiliar indu


for website industry is very difficult to compile, so we can collect the resources through relevant keywords.

If we are now in the hands of

first, the user is useful for

write a Shanghai dragon seems to be the most basic skills, especially for now love Shanghai very strict management situation, even more so. But not every Shanghai dragon Er have literary cells, especially some Internet companies, many websites we take are not familiar with the industry, so that the original article for us even more difficult. read more

How to optimize the site said from the beautiful picture

another text element is the increase of the comment function, an interactive, allows different users to this page picture comments. And all content is around this picture, so that the entire page content is rich.

in the appropriate position, give the user the appropriate recommendation. >

title, is the most important factor in the search engine evaluation website content. Also the user direct access to a summary of the contents of the channel. Because the picture website repeatability is too large, too extensive introduction will only increase the repeatability of the page. High repetition to search engine is not very good. Detailed and careful title, not only can get the favour of search engine features, but also easy for users to distinguish content. The user experience is very good. read more

The whole encounter how to get out of the dilemma of Shanghai Longfeng crisis blog

on the surface, too niche technology blog theme not only determines the blog narrow audience; topic limited but decided to share, with a no word is "a sugar cane has been hundreds of thousands of people chew into the slag, there are people lined up to chew!

This is


of course, this is a great challenge for those who do not specialize in Shanghai Longfeng bloggers writing, the first is to learn from practice, how to choose from writing to how to write a good article, need to learn in practice; second is how busy on the day after, on the dead beat when calmly to insist on the implementation of their plan, which requires "words will do, resolute" execution. read more

ndependent P virtual host to create high quality environment for the website of Shanghai Dragon

webmaster familiar links of the process are generally set up their own website, and then purchase virtual host need, then start optimization, finally stable, do daily maintenance. The Shanghai dragon optimization and maintenance depends on the pre selected virtual host. If you accidentally pick, on the site after the operation will have a great impact. This requires us in the process of selecting the virtual host, much attention should be paid from the website security view.

website needs to protect the safety of transactions is to install the SSL certificate and SSL certificate transaction, the installation of only independent IP support, in addition, independent IP will bring many convenience to the website optimization. First of all, the use of independent IP site does not appear to share the IP station K station implicated by search engines, to protect the site from even tired. Secondly, the search engine to have an independent IP website will be particularly friendly, in the weight and ranking will also give unusually generous. read more

Title website article writing skills buddies are shocked

keyword appears position

two, the

?Shanghai dragon

if you have the title of the novel idea or words, it will also naturally be included in a faster, while the ordinary title tend to be a stage will be included. Even some search engines will be abandoned, especially repeated too many headlines.

but for a Shanghai dragon beginners, set up a suitable search engine website title, love may not do so in place.

three, a change will be better


some researchers believe that keywords appear more in the article, the higher the density of keywords, the search engine can be fast included. It leads to many owners in order to improve the keyword density, deliberately to stack keywords. The title page text accumulation, accumulation, tail accumulation etc. What are, seriously affect the user experience, then the search engine to make corresponding punishment keywords accumulation sites, so people don’t care too much about keyword density problem, but not to pile up, natural writing is good. read more

How to use the noble baby social interaction analysis to improve social sharing

The analysis of the social interaction aspect

tab lists the overview of user participation in social activities within a specified period of time. It shows in many types through (such as Tweets, +1 and other noble baby) what types are taken a number of times and percentage of each type of. The total noble baby + during this time the share button to use more than love and Tweets in the figure.

this paper from the novel reading reading career network www.xiaoshuoya贵族宝贝 original, reproduced marked read more

Keywords network promotion tool ranking monitoring tools awesome website optimization

many enterprise network marketing project based on search marketing, and Shanghai dragon as a free search marketing way is by enterprise’s favorite, especially small and medium sized enterprises. However, many enterprises do Shanghai dragon, miss the point the wrong approach, no previous keyword strategy, internal web site optimization and operation is not in place, the construction of the external links and not the quality, but also do not know the effect of optimization, keyword ranking is the specific up or down. When the query keyword ranking only one word to each query, so the work efficiency is very low, wasting a lot of time and resources. read more

Qingdao Shanghai dragon teach novice how to quickly improve website ranking

2, the website column with the target words together, such as: target keywords is acne, acne can be so meta keywords knowledge, method, acne acne products, acne crowd, the purpose is to increase the keyword density. Qingdao Shanghai dragon yesterday are detailed in a blog post: three important factors that influence the website of Shanghai dragon ranking, you can look at.

in daily work often meet some friends or customers ask Qingdao Shanghai Dragon: how will I do love Shanghai website ranking on the home page? Here a brief talk about how to do site optimization, improve your website ranking. read more

Shanghai Longfeng work more and more valuable

Here the

front-end development, this is a website and search engine interaction most closely. With three proposals, 1, semantic code elements, each label can make the code easy to read poem. 2, the rational use of JS, nofollow, clear and spider interaction, tell her: what is the key content of the website, which is needed to obtain a ranking of the content, the rest of the interaction code and complex redundant information are lost to JS or other processing technology. 3, let the web design with fast loading conditions (to transfer redundant code, JS compression, image compression and real-time, conditions can also reasonable structure CDN, cache page, or from the backend for improving site performance). read more

About five kinds of mentality of Shanghai Longfeng webmaster to practice

links are included, the rank of the show is the need of time, this process requires the careful maintenance of the webmaster and patience to persist. Some owners face long improvement ranking impetuous and quick success are likely to go blindly and add the chain, but brought huge losses to the site, so the webmaster to establish not impetuous mentality, believe that any effort will need time to verify, set up this kind of mentality and cognition, the next action can be guaranteed.

three, rational action. Cheating is some novice Adsense will make a mistake over the hair of the chain, keyword stuffing, will cause the cheating, some owners often only look at the short-term development of excessive keyword optimization, it is dangerous to only pay attention to the neglect of internal force, a lot of things but also from the quality department to improve the website. Cheating is bad influence on the website, search engine recognition ability has been in progress, the webmaster to intellectualize website ranking, not for a moment to self destruct. read more

Such as the white hat Shanghai Longfeng black hat Shanghai dragon like mistress’s wife

refers to the white hat Shanghai dragon, is the use of reasonable and legitimate and fair means, some in line with the search engine algorithm and preferences of Shanghai Longfeng website optimization optimization method. He and the black hat Shanghai dragon counter. The white hat Shanghai dragon has been within the industry was considered to be the best Shanghai dragon means, is open all risks, in line with the search engine optimization method of operation rules.

black hat Shanghai Longfeng benefits: most of the black hat Shanghai dragon is to use the program, they set up a tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of web page, as easy as blowing off dust, as long as they put the spiders crawl. read more

Six tips to quickly build a site outside the chain construction

oh Forum 2, the blog group

4, the chain

1, submitted to the soft

many people now have a large number of blogs, some even been registered blog, then write an article with the link group, had this operation may be found, without adding links posts can be included soon, very good, but adding links will not post don’t be included, the search engine opened an eye? I think, when the weight of the blog is not very high, or do not take the link, waiting for the weight blog collection is very good, in the appropriate add. This requires skill, but if done properly, the keyword of the website ranking can be improved rapidly, and the number of tens of thousands of not the problem. read more

Shanghai dragon should also learn to seize the opportunity to focus on

second, seize the opportunity to forward

recently ranked by analysis can be found, those who enter the keyword Shanghai dragon "on the home page website is search engine drop right, of course, if is the use of black hat means up to do, the extent of punishment to more severely, from the last Shanghai Longfeng research center of the content of the page, you can see the love of Shanghai it was right down:

With the improvement of

love Shanghai algorithm, the search engine more and more attention to the user experience of this one, Shanghai recently launched a client forum for the exchange of love, it is estimated to guide users to love Shanghai products, to provide users with a better experience. Shanghai Longfeng this piece over time, gradually become a hot industry, so many people competing on the big, for the experience of Shanghai dragon Er can be on the road in the future will go smoothly, but for the novice may encounter frustration is the person that can hardly be avoided, Shanghai dragon optimization should learn to play it by ear, timing is key: read more

Please correct understanding of website optimization

diagnosis: optimization is a process, especially for different keywords, website is different, the time required to optimize different optimization, not immediate, pay attention to the long-term cultivation.

diagnosis: many customers because they do not understand the optimization thought, optimization and promotion is the same reason, so often have to optimize the customer member ask, this is really ironic. Optimization is a long process, the emphasis is on continuous positive, maintain and update. If you want to achieve wherever the effect, it is not optimal, it is paid promotion. read more

Rapid promotion website of Shanghai Longfeng health six the site outside the chain of Health issued

anchor text link is very important.

generally we put the web site outside of the chain is divided into three types: the anchor text link, click on the text links, text links do not click, because some reproduced plug-ins, we often see some very short links in some sites, these links are slowly set to the outside of the chain category you can count on, half a chain. The 3.5 chain, anchor link is the focus of our construction, so we should pay attention to the exchange Links, portal blog, news releases, and forum link anchor text construction and so on. Exchange Links must pay attention to investigation, see PR and BR do not only simple, but also included the proportion, ranking, snapshot update, but also pay attention to the export link investigation to this website, server and so on many factors. The construction of portal blog can be the best choice for some YAHOO fast included blog, gold and three Peninsula, you can choose Sina, are also a good choice. Soft release leave the anchor text link is usually need to spend money here, we need to account for its cost, if you think money can let you quickly earn back that money is worth it, and the weight of the soft anchor link is very high. Forum leave the anchor text link, this is very basic, it is important that we should pay attention to mining some high weight forum, a number of, so we can step by step, step by step to do optimization. read more

Shanghai dragon Er enterprise station group strategic marketing success

with the network marketing popular, although a long time ago the concept of station group has not yet been introduced, but the site cluster marketing idea in the website optimization industry has been intense discussion, today we once again to see the concept of site cluster marketing is in accordance with the search engine rules and some benefits to our own? First of all, a complete copy the site is not feasible, only from the search engine on the card is very strict. Love Shanghai and noble baby are of " copy pages " it is clear that love Shanghai is defined such that if your site on the web, a large number are copied from the Internet highly repetitive content, so, your site may also be discarded so noble love Shanghai baby; definition, multiple pages, or sub domain please don’t create a large number of duplicate content…… Do not use such as affiliate programs (affliate programs) the original content of little or no original content of " (cookie cutter); cookie cutter " way. Secondly, some stations website showing such a phenomenon, site layout, the image is not the same, only the content is exactly the same, so it is not through the search engine, now more intelligent, can determine the content of similarity comparison, once found a high degree of similarity, the site is likely to be blocked again, too! Some small companies are doing, different keywords using different sites, for instance, take Xi’an glass, suddenly opened 5 websites, key words are Xi’an toughened glass factory, Xi’an glass prices, Xi’an glass manufacturers, of course, a website every day will bring 2 – 3 phone, so the 5 site is 10-15 telephone. read more

Shanghai dragon victory the Wikipedia home page was also able to advertise

? According to

simple, Gibraltar (a British territory) is the Roger of Bamkin company and customers, Bamkin served in the British media foundation during the period of August 2011, in the Wikipedia home page English "do you know" (Did you know… ) in the column, can be linked to the entry was actually in Gibraltar within a month, more than 17 times. You know, visited Wikipedia’s home page every day up to 8 million, and at such a high frequency of repeated the same term is also quite rare. So, based on the related matter behind, the observer had to Roger Bamkin questioned: he was trying to use their own to seek private interests in the status of Wikipedia. read more