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S Korean cuisine inspired by its Topography culture

first_imgLike most cuisines, the culinary flavours of South Korea showcase its rich history and culture. But, foodies in India often find themselves short of options when it comes to this cuisine which is much less popular than its Japanese and Chinese counterparts. Chef Ho Min Myung, a South Korean chef visiting India, lists the missing names on India’s South Korean platters. From the staple Bibimbap, a sticky-rice bowl served with a lot of vegetables, and Japchae, or stir-fried glass noodles, to the more complex chicken dish Dakgangjeong or tofu stew Sundubu-jjigae – options are aplenty for South Korean cuisine lovers, but lack popular following here. Also Read – An income drop can harm brainFor anyone who has got their hands on the food of this East Asian country, they would recall a decent number of vegetable-based side-dishes that are served with the main dish. What makes this food so unique and organic? “Since the ancient times, South Koreans are used to eating grains and vegetables. We have plenty of resources from forest because the country has more than 70 per cent of its land as mountains, and field and rice farming has been active.” Also Read – Shallu Jindal honoured with Mahatma Award”We have four distinct seasons and various seasonal ingredients are used depending on its seasonal taste and nutrition. Usually, South Koreans have rice, Kimchi and side dishes for a meal,” said Chef Myung. The chef says the cuisine makes a healthy diet as it uses a large amount of greens. “Although it’s a trend in South Korea to be a vegetarian due to awareness about healthy food, meat is never missed on an important occasion. However, the cuisine has various vegetarian dishes apart from meat dishes with various reasons, such as topographical features, tradition and growth of a healthy diet trend.” Namul, Japchae, Kimchi and fermented sauces of South Korea contain the original tastes of vegetables for the global vegetarians. Furthermore, South Korean table manners also give a glimpse into their culture. “The first thing is respect to elders. Young people would not lift their spoon to start a meal until the oldest hold their spoon and start eating. “Also, you are requested to eat each and every dish on the table equally to show respect to the one who cooked and the one who eats with you,” the chef, who was on his first India visit, said. Asked if he has got a chance to taste Indian food, Chef Myung said he tasted curry and naan, “yet the spiciness of Indian cuisine with ‘masalas’ is intriguing and attractive as it is different from Korean spicy”. Myung, along with two other Korean chefs, is currently curating a Korean Food Fest at the Chaobella Restaurant at Greater Noida’s Crowne Plaza till August 11.last_img read more

Louis Vuitton launching global initiative to support UNICEF and children in need

first_img Login/Register With: Since January 2016, the Louis Vuitton for UNICEF partnership has helped raise $2.5 million to help bring children life-saving humanitarian support in Nigeria and Syria. In doing so, it has brought hope to children who have endured the horrors of war and deprivation. For example, in 2016, 4.5 million children and their families in Syria were protected through the life-saving provision of water.“They say it takes a village to raise a child, but it also takes great partners like Louis Vuitton working together with UNICEF to ensure all children survive and thrive,” said David Morley, UNICEF Canada President and CEO. “The more partnerships and innovative alliances we’re able to form with corporations like Louis Vuitton, the more children we’ll be able to reach with life-saving assistance.”$200 donated to children for every Lockit soldFor each sale of the Silver Lockit pendant (US $600) or bracelet (US $500), US $200 is donated to UNICEF.On this occasion, Louis Vuitton renews its promise to help children and invites people around the world to join the movement. Guests will be encouraged to come accompanied with someone close to make a pinky promise and to share their promise online with a special hashtag: #makeapromise. As a way of inviting people to spread the word, a special offer will be available that day for those who purchase two Silver Lockits (offer available in all Louis Vuitton stores and on for January 12, 2017).“Charity starts at home,” said Michael Burke, President of Louis Vuitton. “Last year, we challenged our teams to come up with a symbolic gesture that would federate people around our cause. The idea of the #makeapromise campaign comes from children: when they make a promise, they mean it and they seal it with a pinky promise. Children show us a simple way to change the world. One year after our successful launch, our teams have come up with this idea to keep our promise alive. It’s about joining forces worldwide to raise funds and awareness for children. We believe in the word of mouth. Our goal is to reach as many people and to make a real difference.”UNICEF is the leading humanitarian and development organization working globally for the rights of every child. The aim of the partnership “Louis Vuitton for UNICEF” is to raise funds for UNICEF and help support children who are exposed to conflict, diseases, natural disasters and other situations that threaten their safety and well-being.Millions of children at risk of violence, conflict, disease“Millions of children, the foundation of tomorrow’s stable, healthy societies are today experiencing violence, conflict and diseases. Now more than ever, the need to stand together for and with children is critical. By making a promise for children, particularly those affected by conflict situations, the customers and employees of Louis Vuitton are showing their commitment to bring hope to the most vulnerable children,” said Gérard Bocquenet, Director of Private Fundraising and Partnerships at UNICEF.UNICEF is there, before, during and after humanitarian situations. In Syria, since the beginning of 2016, UNICEF has reached four million children under five with polio vaccinations, 14 million people with drinking water and nearly 140,000 children with school supplies.Louis Vuitton is also inviting its clients to make direct donations to UNICEF throughout the year and will do so especially during emergencies.UNICEF does not endorse any brand or product.To make a direct donation to the children of the world, please visit For more information on the partnership, visit Louis VuittonSince 1854, Louis Vuitton has brought unique designs to the world, combining innovation with style, always aiming for the finest quality. Today, the House remains faithful to the spirit of its founder, Louis Vuitton, who invented a genuine “Art of Travel” through luggage, bags and accessories which were as creative as they were elegant and practical. Since then, audacity has shaped the story of Louis Vuitton. Faithful to its heritage, Louis Vuitton has opened its doors to architects, artists and designers across the years, all the while developing disciplines such as ready-to-wear, shoes, accessories, watches, jewelry and stationery. As a House that treasures its past while embracing the future, Louis Vuitton has always cherished the values of transmission and often been associated to charities in link with children.For more information, please visit www.louisvuitton.comAbout UNICEFUNICEF has saved more children’s lives than any other humanitarian organization. We work tirelessly to help children and their families, doing whatever it takes to ensure children survive. We provide children with healthcare and immunization, clean water, nutrition and food security, education, emergency relief and more.UNICEF is supported entirely by voluntary donations and helps children regardless of race, religion or politics. As part of the UN, we are active in over 190 countries – more than any other organization. Our determination and our reach are unparalleled. Because nowhere is too far to go to help a child survive. For more information about UNICEF, please visit Facebook One year after the launch of its global partnership with UNICEF, Louis Vuitton is launching its first #makeapromise day on January 12, 2017 to raise funds for children in urgent need, through its global network of stores.Nearly 250 million children live in countries affected by conflict and millions more face risk from natural disasters, climate change and fast spreading epidemics. Every day, somewhere around the world, millions of children wake up to lives filled with violence, persecution and hardship. UNICEF works to bring hope for a better life to these children.On January 12, in 460 Louis Vuitton stores across more than 60 countries, 12,000 Louis Vuitton Client Advisors will act as special advocates of the “Louis Vuitton for UNICEF” partnership and promote the sales of the Silver Lockit: a product specially designed to raise funds for UNICEF. Advertisement Twitter Advertisement LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Advertisementlast_img read more

Losses in oil and gas sector bite into Manulifes fourthquarter earnings

Losses in oil and gas sector bite into Manulife’s fourth-quarter earnings TORONTO – Manulife Financial Corp. saw a 62 per cent drop in its fourth-quarter profit, which it blamed on losses in its oil and gas investments.The Toronto-based company reported net income of $246 million or 11 cents a share for the three-month period ended Dec. 31, 2015.This compared with a profit of $640 million or 33 cents per share for the same period a year earlier. Core earnings amounted to $859 million in the fourth quarter, up 28 per cent from $713 million year over year.Manulife (TSX:MFC) says a decline in its investments in energy resulted in a $250-million charge for the fourth quarter and a $876 million charge for 2015.The insurer says volatility in energy prices is a factor that could make it difficult for the company to meet its core profit goal of $4 billion this year.Manulife president and CEO Donald Guloien says despite the outlook, the company remains confident about the “underlying fundamentals” of its business. It announced that it has raised its dividend by nine per cent to 18.5 cents — the third increase in seven quarters.“This was a disappointing year in terms of net income, largely due to sharp mark-to-market declines in oil and gas prices, diminishing an otherwise great year,” he said in a statement.The insurer says it saw insurance sales grow by 20 per cent to US$416 million in Asia and increase by 76 per cent to US$303 million in Canada for the fourth quarter year over year. Insurance sales in the U.S. fell 17 per cent to US$127 million in the same period. by The Canadian Press Posted Feb 11, 2016 7:32 am MDT Last Updated Feb 11, 2016 at 8:20 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

After years of struggle developers say time is right for tidal power

by Kevin Bissett, The Canadian Press Posted May 30, 2016 7:00 am MDT Last Updated May 30, 2016 at 7:40 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Workers walk past a turbine for the Cape Sharp Tidal project at the Pictou Shipyard in Pictou, N.S., on in a May 19, 2016, file photo. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Andrew Vaughan After years of struggle, developers say time is right for tidal power FREDERICTON – They flank the bay that is home to the highest and strongest tides in the world, but for hundreds of years Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have struggled to channel the awesome might of the Bay of Fundy into tidal power.Aspiring entrepreneurs have tried everything from mill wheels in the 1600s to turbines in the 2000s, only to have their hopes dashed and devices casually battered to smithereens by the water’s crushing force.There has been limited success. In 1984, a form of hydroelectric dam — called a barrage — was built at Annapolis Royal, N.S. The 20-megawatt plant is one of only three tidal power plants in the world.However, the next generation of projects is set to launch and onlookers say it’s time for the tide to turn.“It’s happening in Europe and it’s happening here at the same time in the Bay of Fundy,” said Stephen Dempsey, executive director of the Offshore Energy Research Association, in an interview.Dempsey says an international push to produce electricity without increasing carbon emissions has come as land-based wind energy projects are harder to develop, making tidal energy the new frontier in renewable energy.He says engineers around the world are poised to learn from and overcome the obstacles revealed in 2009, after OpenHydro and Nova Scotia Power deployed a one-megawatt turbine in Minas Passage to capture the powerful instream flow of the tides.The speed and power of the water was so massive during that pilot project that the 12 two-metre blades were snapped off the 400-tonne turbine which resembled a giant aircraft engine until the tides took their toll.Matt Lumley of the Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (FORCE) describes the flow of water entering Minas Passage — where the FORCE site is located — like someone tightening their fingers on the end of a garden hose.“The coastline pinches in to about five kilometres across and the water speeds up, and you’ve got about 14 billion tonnes of water moving over five metres a second,” he said.In short, the currents would easily generate enough power for all of Atlantic Canada’s needs, but are too monstrously strong to be tamed — at least, fingers crossed, until now.Cape Sharp Tidal, a partnership of OpenHydro and Emera, is betting on two towering turbines that will be installed starting in June. The two-megawatt turbines are 16 metres in diameter and each weigh 1,000 tonnes.Sarah Dawson, the project’s community relations manager, says they’re poised to capture the clean, renewable and regular source of energy as the tides come into the Bay of Fundy and back out twice a day.She said the new turbines are much more robust version of the 2009 design that was so badly battered.“The strength of the tides there required a re-engineering, which is why this one is bigger and heavier and we’re confident it will withstand the tides,” she said.Once in place, the turbines will be connected to Nova Scotia’s power grid, and are expected to provide enough electricity for about 1,000 homes.Meanwhile, Black Rock Tidal Power Inc., is preparing to install its TRITON S40, which uses 40 smaller turbines, each about four metres in diameter and designed specifically to survive the forces in the Bay of Fundy.DP Energy and Minas Energy also have rights to berths at the FORCE site and access to the underwater power cable.While most of the development is happening on the Nova Scotia side of the bay, New Brunswick’s minister of economic development is hoping his province can benefit as well.Rick Doucet says the deep-water, ice-free port in Saint John is an ideal location for staging, construction and shipping of the equipment out to the sites.He’s announced that a tidal power summit will be held in Saint John on June 27 to discuss the state of the developing industry.“We’re talking about opportunities that are right on our doorstep,” he said. “What can we do to make this industry grow?”The rush towards growth doesn’t sit well with some area fishermen who want all activity put on hold until they have assurances that marine life is safe, and that they won’t be pushed off their fishing grounds.“We’ve never been consulted on this,” said Chris Hudson, president of the Bay of Fundy Inshore Fishermen’s Association.Hudson said fish stocks have been hurt by the tidal project in Annapolis Royal and he worries more damage will be done to halibut, herring and lobster breeding when turbines are installed in the bay.He said the association has launched a petition and begun raising money in case a legal effort is needed to halt the deployment of the turbines.“Fishermen have been using this bottom for 100 years or more, and then somebody comes into your backyard and says, ‘Nope, sorry, you’re done and we’re going to do our thing now.’ It makes me mad just thinking about it.”Lumley said FORCE and the developers are conducting studies to ensure the ecosystem is not harmed.Meanwhile, he’s also noting that the potential for this energy source has turned out to be more than once imagined.He said initial estimates for the potential of the Minas Passage site put it at around 300 megawatts, about 10 per cent of Nova Scotia’s peak electricity demand.“But once we actually got into the bay and started to collect some field data…that number went up significantly to about 7,000 megawatts of power. That is equivalent roughly to all of the needs of Atlantic Canada or about three million homes,” he said. read more

Social economic situation of Palestine refugee Bedouins is nonviable UN reports

The transfer of Palestine Bedouin families to an urban location has deprived them of social cohesion and is destroying their traditional economic base, according to a, unprecedented United Nations-backed study released today.The joint study, the first of its kind on the issue, was compiled by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) and an Israeli non-profit organization, Bimkom.It analyzes the transfer against their will of 150 Palestine refugee Bedouin families to Al Jabal village starting in 1997 to expand the Israeli Ma’ale Adummim settlement outside of Jerusalem, stating that their situation has become socially and economically “nonviable.” The launch of the study comes as Israeli authorities plan to relocate all remaining rural refugee Bedouin communities from the areas around Jerusalem to a second location, UNRWA says in a news release. If authorities move forward with the plans, the number of displaced people would be four times higher than those relocated to Al Jabal.According to UNRWA Spokesperson, Chris Gunness, “the Israeli authorities are currently considering plans to create a second centralized Bedouin village in the occupied West Bank. However the stark conclusions of this report may lead to a reassessment of this policy.”UNRWA added that it remains “concerned” that more than six decades after they were first displaced from their homes, Palestine refugees continue to face the threat of displacement and loss of livelihood.In the UNRWA-Bimkom report, authors contend that the type of urban planning developed by the Israeli authorities for Al Jabal is “not an appropriate solution.” The authors stressed that the allocation of a small parcel for each family and the connection to minimal infrastructure “can lead to significant harm to human rights.” In addition, the joint study notes that Al Jabal is located next to the largest rubbish dump in the West Bank where 700 tonnes of waste are disposed of daily. The waste creates “high levels of toxic gases which pose an immediate health threat to residents, but also cause internal and surface combustion” which can lead to explosions, fires and other safety hazards.In addition, the site is home to high numbers of pests thriving off the site and its surroundings include rats, packs of dogs, cockroaches and flies, “all of which pose significant health threats to livestock, the young and those of less robust health.”The authors urged an appropriate plan to take into account socio-cultural aspects, provide subsistence and development opportunities, be developed with the villagers themselves and must be acceptable to them.The study also noted that the Ma’ale Adummim settlement, “like all settlements is illegal under international law.”In a UN Radio interview, Dawn Chatty, Professor at the Refugee Studies Centre at Oxford, who participated in the today’s launch, called the study “extraordinarily important” and “timely” given the health risks, as well as the social and economic degradation facing the Bedouin families. “I hope that after today’s launch […], the report will be read very carefully,” Ms. Chatty said, underscoring her belief that the transfer of the Bedouin families was completely “unacceptable.” “Any other attempt to create another settlement similar to that, even if not on a garbage dump, would be a very serious mistake.” read more

Mens Lacrosse No 14 Ohio State stunned in 76 overtime loss to

Then-sophomore attackman Jack Jasinski heads for the goal in the fourth quarter during the first round of the NCAA tournament against Loyola Maryland on May 14, 2017. Credit: Sheridan Hendrix | Oller ReporterA somber Ohio State lacrosse team made its way out of Ohio Stadium after suffering a stunning 7-6 defeat to Towson in the final seconds of overtime Saturday.After giving up three straight goals to the Tigers (3-3) in the first period, the No. 14 Buckeyes (5-2) scored five goals in a row and held Towson scoreless for two quarters to take a commanding lead. The Buckeyes had seemingly secured the win against the Tigers until an illegal body check from Ohio State sophomore defenseman Jeff Henrick in the final minutes of the fourth period aided Towson, giving it a chance to score with a man-up. The Tigers converted, tying the game late.“We’ve got to play with a little bit more discipline, you know, too many penalties is something that we’ll have to look at. But at the end of the day I thought we did enough down there to put us in a position to be successful,” Ohio State head coach Nick Myers said. In recent seasons, Ohio State’s matchups against the Tigers have typically been decided by a single goal. Saturday’s game was no different. In overtime, the two teams went shot-for-shot, both unable to crack the 6-6 tie. In the final seconds of the extra period, Towson junior midfielder Jon Mazza dove to escape the Ohio State defense and rattled off a close-range shot past senior goalie Matthew Smidt with seven seconds left on the clock. Despite the loss, the Buckeyes dominated much of the stat sheet. The Ohio State offense kept Towson redshirt freshman goalie Shane Brennan busy, attempting a season-high 40 shots and going 11-of-17 in the faceoff x. The Buckeyes also collected 25 groundballs to Towson’s 20, and forced 12 turnovers. Brennan made a career-high 16 saves, seven of which were made in the game’s final 35 minutes, to keep the Tigers in the game while a tight defense stifled Ohio State’s offense in the extra period. In the wake of their defeat, the Buckeyes said they weren’t going to dwell on the result, and were choosing instead to turn their attention to next week’s matchup against No. 4 Denver.“This week in practice, it’ll be turning the page on a disappointing loss and getting focused on another big game and another great opportunity in a chance to compete with Denver,” Myers said.From the standpoint of an Ohio State player, a loss in the team’s first game of the season in Ohio Stadium meant even more. “Too much history has gone down on that field to lose like that,” junior attack Jack Jasinski said. “We didn’t hold up our end of the bargain today, but we’re going to get back to work next week and try and rectify it and make it right. We’re just looking forward to Denver now.”  The Buckeyes travel west to Denver Saturday to play the Pioneers at 3 p.m. read more

Iarnród Éireann workers may face pay cuts from next month

first_imgWORKERS AT IARNRÓD Éireann could face cuts to their wages from 1 March.Following talks between unions and management at the Labour Relations Commission (LRC), which concluded last Thursday, recommendations were made that employees should accept a cut in their salaries of between 1.7 per cent and 6 per cent.Speaking on RTE’s Morning Ireland today, Dermot O’Leary of the the National Bus and Rail Union said while unions are not in the business of “recommending pay cuts” to its workers they said they were “willing to accept the recommendations of the LRC”, stating:We thought were the least impactful measures for our members.CutsUnder the new measures, two thirds of workers that earn under €56,000 per year could be facing pay cuts of just under 2 per cent a year on their basic pay, but this will not permanent, said the union.Cuts to gross pay would run for a 28-month period initially from the beginning of March and would then be reduced by half for a further 8 months.This is if members choose to accept the proposed measures. If they do not, O’Leary said the LRC could be available to the unions again.When asked if there were any guarantees that these pay cuts are only temporary, O’Leary said that there are guarantees built in to the plan and there are review periods of 19 and 27 months.He said that that there was talk of “green shoots” and an “economic upturn” so revenues and state subsidies could increase within those periods which might change circumstances for the company, but he added that the agreement states that there is to be now upward movements in any cuts.Transport Minister Leo Varadkar previously made comments that a strike was “inevitable” and he would see it happening before March, however this was disputed by the unions, who said his comments were “unhelpful”.Read: Foxhounds killed after being hit by Iarnród Éireann train> Read: Irish Rail apologises after passengers have to stand in carriage aisles>last_img read more

Rock Band dev Harmonix sues Viacom for shady profit withholding practices

first_imgViacom’s acquisition of Rock Band developer Harmonix seemed like a big win for everyone — raking in millions while the latter company was able to do its best work in the music game space to date — but Viacom’s recent decision to put Harmonix up to sale seems to have lead to some bad blood: Harmonix is now suing.According to a lawsuit filed by Harmonix, Viacom “diverted opportunities” from the developer for its own benefit so that it wouldn’t have to fork out millions of dollars in performance-related bonuses earned from the Rock Band series’ extraordinary financial success.An ex-shareholders group including Harmonix founders Alex Rigopulos and Eran Egozy are asserting that Viacom consistently manipulated costs to avoid performance-related payouts after the latter company bought Harmonix in 2006 for $175 million. According to Harmonix, they were due to receive 3.5 times any gross profit in excess of $32 million in 2007, with no upwards cap. The 2008 payment had similar terms, but the gross profit had to be more than $45 million. Instead, though, Viacom seems to have realized that for every buck in distrubution fees that Harmonix saved in 2008, they’d have to pay out $3.50 to the ex-shareholders. That’s a lot of money, but Viacom made it: to date, the Rock Band series has pulled in over a billion dollars in North America alone. Pretty scummy of Viacom, if these allegations are true.Resd more at Eurogamerlast_img read more

Body of exCyprus president stolen

first_imgPolice in Nicosia on Friday detained three suspects for questioning over the theft from a cemetery of the remains of Tassos Papadopoulos, the late president of Cyprus, a day before the memorial service to mark one year since his death.As reported in Kathimerini a former bodyguard of the president found the grave open and the casket empty when he went to light a candle early in the morning.According to police, the tomb raid must have involved at least four people, as a slab of marble weighing about 250 kg had been removed to gain access to the casket. Police said that the perpetrators had poured asbestos around the grave to cover their tracks. Officers added that a light gray substance had been sprinkled over the tombstone, obscuring the late president’s name and date of birth. Police, who detained three suspects and were seeking another two, could not suggest a possible motive for the bizarre theft.As reported in Kathimerini, responding to the news later yesterday, the current Cyprus President Dimitris Christofias spoke of “a despicable crime that causes shock and aversion.This truly is an act of barbarism that shames our culture,” Christofias told reporters in Brussels, where he was attending a European Union summit. He appealed to Cypriots to “remain calm in the light of this provocation.”Relatives of the late president said that the memorial ceremony would take place as scheduled in Nicosia, exactly one year after Papadopoulos’s death at the age of 74 from lung cancer. “This unholy act by robbers has caused sadness and anger but cannot wipe out or bury the legacy of Tassos Papadopoulos,” a statement from the family said.Papadopoulos was president of Cyprus from 2003 until March 2008 when he was replaced in presidential elections by Christofias. His body had not been recovered by late last night. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

A Giant Panda Is Now Producing 50MW Of Solar Power

first_img Hyundai Launches First Car With a Solar RoofFor $170,000 You Can Buy Your Very Own Solar Car Stay on target No, not ailuropoda melanoleuca… They’re fascinating creatures, but their conversion rate is pretty much zero. We’re talking about a giant panda bear-shaped solar farm.In 2016, the aptly-named Panda Green Energy teamed up with the United Nations on a massive new solar project. The 50MW farm, constructed in China, was designed in the shape of a panda — which China’s citizens proudly call their national treasure.It’s a massive installation. In total, it covers nearly 250 acres of land in Shanxi Province near Datong City. Monocrystalline silicon solar cells were used to create the black areas, and the white areas were made using thin-film cells.There’s more than just a boatload of solar panels at the site, too. There’s also an activity center for the little ones aimed at teaching the benefits of solar energy. Kids from around the country will be invited to attend summer camps where they’ll learn from experts about all kinds of clean tech and sustainable development.As big as the giant solar panda is, it’s actually just part of an even larger project. When complete, the solar farm in Datong City will cover much more acreage and crank out a whopping 100MW of power. Over the next several years, Panda Green Energy plans to complete even more cuddly-looking solar farms.As part of its Panda 100 initiative, they plan to bring additional sites on line in so-called Belt and Road countries. It’s a sort of modern-day Silk Road which spans from New Zealand to Nepal to Poland and includes 65 other countries.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Twitter pulls Trump video featuring Dark Knight Rises score

first_img Twitter Donald Trump Tech Industry Comment MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 9, 2019 Tags 1 A video contained in tweet from President Trump’s Twitter account was removed for apparent copyright violations. Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images Twitter removed a video tweeted by President Donald Trump on Tuesday, apparently because it featured copyrighted music from the movie The Dark Knight Rises.The video, which appeared to be designed to promote Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign, used part of the score from the 2012 Warner Bros. movie without obtaining the movie studio’s permission, BuzzFeed News reported. The video was removed after Warner Bros. filed a copyright infringement complaint, according to The Hill.Trump tweeted the video Tuesday with the message, “Make America Great Again!” As the dramatic music from the movie played in the background, the video showed images of political rivals, including former President Barack Obama, 2016 Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton and actress Rosie O’Donnell, among others, coupled with text declaring: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they call you racist.” But late Tuesday, the video in the tweet had been replaced by a message that it was unavailable “in response to a report by the copyright owner.” Share your voice “The use of Warner Bros.’ score from The Dark Knight Rises in the campaign video was unauthorized,” a spokesperson said. “We are working through the appropriate legal channels to have it removed.”Twitter’s copyright policy indicates it may remove copyrighted content in response to complaints filed under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The deletion came amid long-running criticism directed at Twitter for how it handles the president’s account following an apparently threatening tweet in 2017 that said if North Korea’s foreign minister “echoes thoughts of Little Rocket Man, they won’t be around much longer!”Twitter declined to comment, while White House representatives didn’t respond to a request for comment.last_img read more

Rabwah The Pakistani town that doesnt vote

first_imgPeople walking in the town of Rabwah, PakistanThere are no campaign posters in the Pakistani town of Rabwah, and no election rallies on its streets. Though they could be an influential bloc in a key electoral battleground, nearly 90 per cent of its residents will not vote in a 25 July poll.The people of Rabwah, in Punjab province, are predominantly Ahmadi Muslims, and abstain from elections due to what they say are discriminatory laws that target their minority sect.Pakistan’s election laws place Ahmadis on a separate voter registration list categorising them as non-Muslim. Community leaders say this violates their right to religious self-identify as Muslim.”It’s a matter of our faith so there can be no compromise on that,” community spokesman Salim Ud Din told Reuters.Pakistan’s Election Commission did not respond to requests for comment. In a letter sent to Salim Ud Din, the commission said it was “following law which cannot be changed by the commission”.Community leaders say anti-Ahmadi rhetoric has intensified in the lead-up to Wednesday’s general election, as politicians seek to shore up support among religiously conservative voters and head off the challenge posed by two new Islamist parties.Last year, a row over proposed changes to the election law that would have eased some of the barriers on Ahmadis participating in elections saw the group denounced on the floor of Pakistan’s parliament, while one of the new Islamist parties held street protests.The Ahmadis consider themselves to be Muslims but their recognition of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, who founded the sect in British-ruled India in 1889, as a “subordinate prophet within the fold of Islam” is viewed by many of the Sunni majority as a breach of the Islamic tenet that the Prophet Mohammad was God’s last direct messenger.By law they cannot call their places of worship mosques or distribute religious literature, recite the Koran or use traditional Islamic greetings, measures they say criminalize their daily lives.A Sense Of CitizenshipSyed Qamar Suleman Ahmad voted for the first and last time in the 1977 election.Three years earlier the sect had been declared “non-Muslim” by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) government. But Ahmad says he still voted for the PPP, because they fielded the best candidate in his constituency.”Back then the election was still on the basis of being Pakistani, not on the basis of being Muslim,” he said. “There was a sense of excitement.”Bhutto was overthrown and later hanged by military ruler General Zia ul Haq, whose government barred Ahmadis from identifying themselves as Muslim. Ahmad has not voted since.Masood Ahmad Khalid, who last cast a ballot in 1970, remembers missing his bus and having to walk a long distance to the nearest polling station.”My father was very particular about voting,” he recalls, adding that the right to vote reinforces a sense of citizenship. “It’s not about wanting to vote, it’s about being given my rights.”Salim Ud Din released a statement on July 13 saying the Ahmadi community would once again be disassociating from the elections due to Pakistan’s discriminatory laws.”We have a very rich history of participating in politics,” he said, adding that Pakistan has allowed itself to be controlled by the religious right.Election observers believe if the country’s 500,000 Ahmadi were to participate, their vote could swing the results of more than 20 closely contested seats in Punjab, the most populous province where Pakistani elections are won and lost.”They (the religious right) know we are an organised community, educated, so when we are involved we can have an influence,” Ud Din added.One of the men buried in Rabwah’s well-manicured graveyard is Chaudhry Zafrulah Khan, Pakistan’s first foreign minister.Community members often refer to him, saying the country’s founding father Mohammad Ali Jinnah chose an Ahmadi as Pakistan’s first representative to the world.To comply with laws forbidding Ahmadis to identify as Muslim, the Ahmadi community have erased all Islamic inscriptions from Khan’s gravestone.last_img read more

Boses latest speaker is a DIY building kit for kids and inquisitive

first_imgUsually when Bose promotes their products they focus on things like fidelity, sleek design, and room-filling sound. Their new Cube speaker, however, is all about bringing STEM learning to kids.The Cube is a DIY Bluetooth speaker building kit. Kids don’t even need tools to get started — just a smartphone and the BOSEbuild app. The app stands in as a textbook, and it guides kids (and inquisitive adults) through the entire process.They don’t just start out with building the speaker, either. Bose begins by teaching a few introductory lessons about how a speaker actually produces sound — which includes an experiment that uses a connected smartphone to “bounce” a magnet on a coil and variation on the classic paper speaker science fair project.The Cube is customizable, too. Its snap-together cover panels can be personalized, and you can tweak the lighting scheme. You can even get all rave-y if you like and make the LEDs respond to the tunes as The Cube pumps them out.Bose products have always commanded a bit of a premium, and The Cube is no exception. It’s priced at $149, which is about what you’d pay for supplies to build 140 or so fully-functional paper plate speakers. They wouldn’t be able to pair with your smartphone over Bluetooth, of course, and there’s no cleverly-designed instructional app that comes with them.The coolest part about The Cube is that it’s not going to be the only DIY speaker Bose sells. It’s actually part of an entire line that they’re calling (logically enough) BOSEbuild.last_img read more

Research pair suggests dark matter could create halos of light around galaxies

first_img More information: Glow in the Dark Matter: Observing Galactic Halos with Scattered Light, Jonathan H. Davis and Joseph Silk, Phys. Rev. Lett. 114, 051303 – Published 4 February 2015. . On Arxiv: consider the observation of diffuse halos of light around the discs of spiral galaxies, as a probe of the interaction cross section between dark matter (DM) and photons. Using the galaxy M101 as an example, we show that for a scattering cross section at the level of 10−23(m/GeV)  cm2 or greater dark matter in the halo will scatter light out from the more luminous center of the disc to larger radii, contributing to an effective increased surface brightness at the edges of the observed area on the sky. This allows us to set an upper limit on the DM-photon cross section using data from the Dragonfly instrument. We then show how to improve this constraint, and the potential for discovery, by combining the radial profile of DM-photon scattering with measurements at multiple wavelengths. Observation of diffuse light presents a new and potentially powerful way to probe the interactions of dark matter with photons, a way that is complementary to existing searches. , arXiv Image: Hubble sees spiral in Serpens A light ray from the inner parts of the disc, where the luminosity is larger, can scatter with a Dark Matter particle in the halo, thereby altering its path. Hence, for example, the dashed blue light ray will appear to originate from the outer parts of the disc. This will compete with light which does not scatter on its way to Earth, as shown by the orange arrow. There will also be emission from a stellar halo and scattering from dust outside of the disc, which is not shown here. Credit: Jonathan H. Davis and Joseph Silk, © 2015 Journal information: Physical Review Letters Citation: Research pair suggests dark matter could create halos of light around galaxies (2015, February 11) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Scientists believe that roughly 80 percent of the total amount of matter in the universe is dark matter—this despite the fact that no one has been able to prove that it actually exists. Evidence for it is secondary—it must be there, the thinking goes, because something has to be keeping galaxies from flinging themselves apart as they spin. The problem with dark matter is that it does not reflect or react with light, making it impossible for us to see it, if it is there—at least that is the conventional view. But, Davis and Silk believe it is possible that there is an exception. In their paper they suggest it might be dark matter that is responsible for the creation of halos of light at the outer edges of galaxies.The two start with the question of just how dark is dark, when theorizing about dark matter. Just because light appears to pass straight through it, they ask, does that mean the mysterious material is perfectly dark? They wonder if it is possible that starlight may be scattered by dark matter, if so, they suggest, it might create a halo effect, similar to a lamp held aloft in fog.They offer as an example, the Pinwheel galaxy M101, which has been well studied. It has a glow around its edges but no one has been able to prove what causes that glow to come about. It could be due to dark matter, they suggest, while acknowledging that it could just as easily be due to other sources. They note that starlight at the edges of galaxies should be at their dimmest, instead there is a glow, which we are able to see because of the limited amount of light coming directly from the stars. They believe that it should be possible to prove if the glow is due to interactions with dark matter, by studying the wavelengths of light emanating from the glow and comparing it with other sources. Explore further (—A pair of researchers affiliated with Institut d’Astrophysique de Paris has suggested that dark matter may impact light in a way not thought of before. In their paper published in the journal Physical Review Letters, Jonathan Davis and Joseph Silk suggest that dark matter could scatter light from stars creating halos of light around galaxies. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Oaks Hotels Resorts says nĭ hăo to Chinese guì bīn program

first_imgOaks Hotels & Resorts says nĭ hăo to Chinese ‘guì bīn’ programLeading accommodation provider Oaks Hotels & Resorts, a division of Minor Hotels, is delighted to officially announce the launch of its Chinese ‘guì bīn’ program across selected properties next month.Named after the Chinese word for ‘VIP’ and ‘honoured guest’, Oaks Hotels & Resorts’ specially curated ‘guì bīn’ program will be introduced in a bid to ensure its ever-increasing number of Chinese guests feel even more welcome when visiting.To date, the hotelier has already seen a 287 per cent increase in room nights from inbound Chinese travellers following the prestigious awards granted by Ctrip – China’s largest online travel agency – in late 2016, which reinforces Oaks & Hotels Resorts’ dedication to growing the Chinese market.Oaks is now taking it one step further with the introduction of a number of dedicated Chinese services and in-room amenities, including the addition of popular Asian meals to participating properties’ in-house restaurants (such as congee and steamed buns), access to 24 hour Wi-Fi, and Chinese speaking staff. Dental kits and slippers will also be made available in hotel rooms and apartments.The ‘guì bīn’ initiative is set to roll out across nine of Oaks Hotels & Resorts’ key leisure and CBD properties that are currently receiving high volumes of Chinese tour groups, including Melbourne’s Oaks on Market, the Sunshine Coast’s Oaks Oasis Resort, Queenstown’s Oaks Shores, and the Hunter Valley’s Oaks Cypress Lakes Resort.Oaks Hotels & Resorts’ General Manager of Sales, Mr Daniel Csortan, said the hotelier recognised the need to offer a tailored service to Chinese travellers and has conducted extensive research into the motivating factors that influence accommodation decisions.“With the language barrier being one of our biggest challenges, each guest will now receive a welcome letter on arrival, in Mandarin, explaining what they can expect in our rooms along with a Mandarin speaking staff member to show them how to navigate our lifts and onsite facilities,” said Mr Csortan.“From our research, we’ve discovered dental kits and slippers are supplied at all Chinese hotels, from luxury accommodation right through to low-end motels. As a result, Chinese holidaymakers expect their Australian accommodation will also provide these as a complimentary amenity within their rooms.“Supplying these key lifestyle items, in conjunction with free Wi-Fi and complimentary in-room ‘noodles in a cup’, makes quite a difference for Chinese guests and goes a long way in making them feel more at home,” he said.These additional offerings, along with the implementation of UnionPay facilities – China’s central bank, will also enable Oaks Hotels & Resorts to bid for large Chinese incentive groups for whom these are compulsory requirements.“With the continuing increase in China’s middle-class disposable income and ease of visa restrictions, we anticipate the launch of this program will increase Chinese visitation to Oaks Hotels & Resorts by 100 per cent year on year,” said Mr Csortan.Source = Oaks Hotels & Resortslast_img read more

India accounts for 48 of Europamundos total market

first_imgHe stated that Europamundo has complete guaranteed departures, as we never cancel any trip. The trade knows that even if they sell two passengers that will be operated.Osa further added that another major investment is that they are in the process of training the trade in the whole of India.Basumalik said that they have gone to all of North East India, West India, Central and South India. They are also doing extensive training in the smallest towns of India.“Europamundo caters to budget, leisure and traveller segment. We are a value for money product and not a luxury product,” explained Basumalik.Osa concluded that the middle-class segment is of prime importance to them, not just in India but all over the world. Kathryn Kannampuzha | MumbaiEuropamundo, acclaimed as one of the largest tour operators in the world, has positioned India as the topmost market amounting to 48% followed by Philippines, confirmed Aparna C Basumalik, Country Head, Europamundo Vacaciones. Currently, Europamundo sells 81 countries.JTB Group acquired Europamundo three years ago and since then the company has been targeting English speaking market and that is how India came into the picture.While speaking with Travel News Digest about the target for 2018, Alejandro de la Osa, Director Commercial, Europamundo Vacaciones said that Europamundo is looking at doubling the numbers of tourists that they had received in 2017.Europamundo is also taking efforts to train and educate the trade as we see this as an investment in the long run for the company, averred Osa. We have about 200 tours from across the globe including Europe, Russia, Scandinavia, England, Turkey, Mexico, Japan and other parts of the world as well. All are operated by Europamundo and distributed by our distributors in India. ‘A Time to Remember’ is our most popular product, said Osa.last_img read more

Derrick Hall satisfied with Dbacks buying and se

first_img Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Peterson’s addition seemed to lift the entire team.The Cardinals (3-3) played a near-perfect first half — they led 24-0 — and took a 31-0 advantage only minutes into the third quarter, scoring on each of their first five possessions, including four touchdowns.Carson Palmer completed his first 14 pass attempts and finished 18-of-22 for 283 yards and three touchdowns. He was intercepted once and sacked twice.Larry Fitzgerald had 10 catches on 11 targets for 138 yards and a touchdown.Defensively, the Cardinals knocked Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston out of the game with a shoulder injury in the second quarter and picked off his backup, Ryan Fitzpatrick, twice.Behind Fitzpatrick, however, the Buccaneers (2-3) rallied, outscoring the Cardinals 33-7 the final quarter-plus to make the final outcome more respectable.Fitzpatrick went 22-of-32 for 290 yards and three touchdowns.The Cardinals have now won three straight against the Buccaneers.THE GOODSo, yeah, this Peterson player looks good in a Cardinals uniform. Runs of eight, eight and 11 yards preceded a 27-yard gain up the middle for a touchdown on the opening possession of the game (at the 11:52 mark). Add it up and Peterson, who received a standing ovation after his first carry, rushed four times for 54 yards. By comparison, the Cardinals entered the week averaging 51.8 yards per game. In four games with the Saints, Peterson gained 81 rushing yards on 27 carries. He nearly surpassed that total just two possessions into his Cardinals career, tallying 76 yards on seven carries. His seventh touch was a 17-yard run that preceded a Palmer 14-yard touchdown toss to tight end Troy Niklas, extending the lead to 14-0 at the 5:24 mark of the first quarter. The drive also saw Fitzgerald with a 29-yard reception.If you can run the football, then you can run play-action. And that’s exactly what happened on the Cardinals’ third possession. With Peterson in the backfield, Palmer twice faked the handoff and first completed a 30-yard ball to Jaron Brown on 3rd-and-2. Later, Palmer threw an 11-yard touchdown pass to Fitzgerald to make the score 21-0 at the 12:04 mark of the second quarter.For the third time in as many games, Antoine Bethea picked off the opposing team’s quarterback. His third-quarter interception, the Cardinals’ fifth of the season, helped set up another touchdown. Palmer threw off his back foot 17 yards to John Brown, who was forced to come back for the football, before walking into the end zone, making the score 31-0 at the 11:58 mark of the third quarter. The three-game interception streak is a career-first for Bethea. Top Stories Overall, the Cardinals have won five of the last seven matchups and lead 38-37-2 in a series that dates back to 1936. – / 37 Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact And just for good measure, likely the proverbial nail in the coffin, Peterson scored his second touchdown of the game, rushing from one yard out at the 7:17 mark of the fourth quarter to extend the Cardinals’ lead to 38-20. The touchdown was big, ending a run of 20-straight points by the Buccaneers. The score was set up by an interception by cornerback Tramon Williams, who had replaced Patrick Peterson (quadriceps) in the lineup.THE BADAfter a pass interference penalty in the end zone put the ball at the one-yard line, the Cardinals appeared ready to make it four touchdowns in four first-half possessions. But, on first down, Palmer fumbled the snap from center; on second down, Peterson lost a yard; and then on third down, Palmer was sacked. The Cardinals had to settle for a Phil Dawson 28-yard field goal and 24-0 lead at the 5:31 mark of the second quarter.Well that’s something you don’t see very often, Fitzgerald fumbled. On 1st-and-20 at the Arizona 15, Fitzgerald caught a four-yard pass and then had the football ripped from his hands by Lavonte David, who then picked up the loose ball and ran 21 yards the other way for a touchdown. Add the two-point conversion and the Buccaneers had now scored 20 consecutive points to pull to within 11, 31-20, at the 12:56 mark of the fourth quarter. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires 22 Comments   Share   ErrorOK ErrorOK– Palmer recorded his 35th multi-touchdown game as a Cardinal. Only Jim Hart (56) and Neil Lomax (44) have more.– Peterson topped 100 rushing yards for the 50th time in his career, which ranks eighth-best all-time in NFL history.– Chandler Jones recorded his sixth sack of the season, dropping Fitzpatrick on 3rd-and-11 late in the third quarter.– The Cardinals earned their first win (1-3) against an NFC opponent outside the NFC West division.– Arizona improved to 3-0 against the Buccaneers under Arians, who now has 44 wins in AZ.– Among the Cardinals’ inactives were injured defensive linemen Robert Nkemdiche (calf) and Olsen Pierre (ankle).UP NEXTA long international flight.That’s right, this is the week the Cardinals are headed to London, England. The team will leave Monday afternoon and arrive Tuesday, beginning their week-long stay in preparation for their matchup against NFC West rival Los Angeles Rams on Sunday.Kickoff is scheduled for 10 a.m. Arizona time with pregame coverage beginning four hours earlier on 98.7 FM Arizona’s Sports Station.The Rams will be the home team.In each of the past two years, the Cardinals and Rams have split the season series. Penalty-free through three quarters, the Cardinals were flagged seven times for 61 yards, including a pair of penalties on Jermaine Gresham for 25 yards, in the fourth quarter. In those last 15 minutes of the game, the Cardinals were outscored, 27-7, and outgained, 144-67. All 144 yards came through the air as Fitzpatrick was 11-of-13 with two touchdowns: 10 yards to Cameron Brate and 37 yards to Mike Evans.STAT OF THE GAME5.2: Peterson averaged just over five yards a carry, not bad considering the Cardinals entered the week dead last in the NFL at 2.6 yards per carry.HE SAID IT“We blocked really well but he made some guys miss,” head coach Bruce Arians said, referring to Peterson. “The offensive line and our tight ends had a heck of day.”NOTED– Fitzgerald extended his streak of at least one reception to 201 consecutive games, the third-longest in NFL history.– Fitzgerald passed Steve Smith (14,731) and moved into seventh place on the NFL’s all-time receiving yardage list.– Fitzgerald surpassed 100 receiving yards for the 44th time in his career and the sixth time doing so in the first half.– Palmer moved ahead of Warren Moon (291) into 12th place on the NFL’s all-time list for career touchdown passes. GLENDALE, Ariz. — Apparently, one player can make that much of a difference.Welcome to the Arizona Cardinals, Adrian Peterson.In his debut, five days after being acquired from New Orleans for a conditional 2018 draft pick, Peterson rushed 26 times for 134 yards and two touchdowns, helping the Cardinals beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 38-33, in front a sold-out crowd of 63,999 at University of Phoenix Stadium on Sunday afternoon.last_img read more

Hellenic Bank to provide cheap credit for Cypriot companies CEO says

first_imgHellenic Bank will provide €70 million of new loans to Cypriot companies with an interest rate starting from 3 per cent, CEO Bert Pijls announced on Thursday.Pijls said that building on its strong liquidity the bank would more than double its new loans and credit facilities this year compared to last.“Hellenic Bank in response to the needs of the Cyprus economy, tonight announces that it will double the facility provided to it by European Investment Bank and will offer €70 million of new loans to firms at starting from as low as 3 per cent,” said Pijls addressing a ceremony for the InBusiness awards.Noting that the bank had been capitalised via a rights issue receiving €200 million in fresh capital and that the group`s liquidity stands at €3.5 billion, Pils said: “This amount allows us to support the Cyprus economy by offering credit lines to viable households, reliable customers and firms.”“Hellenic Bank’s contribution does not end there. In 2015, Hellenic Bank is ready to more than double the new loans and credit facilities to the Cyprus economy compared to 2014. It is ready to make its commitment reality. Its commitment to play a leading role in the re-ignition of the economy,” he added.“And we can do this because we have committed shareholders, a loyal and continuously increasing client base and prudent management,” he concluded. (CNA)You May LikeLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoGundry MD PrebioThrive Probiotic SupplementCardiologist: This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Eat GlutenGundry MD PrebioThrive Probiotic SupplementUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img

Rosenstein offered

"Rosenstein offered to resign last month after reports that he contemplated secretly recording conversations with the president.Florida Senator Marco Rubio built his presidential campaign around an optimistic vision of uplift with polls showing him trailing in his home state and the nation’s television screens showing violence at a Donald Trump rally, " he said. You’re Hashtag the Panda? 9to5Mac reported that we’d see new hardware in the first half of the year. author of Three Steps to a Healthier You." Contact us at editors@time. to stand together and get to the bottom of the claims.

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Contact us at editors@time. out on-demand now and in theaters Oct. "The breaker could have gone either way and in the end he helped me with some mistakes. In a ruling on Tuesday that recognised the president’s broad authority to set immigration policy, US president Donald Trump has threatened to abandon the agreement when it comes up for renewal on 12 May, said in an interview with the local news website Malaysiakini that she wants to introduce a nationwide ban on plastic bags within a year. 20, that’s how he put it." a senior police official said. providing commentary on events in news.

Health.” says Olga Oliker, (NAN) With Republicans controlling the White House and both chambers of Congress,Rules in the 100-seat Senate mean Trump’s party also would need the support of at least eight Democrats even if the Republicans remain unified, "I think we definitely knew where we were heading, as far I am concerned now and considering the fact that there is an order that the Minister of Petroleum should not appear before the National Assembly to defend her conduct and considering the fact that the Naira had been further devalued. After more than six months of hiatus,Mexico City: nearer the quake’s epicentre. Reuters The suicide bombing near the diplomatic post was the first of three targeting the kingdom on 4 July, We know what he did as the Federal Capital Territory minister under the regime of Olusegun Obasanjo.

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