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The impudence of Ansu Fati revives Barça

first_imgGoals1-0, 29 ‘: Ansu Fati, 2-0, 31 ‘: Ansu Fati, 2-1, 91 ‘: Rochina ChangesHernâni (59 ‘, Gonzalo Melero), Foreman (59 ‘, Morales), Sergi Roberto (70 ‘, Griezmann), Enis Bardhi (79 ‘, Nikola Vukcevic), Arthur Melo (79 ‘, Frenkie De Jong), Ricard Puig (86 ‘, Ansu Fati) Seated the center of the field and the rear, the rest was a matter of Messi, who had half an hour of scandal. He overflowed in the band, created in the center and finished, without luck, on end. And also, he has found in Ansu Fati a partner. That is no small thing. To be a member of Messi it is not enough to be sensational, you have to have that intangible that makes His Majesty bless you. And there is Ansu Fati. Probably, Ansu is not the best player who has played with Leo, as Pedro was not, but an outbreak emerges.With a Barça intense in pressure and well organized in the withdrawal, the first part was great for those of Setién, who only missed a fang in the area to kill the game. Griezmann moved and arrived clearly, but failed to face the boarding schools of an unleashed Semedo who even shot the crossbar in one of the best first parts that are reminded of Blaugrana. Barça de Setién is a teenager who is in a process of growth that could be summed up in the performance of Ansu Fati, another project as uncontrollable as promising, which decided the duel against Levante with two goals for Barça to win 2- 1 and follow the wake of Real Madrid in a game that had everything. A first part to get excited and a second in which the Blaugrana lost control again of a game that they had sentenced and were entrusted to their goalkeeper to end up asking for the time. CardsReferee: Adrián Cordero VegaVAR Referee: José Luis Munuera MonteroPique (64 ‘, Yellow) Sunrise (64 ‘, Yellow From the hand of Semedo, Griezmann and, especially, Ansu, Barça regained verticality with a Messi acting as quarterback and distributing passes that the young 17-year-old took the opportunity to score two goals in two minutes when he exceeded half an hour MatchThe Camp Nou, which once again had a very weak entrance, once again believed.With the match perfectly on track, it was up to Barcelona to pass the subject of defending with the ball, killing the game and not letting Levante create doubts. That matter that displeased Setién in certain passages of the match against Leganés last Thursday. And he suspended again.Based on patience, Barça wanted to dominate the game waiting for the ball to reach Ansu or Messi to give the final peck before a Levante who had the opportunity to shorten distances at a time when Barça left the game after a take out neutral. Rochina, with everything in favor sent the ball to the clouds.From there, Levante saw that Barça was weak behind and Ter Stegen had to show off against Morales. The Blaugrana failed to sleep the duel and the Blaugrana team relied their luck on the German goalkeeper, who in the 66th minute avoided Hernani’s goal. By then, Piqué had already seen the yellow that gave the feeling of being looking for since the beginning of the game.To try to settle the Blaugrana game, Sergi Roberto entered by Griezmann and Arthur by De Jong while the home team, Messi became obsessed with scoring and Ansu for completing the triplet, while those of Paco López did not give up and continued to test the goalkeeper German, who had more work than Aitor.Barcelona was unable to maintain its goal to zero before the siege of visitors and Rochina, in the discount put the scare on the body of the Culés by scoring from the front the goal that deserved a brave Levante that ended up making him suffer a club that continues to grow as the teenager Ansu, who clung to continue chasing Madrid. After Madrid’s victory against Atlético al Barça he had three options left in his match against Levante: win the whole season in a plan to follow, fail or win, convincing that Setién’s bet has a course. Everything stayed halfway. They are on the road, but cooking is missing. As in adolescence.By virtue of experiencing the trial-error system, Setién seems to be hitting the key that is neither more nor less than an ambitious version of the previous concept. Before Levante it is not that he maintained the defense of four forgetting the three centrals, but that he even opted in defense for a double pivot in defense with Rakitic supporting Busquets to cover any attempt of Levante to go against it.last_img read more

The mysterious complaint

first_imgThe first weeks of confinement were marked by the earthquake that caused Emili Rousaud on the Barcelona board of directors. The former vice president resigned when Bartomeu was preparing to demote him from his position along with other fellow members who also went with him. Up to six managers resigned amid a crisis environment that heated up when Rousaud said that “Someone had reached into the box”. Those words prompted Barcelona to announce criminal actions against the former council member. Well, it turns out that That complaint, which was announced after the telematic council meeting on April 14, is a mystery that further confuses this case. We must remember that at the origin of everything is the hiring of the I3 Ventures Company, which is already quite confusing in itself waiting for an internal audit that will never come.The fact is that there are two versions of the complaint. On the one hand, from Barcelona they assure that this same week the complaint was filed in the courts and that they are waiting for a day to be decreed for the previous conciliation act. On the other hand, Emili Rousaud himself states that he has not received any notification. The first position can be read in Sport and the second in Mundo Deportivolast_img read more

Why Many People Ignore Open Source Software

first_imgSince its advent, Open Source Software or OSS has grown significantly over the years. This is due in part to the advances made in its development. A few of these advances include: “user-friendliness”, functional capabilities, and their low cost. But despite these achievements, OSS has not achieved the type of pervasive adoption that we have envisaged. And this, in my opinion, is a result of a variety of reasons in different regions. In Liberia for example, I have come to learn of two cardinal reasons: lack of OSS knowledge and the unwillingness by some individuals to ignore common myth held against OSS. The lack of OSS knowledge in Liberia echoes one thing: Our unarticulated unwillingness to remove ourselves from that which we are comfortable with –proprietary software. Across the Liberian ICT spectrum, Open Source Software is a mundane topic. Yet, it is rare to see ICT professionals in Liberia proffer Open Source Software solutions, even though their ICT budgets face serious strangulations. One can inarguably surmise therefore, that the option for perfunctory proprietary solutions is sought only because it aligns with the skills of their choosers. But how does this benefit a struggling organization? As ICT professionals, our job is to find the right solutions and align them with our employers’ strategic goals, at the lowest cost, to achieve competitive advantage and increase profit. And if this requires the integration of Open Source Software solutions, then we must orientate ourselves toward that paradigm. As a nation whose ICT sector is resource-challenged, it is imperative that every ICT professional and those aspiring to work in ICT gain better insight of OSS in order to promote innovation. OSS allows innovation and creativity because everyone has access to the source code. With this access, you can learn, and create a solution of your own. The second reason for the slow penetration of open source software in Liberia relates to the alarming myths that are being spread about Open Source Software. On several occasions, I have listened to some ICT managers explain their refusal to adopt Open Source Software. Many of these managers erroneously claim that the “openness” (access to the source code) of open source software makes it more vulnerable to exploitation/penetration. In my opinion, this perception demonstrates a shocking misunderstanding of software security paradigm as well as the inner workings of Open Source Software. So, today, once again I will attempt to dispel FOUR myths about Open Source Software that are being espoused across the Liberian spectrum. Please read on:1. Open Source Software is not secure because the source code is available to anyone: A lot of people think that when something is kept a secret, private or locked that it is secure. Secrecy does not necessarily mean security. Proprietary software tend to hide their source code yet they are still vulnerable to malware. Is that security?. We have heard on several occasions of malware and intrusion attacks on proprietary software from companies like Microsoft Corporation. Frankly, I believe that there are probably more malware for Microsoft Windows than there are for Macintosh or Linux. 2. Open Source Software is unreliable: If reliability is a problem for open source software then I can argue that the Internet is unreliable as well. This assertion is based on the fact that the Internet infrastructure relies heavily on Open Source software. Every single Internet address–both web and email–depends on the Domain Name System, or DNS. Additionally, BIND which is core to DNS, is an open source program that was originally developed at the University of California, Berkeley. BIND is currently being maintained by its principal developer as an independent free software project under the auspices of a group called the Internet Software Consortium. Moreover, the Linux operating system is an open-source software which is widely used by large companies and runs several servers on the Internet. SENDMAIL is an open source mail transport server that serves a significant percentage of emails sent over the Internet. The Apache web server is an open source web server that hosts more than 60% of the world’s web sites. The TCP/IP protocol stacks used in most commercial Internet software are based on the code originally written as part of the Berkeley networking package. PHP(server-side scripting language) and MySQL(database server) are all open source products that are used to run the Internet. The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), which is the body that creates and governs the Internet standards, utilizing approaches that parallel those used in the open source community. These are just a few examples of mission-critical open source software.3. Open Source Software is only for hackers and computer programmers: Initially, open source was pretty much a “geek”, hacker, or programmer’s initiative. However, so much progress has been made that it is now a household computing tool. Ubuntu Linux, which is probably the most popular distribution of Linux comes pre-installed on Dell personal computers and are used in schools, businesses, and governments. 4. Open Source Software is given out freely so a person cannot profit from it: Individuals in the business sector would like to make this argument. The philosophy behind Open Source is “freedom”; freedom to access, tweak, or tinker with the source code of a software built on open source standards. It means that I can take the kernel of Linux and write a “CUSTOMIZED” operating system. Finally, OSS provides an ICT resource-challenged environment the opportunity to be innovative and creative. Clearly, Liberia is a nation that lacks ICT resources (skills, infrastructure, etc) which are needed to provide the innovation and creativity that can reap benefits. With a robust open source software initiative that provides adequate knowledge of how it benefits us as a people, we will be able to enjoy the transformative power of modern technologies. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Brothel goes out blazing

first_imgAmy has mostly good memories about her time at Mustang Ranch from 1994 to 1997, she said. “We had to live under strict rules and regulations, but we felt safe and protected,” the blonde said. “It was like a family, and it was safer than the streets. “The only thing predictable about prostitution is its unpredictability. You don’t know who you’ll see and how much you’ll make. You meet men from all classes and walks of life, ages and life situations. A successful prostitute learns to relate to all levels and never judge,” she added. The county ridded itself of a major nuisance and hazard while providing valuable training to firefighters, said Eric Guevin, county fire marshal. “For the young firefighters, I don’t think they know the history of the Mustang Ranch. For senior staff, it’s a piece of history,” Guevin said. “But people would break into it and it was unmaintained, and it had met its time.” The BLM plans to return the Mustang Ranch land to a natural state and use it for public access to the Truckee River. The government seized the Mustang Ranch in 1999 after guilty verdicts against its parent companies and manager in a federal fraud and racketeering trial. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! RENO, Nev. – As Air Force Amy stood by, the modest building where she once worked at the infamous Mustang Ranch brothel burst into flames. The 48-room, 20,000-square-foot structure known as the Mustang Ranch II annex was destroyed by fire Sunday as part of a training exercise by Storey County firefighters. “It’s out with the old and in with the new,” Amy said. “The day of the $20 roll in the hay in a trailer is gone.” The blaze left no buildings at the former site of the Mustang Ranch just east of Reno, which was padlocked by the government in 1999 after years of tax problems. In 2003, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management auctioned off the annex for $8,600 to Dennis Hof, owner of the Moonlite BunnyRanch brothel just east of Carson City. At the same time, the agency sold the gaudy pink stucco buildings that formed the heart of the state’s first legal brothel for $145,000 to Lance Gilman, who moved them a short distance next to his Wild Horse Adult Resort & Spa and continues to operate them under the famous name. Hof said he had planned to use the Mustang Ranch annex as a museum next to his brothel, but moving costs proved too expensive. He donated it to fire crews instead. “This is a historic moment,” Hof said as he watched a huge smoke plume rise from the modular building. “The Mustang Ranch represents the best and the worst things about prostitution in Nevada. The Mustang Ranch is associated with graft, corruption, murder and payoffs. That’s what (former owner) Joe Conforte and Storey County are known for. This may be the end of that era,” he said. Amy, now employed by Hof, said the annex was built in 1983 for male prostitutes but the plans didn’t fly. It later housed about 20 women compared with 50 women at the busier main building. last_img read more

Schools score well but some students lag

first_imgScoring schools from 200 to 1,000, the California Department of Education scores schools to give them an idea of how much they need to improve their student’s scores during spring testing. Currently the state standard is a score of 800. Those scores are then measured in August to assess the progress schools and district’s have made in their academic performance well as in closing gaps among groups of students. Vicki Engbrecht, assistant superintendent of curriculum at the Hart Union High School District said while the district’s average API of 783 is hovering close to the state standard – there is always room for improvement. “Every school in the district has set its own goals for API improvment and in every case it is higher than the challenge posed by the state,” Engbrecht said. SANTA CLARITA – Schools in the valley, noted for above average student performance, maintained that standard and will not have to work too hard during April’s week-long testing to stay in line with the state standards, according to state test results released this week. However, a new focus this year on lower-performing groups of students, including minorities, English learners, students with disabilities and students from low-income families, revealed that Santa Clarita is not immune to the nationwide issue of achievement gaps. Most local schools, grades K through 12, generally landed in the “above average” and “well above average” ranking in the 2006 base Academic Performance Index, but traditionally lower performing students lagged up to 200 points behind their peers – in line with state trends. The API scores, embargoed until this morning, were released just weeks before April’s week-long state testing, that includes STAR testing and the high school exit exam. For the Hart district, whose black and Latino students scored 710 and 703, respectively, the disparity is something the district is aware of and working with, Engbrecht said. “This is not a surprise to this district. We are trying to make sure that no student falls through the cracks and for both African-American students and Hispanic students the gap has decreased in the district,” Engbrecht said. She added that district programs, like the summer intensive reading program, are specifically adressing the issue. The district also struggled with the score of its “disadvantaged” students, defined as students whose parents’ education level is significantly low or those who qualify for the free or reduced-cost lunch program, these students had an average API score of 637. English learners scored 696 on average and students with disabilities scored 546. The API system, established in 1999, measures student performance in standardized tests, compares schools of similar socio-economic status and sets targets for improvement. This year, state schools Superintendent Jack O’Connell changed the state’s formula for lower performing students. Before these students were expected to improve by 80 percent of their school’s overall target. Now these students will be expected to improve by 5 percent every year until they reach the state standard of 800. O’Connell explained that this was a way to hold schools accountable for the performance of the students who are struggling the most. “While our schools are showing a steady overall progress, I am deeply concerned that significant gaps exist between the API results for different subgroups of students,” O’Connell said in a press release. “I have begun an intensive effort to find ways to close the gap that exists between successful students who are often white or Asian and financially well off, and struggling students who are often poor, Hispanic, African-American, English learners or with a disability.” In the Newhall Elementary School District – Santa Clarita’s most ethnically diverse – the achievment gap is visible. While the district had an above average API of 866 at Stevenson Ranch Elementary, a predominantly white and Asian school, scores peaked at 936, placing the school in the top 10 percent of elementary schools in the state. At McGrath Elementary, where the academic calendar is adjusted to include up to six extra weeks for at-risk students, the API score landed at 759 – a big improvment from last year’s score of 745 but still below the Newhall district average. But Marc Winger, Newhall district’s superintendent, said the achievment gap is not an ethnicity issue. “It is not an ethnicity thing it is a wealth thing,” Winger said. “When you have a school like Stevenson Ranch, where you have huge parent involvement and parent education levels go beyond college, those kids do well. You have a much bigger challenge when you have parents that are working a couple of jobs who may not have gotten through high school and don’t know how to model for their children.” Winger added that for a school like McGrath it is all about involved teachers and staff who are willing to go the extra mile for students. At McGrath after-school programs have helped inch the school’s API scores upward, as do weekly assessments of children’s progress, Winger added that he deals with his diverse district by looking at every school through a growth model. “Everybody has to move forward, it doesn’t matter who you are. (661) 257-5254160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

Players backing Millen’s managerial bid, claims Crystal Palace defender

first_img Keith Millen 1 Crystal Palace defender Joel Ward says the players are backing Keith Millen’s bid to become the club’s new manager.Millen is currently caretaker boss for the third time in his career after the sacking of Neil Warnock.Newcastle boss Alan Pardew is hotly tipped to return to his former club to replace Warnock but Millen, who managed the Eagles to a 0-0 draw away to Queens Park Rangers in his first match of his new spell, has the support of the players.“He knows the lads,” Ward said. “He knows the players he is dealing with and all our characters and he knows what has bought us success in the past.“We have Keith’s full backing and he has the same from us players. We’re just going to get on with our jobs until further notice and focus on being led by Keith.“There is no doubt he could do the job. We would back him and play under him and he knows the structure in which we want to play, and he knows the structure he wants to play in and that gives us a direction to move forward and build on.”last_img read more

Arnold to pump up engineering

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MORECoach Doc Rivers a “fan” from way back of Jazz’s Jordan ClarksonThe governor’s plan came alongside another announcement Wednesday offering details of his evolving plan for California to contract with private companies on infrastructure projects. Those could include roads, schools, parks, levees and housing. Schwarzenegger has said partnerships with private firms could help the state build infrastructure projects faster and cheaper. He calls the arrangement “performance-based infrastructure.” SACRAMENTO – Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Wednesday released plans to boost enrollment in engineering programs at state universities. The plan appeared aimed at appeasing the state engineers’ union and Democrats, who have balked at outsourcing government jobs to design roads, schools, levees and other projects. In a statement, Schwarzenegger said California faces a shortfall of more than 20,000 engineers. He said he wants lawmakers to establish programs at state colleges and universities to expedite degrees for military veterans with engineering backgrounds. Such a plan could increase opportunities for some 3,000 service members discharged in California each year with engineering-related military training, he said. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

Gallegly under fire to explain condition

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MORE‘Mame,’ ‘Hello, Dolly!’ composer Jerry Herman dies at 88 Meanwhile, Gallegly’s Republican primary challenger Michael Tenenbaum sharply criticized the veteran lawmaker’s handling of the entire situation. Tenenbaum said Gallegly has an obligation to reveal his medical condition to constituents. “To the extent he has a health concern, I extend my sympathy,” Tenenbaum said. But, he said, “It’s absolutely essential for the public to know whether the person on the ballot has the capacity to serve, and not just to take his word for that.” Gallegly on Thursday released a two-paragraph letter from Capitol attending physician John Eisold declaring him to be in “good health” after a recent evaluation. “There is no limitation on your activities,” Eisold wrote to Gallegly. “I encourage you to continue a healthy lifestyle and exercise regimen.” Bruce Weinstein, the professional ethicist known as the Ethics Guy, said congressmen have a limited right to health privacy. That, he said, “is for a good, moral reason. So the voters can decide whether this person will be able to promote their interests.” Boston University bioethics professor George J. Annas said the question of whether Gallegly should be more forthcoming is more of a political issue than an ethical one. “It really is up to the public whether they’re satisfied with his explanations,” he said. Gallegly has said that in bowing out of the race, he was acting out of caution because he did not have full information about a medical issue and felt it would be unfair to constituents to leave mid-year should the health concern indeed crop up. By Wednesday, he said, he was reassured that he is in fact fit to serve. “If you take him at his word, then you wonder about his judgment,” Weinstein said. “Would he be wiling to pass a bill without all the facts too?” Lisa Friedman, (202) 662-8731 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! WASHINGTON – After drawing attention to his health by first trying to bow out of upcoming congressional elections and then jumping back in to the race, Rep. Elton Gallegly should explain his medical condition to voters, the chairwoman of the Ventura County Republican Party said Thursday. Gallegly, 62, R-Thousand Oaks, initially cited an unspecified medical problem when he tried to step out of the 2006 congressional race last week. But after intense pressure from GOP leaders and President Bush, he declared Wednesday that the health issues have now been fully resolved and he will, in fact, campaign for re-election and serve a full term if elected. In calling for full health disclosure, Chairwoman Leslie Conejo joined a growing chorus of ethicists and political analysts who said Gallegly’s most recent announcement raises more questions than it answers. “He has a right to keep his health private. However, politically, it would be better to disclose his medical situation,” Conejo said. “It’s left so much doubt out there. People want to know why it prompted him to pull out. People just want to understand.” last_img read more

Sam Allardyce urges Ruben Loftus-Cheek to leave Chelsea for sake of his career

first_img 2 Loftus-Cheek made four appearances for England at the World Cup ⏲️ “It’s time for him to be selfish!”🔵 Should Ruben Loftus-Cheek leave Chelsea? Sam Allardyce thinks so! [🎥 w/ ]— The Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast (@SportsBreakfast) October 26, 2018 “He’s tasted first team football on a regular basis and has tasted international football, but he was left out of the last England squad.“I think as a young man that’s a massive blow to your career and development.“So as much as Chelsea want to keep him, it might be time for him to say, ‘I’ve given all I can give to try and get into the Chelsea side. Please, if you get the right offer and it’s the right club for me, let me move on and forge my career somewhere else.’” 2center_img Sam Allardyce has told Ruben Loftus-Cheek to ‘be selfish’ and push to leave Chelsea for the sake of his career.The 22-year-old was the match-winner for the Blues with a stunning performance in the Europa League on Thursday night, with his first career hat-trick sealing a 3-1 win over BATE. But it was only the midfielder’s fourth appearance of the season for Chelsea, and Allardyce believes it’s time for him to call it a day at the London club.Loftus-Cheek is one of the few Chelsea academy player to have progressed to the first-team in recent years.And yet, despite proving his Premier League quality in an impressive loan spell with Crystal Palace last season and following that up by going to the World Cup with the England team, he isn’t getting a look in under new manager Maurizio Sarri.MORE: ‘That’s why he needs more game time!’ – Chelsea fans hail Loftus-Cheek’s explosive performance v BATEAnd Allardyce insists a player of his quality deserves to be playing more regular football elsewhere if he can’t get it at Stamford Bridge.Speaking on Friday’s Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast, the former England manager said: “I love him, but unfortunately he hasn’t managed to break in at the beginning of the season, and it’s a shame.“It’s time for him to be selfish, it’s time for him to be selfish for his own career.“This lad obviously loves Chelsea because he was prepared to stay and fight for his place this year, after such fantastic season with Crystal Palace and at the World Cup where he made an impact. Ruben Loftus-Cheek showed Maurizio Sarri what he can do with a stunning display at The Bridge last_img read more