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Chris Robinson Tells Hilarious Story About Getting Snubbed By Gregg Allman In 1990

first_imgSiriusXM Jam On has been live streaming from Mountain Jam all weekend long, interspersing their musical streams with interview and exclusive content. One such piece made its way onto the SiriusXM YouTube account, where Jam On host Ari Fink talks with Chris Robinson about the first time meeting Warren Haynes.Obviously a central figure to Mountain Jam, Haynes and Robinson first crossed paths during The Allman Brothers Band’s MTV Unplugged show in 1990. Haynes had recognized Robinson from his work in the Black Crowes, and introduced him to Gregg Allman who was apparently getting “his hair combed for an hour.” According to Robinson’s story, Haynes introduced Chris Robinson, and Allman responded, “Who gives a shit?”Watch the full story below.Of course, the moral of the story is that Haynes and Robinson have been friends ever since, and Robinson praises Haynes for “living and breathing the music.” That’s what it’s all about!last_img read more

Phish Goes Heavy With Bust Outs On Freaky Friday In Las Vegas [Photos/Videos]

first_imgLoad remaining images Phish started the weekend off right during Friday night’s performance at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. With 50% of their 4-night run complete, the band showed up with a slew of covers and introduced a special guest during the over-the-top encore.“Cavern” kicked off the festivities and for the second night in a row, the opening tune contained lyrics referencing the moments “before the dawn” for those that explore the extracurriculars in Sin City. “Beauty of My Dreams” came out of nowhere and delivered a cheerful bluegrass vibe to a city in the middle of nowhere. Not played since the 2016 Halloween run in the same venue, the Del McCoury Band cover was dusted off with perfection. The last time “If I Could” was placed in the first act was 7/8/2012 at Saratoga Performing Arts Center. This delightful ditty from 1994’s Hoist was given a brief and beautiful extension thanks to Anastasio’s soft solo and Mike Gordon’s soulful interplay.Keeping the rarities coming, Gordon hopped on lead vocals for “Weigh,” one of the strangest songs in his catalog. After a conglomeration of bust outs that, on paper, looked like a casino buffet of sound, the familiar “Sand” delivered the first danceable tune of the noteworthy show. Jon Fishman laid down a strong foundation by way of percussion as Anastasio delivered fuzzed-out funk that morphed into a ferocious solo. Playing like a man possessed, he took the arena on a joyride with his stellar playing as the other members worked around him and marveled at their fearless leader. “Back on the Train” warmed up McConnell’s Hohner Clavinet as the guitarist experimented with his various pedal effects during this Farmhouse favorite groove.“Martian Monster” holds a special place in the MGM Grand Garden Arena and has been given special treatment during each Halloween run since the 2014 debut. Chris Kuroda used his magical lights to give an eerie alien abduction effect as they hovered above the crowd. While “Your trip is short” may soon be replaced by “Faceplant into rock” samples, costume connoisseurs will never forget the wild “Chilling, Thrilling” set for the past.“Mercury” has taken many forms in its short-lived existence and has served as one of the highlights of 2018. Friday night in Nevada might have been the most glowing version yet. Finding a deep and dark pocket, Gordon complimented the Type II jam nicely as Anastasio led the crowd on an unexpected voyage of discovery. Just as it sounded like “Mercury” would be reduced to nothing, a second extended jam section was patiently built up and delivered with confidence. McConnell put his organ to good use and Gordon layered a meaty effect onto his trusty bass. This euphoric, 25-minute (#mustrelisten) take on one of their newest jam vehicles left the rambunctious crowd stunned. In order to snap them back into reality, a straight-forward “Suzy Greenberg” was played as the set closer to a grateful audience.The no-filler, six-song second set was initiated by “Soul Planet”. Piling thick and goopy effects on the guitar, Anastasio came out of the gates ready to throw more jet fuel on Friday night’s fire. Phish’s many critics can talk trash about the Partridge Family-esque lyrics, but the insane improvisation that have blossomed out of this jam vehicle should keep all the haters in their parents’ basements. Cool and collected, Trey had a field day around Fishman’s determined beat as McConnell sat back and smiled on the grand piano. A thrilling ending to “Soul Planet” opened up the floodgates for a “Down with Disease” in its comfortable early second set position.Gordon slathered a thick groove on the early Type II tranquil jam that would eventually lead to extended “Oye Como Va” teases by Anastasio who continued to crush Friday night. After a happy-go-lucky “Disease” started leaning toward the dark side, the band rapidly switched gears by introducing “Guyute”. While not as rare as the first set bust-outs, the ugly pig has only been seen three times since the 2014 Halloween run under the same roof. The nightmarish “Bouncing like a newborn elf” section is always a fantastic way to spook out the ghoulish crowd.If anyone is looking for some modern cow-funkery, look no further than the tight “Sneakin’ Sally through the Alley” which found Gordon putting on a bass-clinic and McConnell rocking the Clavinet like a mad scientist. The “Light” that ensued presented a locked-in band bringing back that joyful vibe found in the “DWD” from earlier in the set. Rock-star Trey reached yet another peak before descending into a choppy dark place with help from McConnell’s otherworldly synth sounds. Before exploring anything deeper, “Slave to the Traffic Light” was presented as the shiny and bright set closer.The final bust-out of the wild show was found in the encore. Anastasio hopped behind the drum kit while Fishman–toting his favorite home cleaning appliance–was introduced as Bob Weaver as the enthused crowd put their “faceplant-into-rock” hands together. Syd Barrett’s “Bike” was more or less sung by Fishman (complete with a quality vacuum solo) before he thanked the crowd and commented on having the best job in the world. Before returning to the kit, Anastasio begged Fishman’s alter ego to “Twerk for the people” which he unapologetically did. The hilarious display of idiocracy led to an old-school “Good Times, Bad Times” to close out an exceptional event.Don’t miss the act Bob Weaver calls “The funnest band in the world” during their Fall Tour 2018 finale in Las Vegas!“Cavern”[Video: Phish]“Soul Planet”[Video: Phish]“Hold Your Head Up” > “Bike” > “Hold Your Head Up”[Video: Andrew O’Brien]Below, you can view an incredible gallery of photos from the show courtesy of Phierce Photo by Keith Griner.Setlist: Phish | MGM Grand Garden Arena | Las Vegas, NV | 11/2/18SET 1: Cavern, Beauty of My Dreams, If I Could, Weigh, Sand, Back on the Train, Martian Monster, Mercury > Suzy GreenbergSET 2: Soul Planet > Down with Disease[1] > Guyute, Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley > Light > Slave to the Traffic LightENCORE: Hold Your Head Up > Bike > Hold Your Head Up, Good Times Bad Times[1] Unfinished.Phish | MGM Grand Garden Arena | Las Vegas, NV | 11/2/18 | Photos: Phierce Photo by Keith Griner Photo: Keith Grinerlast_img read more

Digital Public Library of America and Europeana Announce Collaboration

first_img Read Full Story Washington, DC—Two major digital library networks have reached an agreement to collaborate in ways that will make a large part of the world’s cultural heritage available to a large part of the world’s population.  The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA), which will provide access to digital collections from libraries, museums, and archives in the United States, announced today that it will design its technical structure in a way to promote interoperability with that of Europeana, which has developed a similar system to link the major libraries, museums, and archives of Europe.Robert Darnton, a DPLA Steering Committee member and University Librarian at Harvard, said, “The association between the DPLA and Europeana means that users everywhere will eventually have access to the combined riches of the two systems at a single click. The aggregated databases will include many millions of books, pamphlets, newspapers, manuscripts, images, recordings, videos, and other materials in many formats.”Jill Cousins, Executive Director of Europeana, welcomed the agreement, saying that “Europeana was designed to be open and interoperable, and to be able to collaborate with the DPLA is a validation of that aim. By this combined effort on two continents, Europeana and the DPLA hope to promote the creation of a global network with partners from around the world.”Another outcome of this collaboration will be a virtual exhibition about the migration of Europeans to America. The DPLA and Europeana will demonstrate the potential of their combined collections by digitizing and making freely available material about the journey from the Old World to the New. This pilot project will include text and images about the experience of the uprooted as they abandoned their homes to seek a new life thousands of miles across a treacherous ocean. Letters, photographs, and official records open up unfamiliar views into the harsh world inhabited by Europeans from the shtetl communities of Russia to the peasant villages of Ireland. And equally vivid testimonies illustrate the culture shock and hard lot of the immigrants after their arrival. Everyone in the United States, including Amerindians, descends from immigrants, and nearly everyone in Europe has some connection with migration, either within Europe itself or across the ocean. All will be invited to stroll digitally through this rich exhibition.last_img read more

Jerry O’Connell Joins Living on Love on Broadway

first_img Star Files Jerry O’Connell will return to Broadway in the upcoming production of Joe DiPietro’s Living on Love. He completes a cast that includes the previously announced Renée Fleming, Douglas Sills and Anna Chlumsky. Performances of the comedy, directed by Kathleen Marshall, will begin on April 1 at the Longacre Theatre.O’Connell will take on the role of Robert Samson, the part Justin Long played in the Williamstown Theatre Festival production last summer. O’Connell returns to the Great White Way after making his debut in the 2011 production of Seminar. His many onscreen credits include Stand by Me, Jerry Maguire, Sliders and Crossing Jordan. He most recently appeared on the New York stage last spring in American Hero off-Broadway.Based on the play Peccadillo by Garson Kanin, Living on Love follows Raquel DeAngelis (Fleming), a celebrated opera diva who, after her husband—the egomaniacal Maesto Vito DeAngelis (Sills)—becomes enamored with his autobiography’s ghost writer (Chlumsky), decides to hire her very own (and handsome) ghostwriter (O’Connell). Sparks fly, silverware is thrown, and romance blossoms.In addition to O’Connell, Fleming, Sills and Chlumsky, the company will include Blake Hammond and Scott Robertson. Opening night is set for April 20. Living on Love Show Closed This production ended its run on May 3, 2015 Related Shows View Comments Jerry O’Connelllast_img read more

Free Mulch.

first_imgPhoto: Wayne McLaurin If the prospect of free mulch interests you, look no farther than your own backyard.Grass clippings, leaves and pine needles are an excellent source of mulch. A generous2- to 3-inch layer of these organic materials can cut your watering needs by as much as 50percent. It can trim weed growth drastically, too.Research shows that when the air is 100 degrees, a 3-inch layer of mulch can cool thesoil by as much as 25 degrees.Healthy Root GrowthThis promotes healthy root growth, which allows for a more efficient uptake of water.The same layer of mulch will also help protect your plants from freeze damage in thewinter.As you place mulch around your planting beds, take care to pull it slightly away frommain stems. Don’t just pile it on. Organic mulch degrades over time, adding nutrients tothe soil. So you’ll need to replenish your layer from time to time to maintain itsthickness.By using your own free mulch, you’ll improve your soil at no cost. You’ll also reducethe amount of waste that ends up in area landfills. This is truly a win-win situation. The grass clippings, leaves and pine needles in your back yard are an excellent source of free mulch.last_img read more

Citizens Financial Group assists non-profit agencies energy costs

first_imgCitizens Bank,The Citizens Bank Foundation announced today a $15,000 grant to Vermont s Community Action Agencies as part of its Energy$ense program.The Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity Inc., (CVOEO) will serve as the conduit to distribute the funds among the four other Community Action Agencies, which include BROC-Community Action in southwestern Vermont, Central Vermont Community Action Council, Inc, North East Kingdom Community Action, Inc and Southeastern Vermont Community Action, Inc. CVOEO is a nonprofit agency whose mission is to address fundamental issues of economic, social and racial justice and to work with low-income people to achieve economic independence.The grant is part of Citizens Energy$ense program, a multi-faceted initiative to help homeless shelters, local nonprofits and consumers address heat, utility and other energy costs. The $15,000 grant from Citizens Bank Foundation will help with programs such as weatherization to reduce energy costs, at a time when our Community Action Agencies resources are stretched thin and demands for services are rising.  While everyone s feeling the sting of high energy prices in a struggling economy, nonprofits, which run on exceedingly tight budgets, have really struggled this winter, said Cathleen Schmidt, Citizens Bank President for Vermont. By assisting worthy organizations such as our Community Action Agencies, we enable these groups to focus on their core programs such as weatherization to help low-income households coping with fuel costs. We re extremely grateful for the encouragement and financial support of the Citizens Bank Foundation, said CVOEO Executive Director Tim Searles. Our services are required more than ever now and every dollar helps. This generous contribution goes a long way toward helping us accomplish our mission.The Energy$ense program also includes two below-market interest-rate, unsecured loans for qualified borrowers to make energy-efficient upgrades or improvements to their homes. Customers who take advantage of the discount borrowing opportunity by March 31, 2009, will have the option to defer their first payment for 90 days. The two loans offered as part of the Energy$ense program are:The Citizens Bank Energy Efficiency Loan designed to help income-eligible borrowers and/or those who live in targeted geographies, finance weatherization projects to help make their homes more energy-efficient. The $1,000, 3% APR fixed-rate loan has a three-year term with a low monthly payment of $29.08 per month. There are no fees or closing costs associated with the loan. Under the same guidelines and for larger home-improvement projects, Citizens Bank also is offering a 5% APR on loans up to $10,000 at terms payable up to seven years.The EZ Home Improvement Loan a $1,000, 3% APR fixed-rate loan, is available to income-eligible borrowers, and/or those living in targeted geographies, who want to update their homes. Citizens is offering a 6% APR on loans for larger home-improvement projects, up to $10,000, payable up to seven years.To apply for an EZ Home Improvement Loan or Citizens Bank Energy Efficiency Loan, homeowners should visit a Citizens Bank branch or call 1-877-TOP-RATE. To be eligible, borrowers must live in a low or moderate-income neighborhood, or have income that is less than 80% of the median income.Through Energy$ense, Citizens is providing consumers information about ways they can stay warm and safe during the winter. Helpful tips include choosing electric heaters and extension cords that are UL rated, insulating pipes and water heaters, and installing carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms.About the Citizens Bank FoundationCitizens Bank Foundation is a subsidiary of the Citizens Charitable Foundation, which is a charitable contributions vehicle of Citizens Financial Group, Inc., RBS Citizens, N.A. and Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania. The foundation s support is focused on housing, community development and basic human needs. CFG s Web site is read more

4 ways to make yourself more reliable

first_img 36SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,John Pettit John Pettit is the Managing Editor for John manages the content on the site, including current news, editorial, press releases, jobs and events. He keeps the credit union … Web: Details It’s nice to be trusted. When you’re a reliable person, you become the person people depend on. Whether friends or coworkers, you want to be able to count on the people in your life. Here are four ways you can be seen as more reliable.Keep your word: When you make a promise, you should come through. Being reliable doesn’t mean you have to say ‘yes’ all the time. There comes a point when you can overcommit, so it’s fine to say ‘no’ when you don’t feel like you’re up for it. Just make sure, if you say you’re going to do something, you get the job done.Hold yourself accountable: Nobody’s perfect. Every once in a while, we all mess up. The key to screwing up is to admit that it happened. Accountability makes you appear trustworthy, and as long as it’s not happening all the time, and you’re not blaming others, you won’t destroy your reputation for being reliable.Change your bad habits: Are you casually late all the time? Do you leave the house around the time you’re supposed to be at your destination? Do you pass gossip around the office? Think about not only your reputation at work, but your reputation with your close friends. Do you have any bad habits that might be holding you back from being seen as a reliable friend or coworker?Communicate: Sometimes things fall through because we’re not communicating well. Did you get a flat tire on your way to meet a friend for lunch? Before you call roadside assistance, send your buddy a text and let them know you’re not going to make it. There’s a big difference between having to change your destination and having to eat lunch alone.last_img read more

The Sun: Croatia attracts British tourists from competing destinations

first_imgSummer visits to European destinations should cost the British a little less this year as resorts attract travelers who have planned nothing due to the confusion surrounding Brexit, reports The Sun. But three out of ten destinations surveyed have even raised their prices as well Zadar is at the top of that list with an increase of 12,7 percent, or at a weekly holiday rate of £ 3,187. The prices of Turkish Marmaris’ travel arrangements rose by 4,6 per cent, but are still alongside Bulgaria’s Sunny Beach due to the weak exchange rate of the Turkish lira against the euro. That is why Turkey is still attractive to British tourists. Average prices at six popular tourist destinations / Post Office Ltd; The Sun Source: The Sun. The biggest drop in prices was recorded for travel to Mallorca, and a smaller one by 22 percent. The best value in the eurozone is held by the Costa del Sol, with a drop of 17,7 percent compared to last year, or a week would cost 2 thousand pounds. Outside the eurozone, Bulgaria’s Sunny Beach holds the best value with a price tag of £ 315, down about 10 per cent from last year. Nick Boden, of the Post Office, points out that “falling prices may be an indication of how travel companies in European destinations want to keep prices low in order to attract visitors from the UK.” Victoria Bacon, of the British Association of Travel Agencies (ABTA), points out that “Europe remains the number one destination for British tourists and this research highlights the incredible value of the offerings of many of our most popular destinations. The relative weakness of the British pound against the euro also means that tourists are looking for new, cheaper destinations. ABTA members emphasize significant interest in traveling to Bulgaria and Turkey.”center_img Tourists are postponing or completely rejecting plans due to concerns about travel complications in the event that the UK leaves the European Union without an agreement. Tour operators are therefore reducing the prices of flights and hotels, and the owners of restaurants, bars and shops are following them. Also, this week the British pound strengthened even more against the euro, which is why the exchange rates are in favor of the British. “There are significant variations between prices that we have explored in popular destinations. For this reason, British tourists are advised to ‘do their homework’ before planning a holiday in order to save as much as possible.Said Boden. Given the stability of the pound during the Brexit negotiations, it seems that significantly fewer British tourists could be expected in Croatia this year. But it is difficult to predict accurately because a lot can change in the next few months in the midst of Brexit. The combination of low travel prices and affordable rates means that holidays are cheaper for Britons in as many as two-thirds of the destinations explored by the British postal company Post Office Ltd, as you can see in the illustration below. In other words, a family of four could pay a fifth less for their vacation than in previous years for the same arrangement, if we compare the prices of flights and hotel packages and the average pocket money for drinks, food and essential groceries, the report said.last_img read more

Harnessing e-commerce

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Wirral Development: Land of the rising Sun

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