Youre in for a treat with spring theater shows in town

first_imgIt’s the musical with the ickiest name ever: “Urinetown.” That’s a pun, of course: You’re in town. Get it?Still icky. That’s the point. “Urinetown” is about as sharp and wicked as satire gets. Set in a future that’s not nearly as distant and improbable as you’d like to think, the play involves the fight for a basic human right: the right to pee freely.People have lost that right in “Urinetown,” where a 20-year drought, oppressive laws and an evil corporation have made it, as one song says, “A Privilege to Pee.” Let flow without coughing up some dough, and you’re shipped off to a penal colony.This is the stuff of revolution, of course, as the huddled and extremely bladderful masses launch a rebellion, take hostages, suffer losses and discover the serious meaning behind the title pun.That icky town? You’re already there.All of which may seem like awfully strong stuff for high school actors, not to mention their wary parents and doting grandparents. If a critique of everything Americans hold dear — capitalism, corporations, mob justice, “infinite” natural resources — sounds a little too icky for you, don’t get pissed. A wide variety of great performances, the vast majority of them by students, will shine on Clark County stages in upcoming weeks. This is your big chance to check out our new crop of young thespians as they take on everything from Cole Porter to William Shakespeare and cutting-edge drama to classic musical comedy.There’s even an original twist on a current movie musical: A nonmusical version of “Beauty and the Beast,” written and directed by Hudson’s Bay High School junior Caitlyn Hansen.last_img

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