Are teenagers a generation of abstainers?

first_imgStuff 12 February 2016OPINION: The current generation of teenagers is abstaining from alcohol more than the generation before them.That’s according to numerous studies from the last five years. The Australia-based Centre for Alcohol Policy Research found that today, 57.3 per cent of teens regularly abstain from alcohol when with their peers. In 2001, only 28 per cent did.Over in the UK, similar results were found in a study published by the charity Drink Aware. Figures showed, when asked about their drinking habits in the past week, more than half of 16-to-24 year olds had not drunk alcohol in that time.If we look at the Australian study, the majority in 2001 – 72 per cent of teenagers – were illegal (or barely-legal) drinkers. I was 16 in 2001, and would have fallen into the minority – the abstainers – but not for the reasons many of the studies suggest.The Drink Aware study notes higher rates of abstinence from minority ethnic and religious groups. I don’t fall into these groups – I didn’t drink for two simple reasons: I didn’t like the taste of alcohol, and I lived 30 minutes away from all of my friends.READ MORE:

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