The Sun: Croatia attracts British tourists from competing destinations

first_imgSummer visits to European destinations should cost the British a little less this year as resorts attract travelers who have planned nothing due to the confusion surrounding Brexit, reports The Sun. But three out of ten destinations surveyed have even raised their prices as well Zadar is at the top of that list with an increase of 12,7 percent, or at a weekly holiday rate of £ 3,187. The prices of Turkish Marmaris’ travel arrangements rose by 4,6 per cent, but are still alongside Bulgaria’s Sunny Beach due to the weak exchange rate of the Turkish lira against the euro. That is why Turkey is still attractive to British tourists. Average prices at six popular tourist destinations / Post Office Ltd; The Sun Source: The Sun. The biggest drop in prices was recorded for travel to Mallorca, and a smaller one by 22 percent. The best value in the eurozone is held by the Costa del Sol, with a drop of 17,7 percent compared to last year, or a week would cost 2 thousand pounds. Outside the eurozone, Bulgaria’s Sunny Beach holds the best value with a price tag of £ 315, down about 10 per cent from last year. Nick Boden, of the Post Office, points out that “falling prices may be an indication of how travel companies in European destinations want to keep prices low in order to attract visitors from the UK.” Victoria Bacon, of the British Association of Travel Agencies (ABTA), points out that “Europe remains the number one destination for British tourists and this research highlights the incredible value of the offerings of many of our most popular destinations. The relative weakness of the British pound against the euro also means that tourists are looking for new, cheaper destinations. ABTA members emphasize significant interest in traveling to Bulgaria and Turkey.”center_img Tourists are postponing or completely rejecting plans due to concerns about travel complications in the event that the UK leaves the European Union without an agreement. Tour operators are therefore reducing the prices of flights and hotels, and the owners of restaurants, bars and shops are following them. Also, this week the British pound strengthened even more against the euro, which is why the exchange rates are in favor of the British. “There are significant variations between prices that we have explored in popular destinations. For this reason, British tourists are advised to ‘do their homework’ before planning a holiday in order to save as much as possible.Said Boden. Given the stability of the pound during the Brexit negotiations, it seems that significantly fewer British tourists could be expected in Croatia this year. But it is difficult to predict accurately because a lot can change in the next few months in the midst of Brexit. The combination of low travel prices and affordable rates means that holidays are cheaper for Britons in as many as two-thirds of the destinations explored by the British postal company Post Office Ltd, as you can see in the illustration below. In other words, a family of four could pay a fifth less for their vacation than in previous years for the same arrangement, if we compare the prices of flights and hotel packages and the average pocket money for drinks, food and essential groceries, the report said.last_img

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