Sara Belec, Vukovar Vocational School: Our students are extremely optimistic about the future of tourism in Vukovar

first_imgAs part of this year’s Days of Jobs in Tourism, the Ministry of Tourism announced a public invitation to secondary catering and tourism schools and universities with programs in the field of tourism and catering “Be innovative, tourism offers you a job.” The aim of the competition is to promote catering and tourism occupations and tourism as an attractive department that provides employment opportunities, and the competition received 38 applications from secondary catering and tourism schools and universities from all over Croatia.As the most original solution aimed at quality promotion of catering and tourism occupations and connecting with employers, the project was declared “Book a successful career” of the Vocational School Vukovar, while the second place went to the University of Rijeka, Faculty of Management in Tourism and Hospitality – Opatija, and the third place to the School of Economics and Tourism Daruvar. By winning this competition, all three teams won study trips worth a total of HRK 50.000 to prestigious centers of excellence in Spain (Basque Culinary Center) and Austria (Center of Excellence for Hospitality and Tourism) and a visit to a hotel company in Croatia.Vukovar Vocational School “Book a successful career”The award-winning project “Book a successful career” is the result of cooperation between third-grade students of tourism and hotel commercial Mirta Magoč, Kristina Koh and Sandra Radić, mentors Sara Belec (who make up the Vuturisti team) and teachers Branka Škarica, Tajana Matanović, Biljana Hečimović-Apčag and school secretary David Vlajčić.By winning the first place in the competition of the Ministry of Tourism “Be innovative, tourism offers you a job” Vukovar Vocational School received HRK 25.000,00 intended exclusively for a study trip to the culinary center in the Basque Country. “The award won was a pleasant surprise to all of us. Given the strong competition with which we competed, it is not only important for students and our school but also for the city of Vukovar, which records a continuous increase in tourist demand, so any form of promotion of tourism and hospitality professions is welcome for younger generations to choose occupations we need in Vukovar ” Sara Belec, mentor and teacher of the Vukovar Vocational School, points out, and adds that she is glad that this project also served as an example of good practice for other students and motivated them to get involved in projects, develop their competencies and skills outside school.Photo: Vocational School VukovarThe project “Book a successful career” includes the production of a promotional video of hospitality and tourism professions in 2D and 3D with the use of VR glasses to emphasize the use of new technologies and the production of brochures and a promotional stand. The video will be made in the school, but also in locations where students conduct practical classes in order to get a clear insight into what students can expect in the Vocational School Vukovar and what competencies and skills they will be able to develop.”Equally, former students of the School who continued to build their careers in tourism and hospitality will be presented. Accompanied by teachers, students will visit some primary schools in the city of Vukovar and beyond and present their occupations to interested students. Elementary school students will be able to ask questions to students and thus get information about the program itself, conducting practical classes and the reasons for enrolling in these courses. The video will have a choice of languages: Croatian, English, German, French, Serbian and Cyrillic (since classes at the school are bilingual). Students will also participate in fairs in the city of Vukovar, where they will distribute brochures and provide information about their occupations. The stand would consist of three parts: “reception” (receptionist will provide information), “bar” (waiter will serve drinks) and “kitchen” (chef will present and share food products they made themselves – traditional dishes) ” Belec points out and adds that the ideas for the brochures will be devised by the students themselves, ie members of the student cooperative of the Vukovar Ister Vocational School.The video will be presented not only in primary schools but also in the Vocational School Vukovar to encourage students to continue their education in tourism and hospitality, and the project and promotion will be realized before enrolling primary school students in secondary schools.Record tourist season in Vukovar – Srijem County The potential for the development of continental tourism, including tourism in Slavonia, is certainly great, and from year to year the tourism indicators are getting better and better. This is also shown by the data for last year, when Vukovar-Srijem County achieved record tourist results.From the beginning of January to the end of December, there were 30,17 percent more arrivals and 36,23 percent more overnight stays in the Vukovar-Srijem County compared to 2016. Out of a total of 151.419 overnight stays, 118.589 were domestic – which is an increase of as much as 48,60 percent. , and foreign 32.830 or 4,75 percent more than in 2016. Most overnight stays – 70.621 (46,63 percent) were realized in Vukovar, followed by Vinkovci with 56.508 (37,31 percent), Germans with 8.906 (5,88 percent) , Ilok with 8.251 (5,44 percent) and Zupanja with 4.807 (3,17 percent). The largest number of overnight stays was realized from the German market, followed by tourists from Serbia, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Switzerland, Austria, France, Turkey and Macedonia.Photo: Vocational School VukovarThe city of Vukovar, which lies on the two rivers Danube and Vuca and has always been a crossroads and a meeting place for different cultures, which is why, as well as because of its Vučedol culture, is especially interesting for tourists, says Benec, adding that students see tourism in their city. as well as Vukovar-Srijem County, which is certainly great news, and certainly the positive trend is partly due to the mentioned competition “Be innovative, tourism offers you a job” which gives new opportunities and added value to students. “Given the extremely rich history and great potential for development, our students are extremely optimistic about the future of tourism in Vukovar and believe that Vukovar has all the prerequisites to continue to develop in tourism, which is why they decided to study in tourism and hospitality and one day contribute to its development“Concludes Belec.The competition “Innovative be – tourism offers you a job”, along with the Job Days event held this year in Osijek, Zagreb and Split, organized by the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Labor and Pension System and the Croatian Employment Service, is one of the measures of the Ministry of Tourism catering and tourism occupations and tourism as an attractive sector that provides employment opportunities.last_img

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