Joe Russo’s Almost Dead Works Benevento/Russo Duo Jams Into Boston Show

first_imgJoe Russo’s Almost Dead has been on a tear in the back half of 2016, treating fans to their uniquely potent tribute to the Grateful Dead. The band continues to not only perform songs from the Dead repertoire, but to try new things and keep fans on their toes.Last night’s show at the House of Blues Boston was no exception, blurring the lines of Grateful Deadism with their own original music. Almost Dead has been known to work in various unique covers, and last night’s show featured not one but two jams that touched on music from the Benevento/Russo Duo: “9×9” and “My Pet Goat”. Of course, both Marco Benevento and Joe Russo are members of Almost Dead, and the two have been rehearsing for their upcoming revival of The Duo on Jam Cruise.The show was chock full of Grateful classics as well, including this smoldering rendition of “Althea.” Check out a 15 minute video of the jam below, courtesy of Brosef Wilson on YouTube.Joe Russo and the crew will make their way to Dominican Holidaze, where they’re scheduled to perform tomorrow as part of that beloved destination event. Check out the full setlist from last night’s show below.Setlist: Joe Russo’s Almost Dead | The House Of Blues | Boston, MA | 12/2/16Set 1 (9:16PM – 10:21PM)Music Never Stopped @ (SM) ->China Cat Sunflower (TH) ->Touch of Grey (TH)Black Throated Wind # (SM) >Jack Straw (SM & TH)Ruben & Cherise $ (TH) ->I Know You Rider (All)Set 2 (10:53PM – ~1:00AM)Althea % (TH) ->Duo Jam ->Good Lovin (SM) ->Terrapin Station Jam ++ ->My Pet Goat Jam ^ ->Terrapin Suite & (TH) >Uncle Johns Band (All) ->9×9 Jam * ->Uncle Johns Band Reprise + (All)He’s Gone (TH/All) ->Saint Of Circumstance @@ (SM)E: Ophelia (SM) >Not Fade Away ## (All) ->Brown Eyed Women %% ->Not Fade Away Reprise $$ (All)@ – With The Eleven Tease (SM), unfinished# – With a Jack Straw Jam (Band)$ – With China->Rider Transition Teases (TH) & a “Waltz #1” (Elliot Smith) Tease (MB)% – With an “All of My Love” (Led Zeppelin) Tease (MB)++ – First Time Played by Almost Dead (I think?)^ – First Time Played by Almost Dead, Benevento Russo Duo Original, not the complete song& – With Ruben & Cherise Teases (Band)* – First Time Played by Almost Dead, Benevento Russo Duo Original, not the complete song+ – First Time Played by Almost [email protected]@ – With Ruben & Cherise and Terrapin Station Teases (Band)## – With GDTRFB Teases (SM) and “Shortnin’ Bread” (James Whitcomb Riley) Teases (Band)%% – With a “Come On Feel The Noize” (Quiet Riot) Tease (JR)$$ – First time played since 2015-02-16 Boulder, CO, a gap of 66 shows, With a “Hey Bulldog” Jam (Band) – that may end up being a track, not sure if it was long enough.[Setlist annotated by band manager Peter Costello // Photo by Greg Horowitz]last_img

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