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Website revision case Ali information upgrade project summary

a section of the advertising: this project in October 10th the first phase cut version at the end of October will release the full release! No cut version, please look! Released address:


2 years ago, the initial Ali has no positive had the privilege to participate in the revision of the information project, but my products debut, in a corner of the visual designer, then get the hand is a black-and-white draft unpainted and a plane draft. Don’t know who is the producer, do not know who is the director, but do not know who is the other actors, the boss said to me, "is in disorderly fashion. Stumbled 7.8 versions, take it to the demand side election, and finally quite smooth, chose the first edition. Then change it again in the optimization, every day of the week to get 11 points, the last before the appointed time, to the front of students, responsible for late then, then on the line… At that time the feeling is: the original product design is like this.. After the on-line, unsatisfactory, a lot of things and I imagined still a little distance. read more

Popular thin weight loss network example talk about a station operation and profit model

weight loss website should be how to operate it? Profit model should first clear, understand, with clear operations and profit model, in accordance with the plan to implement the development. There should be goals, establish a clear goal, for example, engage in popularity, traffic flow, I have to do in six months, ten thousand IP, the remaining six months to improve user stickiness, improve browsing, PV and so on. In a word, the train of thought must be clear and the target must be clear.

is my example: popular network this is my thin weight loss diet net. Next, I’d like to talk about my own ideas and views, the general operating website model and profit model. read more

Thought by a local portal site

haven’t written an article in the station for a long time. It’s not work, I have no time, because I have not got a job after half a year’s graduation. Not to mention busy. But as the webmaster’s friends, all know, do webmaster is the most tired. Don’t see some Adsense monthly income of tens of thousands, hard work and perseverance is people can not understand.

if you’re a student at school, doing a station can be a hobby. Can flow, income can be obtained through the flow, the best, but also to reduce the burden on the family. But when your four years of easy college life is over and you have to think about your future life, doing a hobby becomes a career. read more

Solve the problem of website revision

web site operators to a certain stage, there will be insufficient function, user friendly and other aspects, there may be a webmaster famous, more, before the website look tired, so I want to change, but for whatever reason, the revision is always a potential in the process will be the initial site because they do not understand the market, users do not understand, then to build a better good website is necessary, however, we are facing after all, there are two types of users: search engine and user. read more

The mobile community so fire how to do a chowhound community

introduction: there is no good example of such an Internet community in the kitchen, a very good community for food.

may only have a Japanese class website (COOKPAD), a relatively high degree of community, because in a monopoly position. Japan’s development of the Internet is not particularly good, local manufacturing site and as it is then developed, COOKPAD is in fact a webmaster to do, because the sense of smell, very early, with the Japanese social environment (many housewives), caused by the monopoly. read more

He Tao link tips

, many professional SEO want to change friendship links with others, especially those who like those sites, friendship links did not write before "friendship link" four words of the site, then why is this?


below, let’s look at how to view friendship links and non friendship links from the SEO’s point of view.

link SEO people believe that any link written with "friendship" four words, or "URL" or "links" on the link page links are friendship links. Because the links in these places have been identified by search engines, search engines, and especially Google, have been exporting rights to these regions. That is, the export of the same page link, did not write friendship links, the export of PR and weight will be very high, and write a friendship link page, export links will be relatively low. Of course, also includes link.htm/link.html/links.htm/links.html/link.asp/links.asp/link.php and other pages. read more

Confessions of a rookie stationmaster

half a year ago, not satisfied with the ordinary work, inadvertently contacted university students, knew he was running a local car website, and do a good job, think this industry is quite promising, they also have their own website idea. Because I was in Guangdong, just look to the Southern Metropolis Daily coverage of the Guangdong provincial Party Secretary Wang Yang met with friends, Ma Yun praised the founder of the Alibaba, to talk about the network to help SMEs in Guangdong to solve the bottleneck problem of development and called on everyone should support this industry, I hear the blood boiling, think network promising car is certainly more and more, then I do some of his supporting services well, then I find a car classmate invited people to develop this website. read more

A novice to talk about standing for 100 days of experience

I am

from the beginning of this year as a station, entering the trip I want to rookie SEO, rarely, often feel on the front of the computer every day to get ah do not know why, just heard stand up first to put inside out N content, everywhere to find some related the content of hand inside mad, bought the domain name from January 23rd, 24–27 the basic framework stand ready, so far seems to just 100 days.

for some veteran hands, my current data is amazing, but I don’t know what it is and what it stands for when I look at the statistics. I 27 in 51 of the statistics, from the beginning of the day was Google. 1 pages, after the data collected every day on the increase, don’t see nearly a month included data is always fluctuating, the station name search like the fourth row in Google page read more

How to open a coffee shop

a lot of people love to drink coffee, so the coffee shop business is also good, coffee joined the project has become a lot of investors are concerned about. Business needs to be considered, the opportunity to grasp the key. The following describes the need to open a coffee shop to learn some skills and methods, take a look at it!

read more