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How can new fast search engine included

server 6.

station first to ensure the stability of the site visit, when new sites to search engine submission after it is easy to fast included. We must be willing to spend money, especially in the server to ensure the stability of the site and response speed. Cannot use the free space, can not use the slow speed of the server, can not use the host server is not stable. The use of the above mentioned will cause the search engine to crawl your site or server because of slow speed caused the search engine is not to search text on the suspension, either because the host is not stable when the search engine grab website online, re crawl that is not online, the website will be deleted, or result in the search engine index declined from the website for free space free space. read more

Shanghai dragon may become popular for chicken ribs


we do see the title of Shanghai Dragon don’t scold me for the love of Shanghai speak ha, I also do Shanghai dragon, I nearly a year to do Shanghai dragon feeling and perception of the time operation of the bidding. Only the development of the future in the form of Shanghai dragon is the supplement of SEM, the real source of traffic must be bidding, including me with some big website friends talk about this problem, they basically said Shanghai Longfeng traffic accounted for 40% of the total flow of the site. Of course, the operation of these large sites are master, optimization are doing very good, Shanghai dragon can only contribute to these flow, not to mention some small sites, some of the popular industry, some technology is not what Shanghai Longfeng, flow less. read more