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BEN KEITHS BLOG Glenys – A True Soldier

Last night was the leaving-do of David ‘Our Kyd’ Hadrell, who is departing to work for The Levy. Booh! We shall miss you very much, David, thank you for everything. One upside though; it means there’s one less middle-class-leftie in Gaul Wood’s camp!During the evening’s entertainment, a story of true fortitude came out.Ben Moorman told me that the previous evening he was on the late shift with Glen, otherwise and obviously, known as ‘Glenys’.After eating their dinner, at about twenty to ten, Glen knew that he only had twenty minutes available in which to take advantage of the cucking lounge, before Ben left. As between ten ‘o clock and midnight, there is only one person covering.Glenys made his was around the office courtyard to towards the khazi – it was locked. Nevermind, he headed around the other side of the block to the secondary cucking area.Oh no, Blog! Disaster!! That one was locked too!!!Glenys headed back to the office to announce his terrible news to Ben. However, after a few more minutes, when Ben had left to go home, it become obvious to Glenys that this was an impending emergency.So he took hold of the situation and had a cuck IN THE BIN! YES HE DID!!Glen chose to do this because he didn’t want to leave the front-line unmanned, should I call for a progress report, or one of our knocking punters call for a late-night bet.THAT IS COMMITTMENT TO THE CAUSE, BLOG! And that is the type of soldier I need if I’m going to become a billionaire!!Glenys, well played. Please kneel before me to be knighted…Glen ‘Glenys Kinnock’ Day = Not-StaffB x read more