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800lb paper airplane glides for 10 seconds at 100mph

first_imgHow to best fold a piece of paper to make an airplane was always a heated debate at school. The proof of who had the best design simply took a piece of paper and a few minutes of concentrated folding. Then it was all down to nailing the perfect throw.The team over at Pima Air & Space Museum obviously like anything that flies, but they decided to take paper airplanes to the next level by creating a giant one. In so doing, it is hoped more kids will take an interest in aviation and all the career paths it allows.The project is known as The Great Paper Airplane Project, and the “Great” could easily be replaced with “Huge.” The paper airplane they managed to fold, named Arturo’s Desert Eagle, is 45 feet long, has a wing span of 24 feet, and weighs 800 pounds. It can fly, but required the use of a Sikorsky S58T helicopter to get it off the ground.The first flight of this massive paper bird happened on March 21 in the Sonoran desert, Arizona. After being pulled into the air to a height of 2,703 feet via a line, the plane was released at which point it started to glide. That glide phase lasted somewhere between 7 and 10 seconds, and incredibly saw the aircraft reach speeds of 100mph.Unfortunately, the dive and landing wasn’t so great. Although technically made of paper, the plane was constructed of falcon board, which is the equivalent of the cardboard used for pizza boxes. It may be stronger than a sheet of paper, but falling to the ground at such high speeds means it won’t survive the landing.The video above is just the first footage of the airplane in flight. The museum is promising to upload more videos as they become available. I’m also hoping we get to see the fatal landing happen.More at The Great Paper Airplane Project, via Los Angeles Timeslast_img read more