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Watch an iPhone 5S Touch ID sensor authenticate a cat paw

first_imgiPhones and cats go together like… well, like anything else and cats on the Internet do. The latest diversionary use for cats? Unlocking the iPhone 5S via its fancy Touch ID sensor, of course.No, there’s not some kind of fundamental flaw in the Touch ID sensor that’s going to allow a criminal to gain access to your phone by coercing his cat into pawing your phone. It’s scanning and storing the unique data it captures from the cat’s paw the same way it would from your thumb.The iPhone 5S won’t authenticate your left thumb if you’ve only enrolled your right. Likewise, without the same paw placed in the same way over the sensor, the iPhone 5S wouldn’t authenticate a cat.It works with body parts other than thumbs of fingers, too. You could enroll your palm, big toe, or something else. Just make sure it’s something you’re comfortable swiping in public. More importantly, make sure it’s something everyone else is comfortable seeing you swipe in public.It’s still fun to see it work. And why not enroll your cat? If you’re going to install apps like Friskies’ Games for Cats! on your iPhone 5S you may as well just sign it over entirely. Who knows, this may even be the start of a new security trend. It’s not as though a thief is likely to steal your iPhone 5S and your cat, right?last_img read more