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Amazon is Renting Movies for 99 Cents Through January 23

first_imgStay on target Here’s Everything Coming to Amazon Prime Video in August 2019The Craziest Moments in Comic Series ‘The Boys’ There is a decent selection of holiday movies available across the big streaming services, but you might notice that a few favorites are missing. Amazon is hoping to fill in the gap with movie rentals for 99 cents. You only get one for that price, though, so choose wisely.Taking a quick glance through the available titles, there’s an impressive variety here. That includes holiday classics that aren’t available on other services. The hard part is going t0 be figuring out which one I want to watch. The paradox of choice is real, people.Let’s see, should I go for National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation? That’s a favorite. Elf will make the family happy. We could do Frozen and get sick of “Let It Go” all over again. I would do Muppet Christmas Carol, but this version doesn’t have “Love Is Gone,” so we’re better off dragging out the laserdisc player for that. Ooh! They have the best Christmas movie ever made: Die Hard. Yeah, that’s the one.Ho Ho Ho. (Screenshot from Die Hard. Via 20th Century Fox)If you’re absolutely sick of the holidays at this point and just want to watch a normal movie, there’s plenty of those available too. They have Event Horizon if you’re looking for the exact opposite of a holiday film. There are even a few newer releases like Suicide Squad, Star Trek Beyond, and Ghostbusters. Don’t believe the haters; that movie was fantastic.You can get a 99 cent movie rental by entering the code MOVIE99 at checkout. The deal lasts through January 23rd but remember: You can only use it once.Google Play has a 99 cent rental deal too. While their selection largely overlaps with Amazon’s, you can’t argue with a second 99-cent movie rental. You can get that deal with the code, AB3Z3ENNBL22QVGRSA00HJ8. Or just click this link.last_img read more