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Sterling: “Racism in football has become something normal”

first_img“I cleaned the bathrooms of the hotels where my mother worked to help as much as we could with my sister” 7 How was it and how is Nadine?My mother is the person who gives me the greatest motivation, someone whom I see as the definition of hard work. He has taught me to fight for what I want and for what I need, so he is the first person I can think of when I think of motivation.What does he say now that he is a top player?It is a vital influence, especially at the beginning of my career, when I wanted it to be closer to the goal. It’s something I always used to ‘stick with’. She is brutally honest with me and that is the most important thing in football today, having people who tell you the truth and not what you want to hear, who tell you exactly the way things are. And that is what my mother does.You and your sister helped you by cleaning the bathrooms of the hotels where you worked.Then we saw our mother working and we saw nothing strange, it was part of our daily lives and we tried to make her life as easy as possible. We tried to help her as much as we could. He was a mischievous boy and they passed him from normal school to the Vernon House Special, where there were three teachers for six boys. One of the teachers, Chris Beschi, told him with ten years that if he continued like this at 17 he would be in jail or playing for England. In the end he was right …I wouldn’t say exactly to jail, but you could see with the behavior that over time one thing leads to another. Although at that time I was not in a very bad place, if you continue to be like that, little by little, in a couple of years, that is the direction you are going, so it was a bit of a wake-up call for me. But, I say it once again, having the opportunity to play football helped me greatly … Especially in London, which is a place where you can get distracted because many things happen, but I always had football to get me out of trouble and keep me as I shouldWhat was the worst thing you did?In a game in which I was expelled, I was throwing stones at the field and did not play in a couple of weeks. I definitely think that was the worst.I have read many things, so … How many children do you have?That is one of the things that people usually speculate about, but I have a daughter and two sons.What do they represent in your life and in your career?Football takes up a lot of your life, but at the end of the day, when things get tough or hard, they are the ones that make you happy. Seeing your children is possibly the most important part of your day. They put aside everything that is happening outside and you can block it, so when you go home everything seems perfect. Now my son Thiago is three years old and when I finish a game and I don’t say it, he tells me and explains exactly who has done it, so I have to make sure to score because otherwise my son will remember me for the next four hours. “The problem is not that I bought in Primark, but that everyone knows what I earn and says that I am not allowed to buy where I want” “My daughter likes to joke and sing Salah’s songs”center_img Raheem Shaquille Sterling (Jamaica, 25 years old) He speaks in this second installment of his talk about Madrid-City with AS in Manchester about his difficult childhood, his family, racism or the harsh criticism of the media. The girl is a fan of Liverpool and Salah.(Laughs). He has my personality and likes to joke and sing the songs of Mo Salah. He knows the rivalry between Liverpool and City, so he’s always singing his songs and trying to sting me, but it’s because it’s his personality.He has shown great commitment in the fight against racism, something he has suffered from the stands and even the media. Is it something you’ve even got used to?Yes, today is one of those things that has become normal in football. It is more than normal now to see a player leave the field. It’s sad to see it, but it’s something that I don’t think is being taken seriously enough. People say yes, but you can see it every month, it’s the same on all sides. I think that if it were other issues, such as people talking about the sexuality of others, it would be taken much more seriously than if you talk about someone’s skin color.He has been criticized even for buying in Primark …Exactly, but the problem is not that I bought in Primark, but you can’t let everyone know what I earn and say that I am not allowed to buy where I want because I earn that. They are surprised and start talking about where I buy. Why the “Shaquille” in your name?When my mother was giving me the name, my grandmother tried to have that one by Shaquille O’Neal. My grandmother lived in the United States and wanted me to be called like him.Your father was shot in Jamaica when you were two years old. How has this event influenced your life?It is something difficult whenever I remember it, but at the same time it is something I can always come back to and that motivates me to keep giving everything and keep fighting for the best. With five years you do not know what is happening, so when you grow up you start asking questions and your mother explains everything that happened. There you understand how hard it must have been for her, my brothers and sisters.Did football help you overcome it?Football is one of those things where I could get distracted and have fun, laugh, sweat and, regardless of the weather, it was something I could do, love and appreciate. Did you even dream of playing at Etihad or Wembley, a stadium very close to your childhood home?Playing in those stadiums was a dream in my beginnings. These are things you can only dream of, look at Wembley and think that hopefully one day you will have the opportunity to play there. Playing in Wembley was my first dream and my first love.last_img read more