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President Obama wishes he had cooler tech in the Oval Office

first_imgOverall, President Barack Obama has definitely been the most forward-thinking president when it comes to personal technology. Under his administration, the FCC seriously debates issues of net neutrality, and it’s certainly true that he’s the first American president to widely use tools like Twitter and even his own iPhone app to get elected. He even met with Silicon Valley leaders in February to discuss technology over dinner.That’s not all. Before he was elected, Obama used an old Blackberry, then an iPhone on the campaign trail. Once he joined the White House, Obama had to downgrade back to a Blackberry for security reasons. Outside of his professional capacity, Obama uses a MacBook Pro and an iPad 2.AdChoices广告It’s pretty clear from all of this that Obama loves technology. In a professional capacity, though, Obama’s hands are tied by White House bureaucracy which holds that all gadgets and communication mediums used by the president must be vetted and approved by National Security as being completely secure. And because no technology is completely secure? That means the White House is a frustratingly antediluvian place for a tech-hip guy like Obama to try to do work in.Just today, speaking at a rally in Chicago, Obama joked about the backwards tech of the White House. Claiming that he’d always expected that when he became president, he’d have access to cool science-fiction tech, the opposite turns out to be true.“I’m like, c’mon guys, I’m the president of the United States. Where’s the fancy buttons and stuff and the big screen comes up? It doesn’t happen,” Obama quipped.Obama’s certainly got enough friends in tech that he could have an Oval Office fitted with next-gen gear with just a couple of phone calls. Sadly, though, Barack Obama might be the most powerful man in the world… but he’s still not allowed to pick out his own cell phone.More at Fox Newslast_img read more