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LogMeIn remote desktop app for iOS is now free

first_imgHave you ever wanted to remotely access your Windows or Mac desktop while you were away? Did you fantasize about controlling your machine from your iPhone or iPad, but stopped short when you saw the cost of quality remote access apps? That has all changed, as one of the best and most popular iOS remote desktop apps, LogMeIn, is now free. The free LogMeIn has all of the features of the (previously $30) LogMeIn Ignition. This includes full remote access, mouse and keyboard support, and free desktop software.What’s the catch? It isn’t really a catch, but there is a premium offering: LogMeIn Ignition now has new features that previously weren’t available. It now lets you remotely stream video and audio in full HD. The new Ignition also adds My Cloud Bank integration, which lets you sync and store local and remote files in the cloud.Oh, and did we mention that the premium LogMeIn Ignition now costs $99? Before getting up in arms about the $70 price hike, there are a couple of things to remember. For starters, the old $30 app is now identical to the free version. In addition, those who purchased Ignition at the old $30 price are upgraded to the new $99 app. Far from being a rip-off, this looks like a good deal for everyone. New customers get a formerly $30 app for free, and customers of the $30 app get a $99 app for no additional cost.In our brief hands-on with the free app, we found that it indeed offers the same functionality as the old LogMeIn Ignition. Controlling a point-and-click desktop OS with a multitouch device can only be so smooth, but LogMeIn makes it as user-friendly as it can be. There are taps and gestures for scrolling, single clicking, right-clicking, dragging and dropping, and most other functions you’d need.The biggest problem I ran into was related to OS X Lion on a remote Mac. Since trackpad gestures and keyboard shortcuts can’t be executed in LogMeIn, tasks that are typically short and simple on an actual Mac became long and tedious when performed through LogMeIn. Windows’ controls iare more straightforward, as gestures and keyboard shortcuts aren’t as integrated into the OS.You can try the free version of LogMeIn at the source link below.App Storelast_img read more