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first_imgIt is hard to believe that such stunning special effects (pictured) are entirely created from make-up. What makes it even more incredible is that it is all done by one of our very own.  Whether it’s a fantasy or theatrical make-up, Caroline Dennis has the talent to elevate her craft of make-up design to a form of high art. But a skill that refined doesn’t come without training and a lot of skill.For someone who has only been in such a school for only four months, the Liberian-born make-up artist first made an impression of her work when she posted her first work on her Facebook page, getting over a hundred likes and comments expressing how talented people think she is based on a make-up job she did on a model.Born on July 7, 1987 in Monrovia, Caroline Dennis is a student at the Scandinavian International Make-up School in Bankok, Thailand. Still in her mid 20’s, her creations are not just impeccable and vibrant, but bursting with inspiration as well, making you wish you too could be a make-up artist.For Caroline, make-up was always something that intrigued her while growing up as a child, leaving her with no other options but dreams of becoming a make up artist some day. “I’ve always been drawn to colors and beauty, and it amazes me how make-up can transform a person from one look to the other.”In as much as Caroline is not a full time make-up artist, her work stands out for a beginner; but that doesn’t give the young creative artist a big ego. Rather it encourages her to do better.  “I’m even going into special effects and learning about everything from fantasy make-up, photography make-up, drag queen make up, photography black and white make-up, T.V and film bridal make-up, creative make-up, theater make-up, and fashion make-up”.But not all that glitters is gold.  Being in a school where you’re the only person of African descent is a huge challenge for Caroline. In addition to the stigmas associated with being Black, she’s also battling the challenge of learning how to do make up on her fellow black skin tone; as she’s only being taught how to do make up for models with fair skin. “I m the only black in the school so is hard for me to work on black skin tone. So I try my best to practice at home, doing my own make-up. At times I will practice on my friend”.Adding, “The difference is ‘white’ skin tone but I use the same basic on dark skin tone. Like matching the right foundation, know the skin type, type of eyes, shape of eyebrow, face shapes and contouring.  They are just white but I use the same technique to do a dark skin”.Beyond every successful person is a dream bigger than him/herself. For Caroline, her dreams are to one day come back home and give back to the society she comes from.“In the future eventually I will come back home and build up my name in the make-up industry as well as wanting to work in the Fashion and Film industry, working along with talented artists.”The budding make-up artist describes herself as a “simple person” and believes that within the next five years, “I will like to have my own make up team and create a big impression in the make-up industry.”Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more