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Grande Prairie RCMP urges public to learn firearm bylaws before firing guns

first_imgWith hunting season around the corner, the Grande Prairie RCMP would like to encourage the public to practice their shooting at licenced gun ranges and to get well-acquainted with all legislation around the discharge of firearms.Over the past weekend, the Grande Prairie RCMP received several complaints of firearms being discharged near Wedgewood, a subdivision located just south of the Grande Prairie City limits.The Grande Prairie RCMP were able to identify the originating location of the shots and spoke to a resident who admitted to shooting on their property.- Advertisement -The shooter had taken precautions to ensure that no one could be injured by the shots, however, was not aware of the existing by-laws of firearm usage in the County of Grande Prairie.RCMP say the shooter was apologetic for any concern they caused and indicated they would not be shooting again.No charges are being considered at this time.Advertisement The County of Grande Prairie’s Bylaws pertaining to the discharge of firearms can be found on their website.last_img read more

Penza: Emptying the notebook on the 2016 Humboldt Crabs season

first_img“Crabs game.”Over and over again. I probably sounded like a broken record to my folks if they didn’t know any better. I could have worn a t-shirt like Brock Lesnar did after he broke the Undertaker’s unbeaten streak at Wrestlemania and it would have been … By Danny [email protected] @penzatopaper on TwitterARCATA >> It was a simple answer to a question that my parents posed to me on plenty of occasions this summer.“What you covering today when you get to work?”last_img read more

Spider Silk Admired, Not Duplicated

first_imgSpiders still maintain the edge in a technology humans want: a material that absorbs huge amounts of energy without breaking.  The dragline silk spun by spiders is extremely robust – ounce for ounce stronger than steel, yet more flexible than Kevlar.  If a web the size of a football field could be erected in the air with strands one centimeter thick arranged in concentric circles 4 cm apart, it could stop a jumbo jet in flight.  (We won’t try to envision a passenger’s view of the spider sneaking up on the captured plane.  Whoops, too late.)    Fascinating facts about spider silk made the cover story of Science News (171:15, p. 231, 04/14/2007).  Aimee Cunningham told about teams like that of Nikola Kojic (MIT) that are trying to replicate this ideal material but have not yet succeeded in matching its strength.  Human versions require high temperatures, high pressures and toxic substances to make.  Your humble garden spider has no such limitations:In contrast, natural spider silk is produced at room temperature with water as a solvent, says Chris Holland, a zoologist at the University of Oxford in England.  “It’s made in the spider, and with the spider eating flies.  That produces a fiber that we can’t even come close to.”The formula for synthetic dragline silk is a prize humans eagerly seek.  Such a tough and flexible material would find many applications, from bulletproof vests to suspension cables for bridges.  Maybe even Spiderman toys will come from it.  “The spider hasn’t given us all the secrets,” said one researcher.    Somehow, the spider extrudes a silk dope through ducts in its abdomen, and this goop solidifies into a strand that is stretchy and very tough.  “A silk thread contains hundreds of thousands of protein chains, each of which folds on its own and also arranges itself among other chains in the fiber.”  One researcher found that repeating units are able to snap together like Lego blocks.    Even more amazing, spiders spin seven kinds of silk from the same machinery.  Dragline silk, forming the spokes of the web, absorbs the brunt of the energy.  Capture-spiral silk is stretchy and sticky.  Other forms are used to wrap the prey, coat the egg sacs and perform other functions.  One team found that the prey-wrapping silk is up to three times tougher than dragline silk.  This adds drama to that scene of Shelob’s lair in The Return of the King.    At this point, the R&D of spider technology is still in the R stage.  Spiderman wannabees will probably not find webshooters under the tree this year.  But even though the researchers interviewed for the article stand in awe of spider silk, they did not shy away from speculating about how evolution gave the spider a technology our brightest minds cannot emulate.  “Spiders and silkworms evolved the capacity to spin silk independently of each other,” said one:The dopes contain different proteins, and the resulting fibers have distinct properties.  Yet “what we see is that the flow properties are very similar,” [Chris] Holland [Oxford] says.  Despite their differences, the spider and silkworm “use similar tricks,” he continues.  “This gives fantastic insight into how silk production has evolved and how the production of an energy-efficient, high-performance fiber is made by nature.”Not only that, it happened a long, long, time ago: “Spiders have been spinning these silks for almost 400 million years.”  No questions asked.The evolution-talk ruined an otherwise great article.  Notice that the Darwin storytelling was absolutely useless.  Evolution was assumed without evidence and contributed nothing to helping the scientists on their quest to reverse-engineer the technology.    Most people detest spiders and find them creepy or scary.  Let’s teach our kids to admire them and respect them, along with ants, honeybees and the many other critters around us.  Some of our fellow denizens we need to admire at a distance, and yes, it’s OK to keep them out of the house.  Spiders don’t mean to invade your space; they just wander and get disoriented sometimes and need a little help.  Maybe instead of stepping on every spider you see, you should teach kids to scoop them up and let them play in their own space outside.  Your reporter once watched a four-inch-wide hairy mygalomorph come strutting into the bedroom just before lights out.  Mutually startled, the human jumped up and the spider ran under the bed.  The spider needed a little help for about half an hour getting rediscovered and assisted into a more suitable habitat.  All lived happily ever after.    Help children observe the wonderful ways spiders weave their webs.  Have you ever witnessed the whole web construction process?  The material is amazing enough, but watching how the spider creates the pattern is a lot of fun.  When they wrap their prey, it shouldn’t seem that different from what we do with our food.  Think how repulsed a hen in a Far Side Horror Movie would be watching humans cut up a rotisserie chicken, shrink-wrap the pieces and put them in the refrigerator.  It’s all in the point of view.  What do you want, a yard full of flies?  Spiders do us a service.  By capturing, stunning and wrapping their food, spiders keep their meat fresh and help maintain the balance in nature.  Their ability to turn fly guts into techno-silk should not be minimized.  Don’t feel slighted.  You can take barbecue chicken and transform it into cerebral cortex. (Visited 32 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Kristaps Porzingis Is Doing His Best Carmelo Anthony Impression

Jamal Crawford43.9243.52 Porzingis has vaulted up the bad-shot leaderboardLowest-ranked players in quantified Shot Quality (qSQ) in 2017-18 and how those players ranked a year ago “The stars in this league take tougher shots because defenses are focused on them. He’s 22, he’s going through that for the first time, and teams are gearing up on him, and not letting him spin or get a clear opportunity to pass the ball,” Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek told me before a recent game.Without Anthony to worry about, defenses have aggressively seized on Porzingis. A little more than halfway through the season, he’s already been double-teamed in the post 79 times (about twice a game), the fourth-highest total in the NBA and more than he faced during his first two seasons combined, according to Second Spectrum. This effectively is a way of daring him to make a quick, accurate pass to the right man — which is not his strength.Video Playerhttps://fivethirtyeight.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/passes.mp400:0000:0000:52Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Porzingis turns the ball over nearly twice as often as he records an assist, and averages fewer assists per game than any of the other players who rank among the NBA’s top 10 in post-ups. If opponents don’t double him, they will often crowd him on the catch, force him to put the ball on the floor, and bring a help defender so he’s forced to see two bodies.Video Playerhttps://fivethirtyeight.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/kpreel.mp400:0000:0001:08Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.The latter strategy, in particular, has worked well since Porzingis still lacks the physicality he needs to push some defenders — even small guards, who give up 6 or 7 inches — off their square.In theory, you could argue that Porzingis is better equipped to take the sorts of shots Anthony did because of how much taller he is, giving him clearer looks at the basket. But despite being the NBA’s tallest player,2He’s tied with Detroit’s Boban Marjanovic — a FiveThirtyEight favorite — who doesn’t see regular playing time. Porzingis’s midrange jumpers have been blocked more often than anyone else in the league. (Anthony is tied for third.) The budding star has an unusually low average release point of just over 9 feet on his midrange attempts, the third-lowest among the league’s 46 volume shooters,3This included players who’d taken at least 100 midrange attempts at the time of publication. according to an analysis run by senior data analyst Matt Scott of STATS SportVU at FiveThirtyEight’s request.Porzingis is the first to acknowledge that he began rushing his offense too much after the blistering pace he set to begin the season. “I think now I’m starting to realize it doesn’t need to be that way,” he told ESPN’s Ian Begley. “I can just let the game flow and see what happens. I can make the right play and not force and try to get those numbers.”No one would be foolish enough to write off Porzingis at this juncture, for his Melo-like shot selection or any other reason. This is his first year as the primary option — he wasn’t even the second banana last season, when both Anthony and Derrick Rose averaged more shot attempts per game — and aside from Tim Hardaway, Jr.,4Whose month-and-a-half-long absence coincided with Porzingis’s slump. he has no other teammate that qualifies as a true playmaker. He plays within the offense more than Anthony did. (Almost two-thirds of Porzingis’s 2-point baskets are assisted, while just under a third of Anthony’s 2-pointers in New York were.) And Porzingis provides enormous value as a rim protector, even when he’s not doing well on offense.Similar to Anthony, Porzingis can be lethal when teammates get him the ball in scenarios that allow him to make quick decisions off the catch. Hornacek’s best weapon to do that — playing Porzingis at center as part of a five-out lineup — deserves more spin, and would help things flow a bit more. Outside of that, the Knicks have been good at setting up these looks in transition, when Porzingis is trailing a play and can simply square up to shoot from the top of the key. Porzingis posts a whopping 56.7 percent effective field-goal rate when he shoots within two seconds of getting the ball, a rate that puts him in the same stratosphere as Kevin Durant or Anthony Davis as far as efficiency is concerned. But he becomes the equivalent of one of the two or three worst shooters in basketball, around 40 percent, when he attempts a shot after holding it for any more than two seconds. (More evidence of this: his 0.73 points per possession in one-on-one situations rank last among the 33 NBA players who isolate at least twice a game.5And have played at least 20 games.)New York’s made an effort to run plays for Porzingis — they run about 19 off-ball screens for him per 100 possessions, according to Second Spectrum, up from 10 last year — though it doesn’t always result in a touch, because of all the defensive attention he’s facing. “Even if I’m not open, it means someone else is open,” Porzingis said. “When we’re in movement, those are good plays for us.”This maturation process — figuring out how to create separation when defenses load up on a single player — was the one Anthony spent the most time helping Porzingis with early in his career.The pair often played one-on-one at practice, and every couple minutes, Porzingis would stop the game to ask Anthony for advice with certain moves. “[Working with him] has been fun,” Anthony told me back in 2015. “For me, it’s knowing that one day I’ll be gone, and somebody else will be here. And he’s the future.”For New York’s future to be brighter than its cloudy past, they’ll need Porzingis to navigate this stretch and learn how to find better shots than the ones Anthony feasted on as a Knick. Kristaps Porzingis45.6448.871 Jarrett Jack*44.83—— When the Knicks finally traded Carmelo Anthony last offseason, both he and the organization itself viewed it as an opportunity to get out from under a cloud. With the Oklahoma City deal, Melo joined a contending team that already had two All-Stars and left the club that fumbled his prime — one that then gladly handed the keys to the franchise to 22-year-old Kristaps Porzingis.For awhile, that experiment was going swimmingly. Porzingis averaged 30 points per contest through his first 11 outings of the season, a highly impressive, if clearly unsustainable, rate. Yet that hot start to the campaign probably camouflaged something that’s come into clearer focus as both the big man and his team have cooled down: For all the trouble New York went through to move on from Anthony and his ball-dominant tendencies, Porzingis launches many of the same heavily contested shots that prompted so much head-scratching and frustration among Knicks fans.Video Playerhttps://fivethirtyeight.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/badshots.mp400:0000:0001:49Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Going into the Knicks’ nationally televised game in Utah Friday, Porzingis has taken far more heavily contested jumpshots than any other NBA player this season. The majority of those attempts come from the antiquated midrange part of the floor, where New York continues to take more shots than any other team despite the firing of team president Phil Jackson, who insisted on using an unpopular triangle offense. Porzingis takes more than seven shots a game from midrange, the NBA’s second-highest mark; more than Anthony, who considers that area his sweet spot. Perhaps most eye-opening of all: according to Second Spectrum data, Porzingis is tied for the league’s fourth-lowest1Among those who’ve taken at least 300 shots for the season. quantified Shot Quality (qSQ), which measures the likelihood of a shot going in if taken by an average player. To put that into context, last season, Porzingis ranked 71st-lowest in the NBA by this measure, while Anthony had the NBA’s fourth-lowest shot quality profile during 2016-17.In other words: Kristaps Porzingis’s shot selection has essentially morphed into Carmelo Anthony’s. PlayerShot QualityRank (lowest)Shot QualityRank (lowest) DeMar DeRozan43.8%142.2%1 Devin Booker45.6546.012 * No rank for 2016-17 due to injuryqSQ measures the likelihood of a shot going in if taken by an average player; minimum 300 shots.Source: Second Spectrum 2017-182016-17 read more

Real Madrids plan to protect Vinicius Junior

first_imgAfter the fiasco against Atletico Madrid during last week’s Third Division match, Real Madrid has come up with a new plan to protect Vinicius Junior.Last week’s match between Real Madrid Castilla and Atletico Madrid B, was a clear red flag in regards to Brazilian winger Vinicius Junior. The Flamengo product needed to make a great impression on his second match with the academy because he failed to score any goals during the first match, pressure started mounting on him and this was the game in which he needed to make an appearance. The reaction to all the criticism from Vinny was quick, he gave an incredible performance in which he scored two amazing goals and led Real Madrid Castilla to a draw against the young Colchoneros. But there was also a very negative note about his match, it was clear that Vinicius awakened a lot of envy on all of his rivals and they Atletico players dedicated the whole match to provocations against the player and rough tackles. This is something that will become more repetitive on the Third Division for the Brazilian, which is something that manager Julen Lopetegui quickly realized after watching last week’s game.O atirador! Bob lee Swagger ?? pic.twitter.com/iKQ6h9bg6e— Vinicius Jr (@vini11Oficial) September 2, 2018This Wednesday there was an emergency meeting between the boss and Real Madrid Castilla’s coach, Santiago Solari. They spoke about the schedule of games in which Vinicius will feature for the academy, they reached an agreement in which the winger won’t travel to any game away from the Alfredo di Stefano Stadium in Valdebebas for his own protection. Solari completely understood this because Vinicius is a player who is well above the Third Division level, it is only a matter of time before Lopetegui takes him to the major squad on a full-time basis and the Argentine Castilla coach knows that having him in a few games for his squad is already a great luxury that will help his team win more matches. The Real Madrid staff quickly saw the danger that Vinicius would go through if he played in other Third Division stadiums because it’s not the same playing against other academies than against professional clubs that want to obtain promotion.Brinque com ela ⚽️ … pic.twitter.com/cDiaQnILoc— Vinicius Jr (@vini11Oficial) September 5, 2018Sergio Ramos, Real MadridZidane reveals Sergio Ramos injury concern for Real Madrid Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Zinedine Zidane has put Sergio Ramos’ availability for Real Madrid’s trip to Sevilla next weekend in doubt after withdrawing him against Levante.Vinicius as part of the Champions League squad.The Brazilian winger actually took the whole biting attempt from the Atletico Madrid player very lightly, he even accepted an apology after the game and both players hugged it out. The Flamengo product is cut from the same cloth as Neymar, he knows that fouls are something that will accompany him for the rest of his career because of the style of football he loves playing. These types of players usually get very obsessed with new flicks and tricks during practice that they can later produce in an official match, this creativity is always rewarded and that’s why manager Julen Lopetegui has already included Vinicius Junior amongst the players who form the roster for this year’s Champions League. This will obviously be the player’s first opportunity to compete in such a prestigious tournament, this is the stage for which players like him were made and he has been training his ass off for years in order to get an opportunity like this one.?? ¡El equipo trabaja en #RMCity sin los jugadores convocados por sus selecciones! | #HalaMadrid pic.twitter.com/B5k4acO8w7— Real Madrid C.F. (@realmadrid) September 3, 2018During the international break, Vinicius Junior is already under Julen Lopetegui’s command and he will keep working hard this next two weeks with the hope of soon getting that first call-up for any La Liga match that will come after the national team matches this weekend. Protecting this €45 million player has suddenly become a top priority for Real Madrid, Lopetegui had his doubts about the kid but this last match against Atletico cleared all of them. There is no question that Vinicius will get his chance to shine this season, it’s up to him to cease the opportunity before management decides to send him on a loan to another club from Madrid where he can grow even more as a player. Sending him to another La Liga club is not actually a bad idea, this is something that is also being discussed for Vinicius’ most immediate future but a decision hasn’t been made yet on this subject. We’ll have to wait and see what happens this season.?¡IMAGEN EXCLUSIVA!? Vinicius y Tachi SE ABRAZARON tras el DERBI entre Real Madrid Castilla y Atleti B. Ahora, con @alexsilvestreSZ en #ElChiringuitoDeMega pic.twitter.com/ba65YWfhSu— El Chiringuito TV (@elchiringuitotv) September 4, 2018What do you think is the best option for Vinicius’ most immediate future, keep playing for Real Madrid Castilla or leave on a loan? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.last_img read more