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The impudence of Ansu Fati revives Barça

first_imgGoals1-0, 29 ‘: Ansu Fati, 2-0, 31 ‘: Ansu Fati, 2-1, 91 ‘: Rochina ChangesHernâni (59 ‘, Gonzalo Melero), Foreman (59 ‘, Morales), Sergi Roberto (70 ‘, Griezmann), Enis Bardhi (79 ‘, Nikola Vukcevic), Arthur Melo (79 ‘, Frenkie De Jong), Ricard Puig (86 ‘, Ansu Fati) Seated the center of the field and the rear, the rest was a matter of Messi, who had half an hour of scandal. He overflowed in the band, created in the center and finished, without luck, on end. And also, he has found in Ansu Fati a partner. That is no small thing. To be a member of Messi it is not enough to be sensational, you have to have that intangible that makes His Majesty bless you. And there is Ansu Fati. Probably, Ansu is not the best player who has played with Leo, as Pedro was not, but an outbreak emerges.With a Barça intense in pressure and well organized in the withdrawal, the first part was great for those of Setién, who only missed a fang in the area to kill the game. Griezmann moved and arrived clearly, but failed to face the boarding schools of an unleashed Semedo who even shot the crossbar in one of the best first parts that are reminded of Blaugrana. Barça de Setién is a teenager who is in a process of growth that could be summed up in the performance of Ansu Fati, another project as uncontrollable as promising, which decided the duel against Levante with two goals for Barça to win 2- 1 and follow the wake of Real Madrid in a game that had everything. A first part to get excited and a second in which the Blaugrana lost control again of a game that they had sentenced and were entrusted to their goalkeeper to end up asking for the time. CardsReferee: Adrián Cordero VegaVAR Referee: José Luis Munuera MonteroPique (64 ‘, Yellow) Sunrise (64 ‘, Yellow From the hand of Semedo, Griezmann and, especially, Ansu, Barça regained verticality with a Messi acting as quarterback and distributing passes that the young 17-year-old took the opportunity to score two goals in two minutes when he exceeded half an hour MatchThe Camp Nou, which once again had a very weak entrance, once again believed.With the match perfectly on track, it was up to Barcelona to pass the subject of defending with the ball, killing the game and not letting Levante create doubts. That matter that displeased Setién in certain passages of the match against Leganés last Thursday. And he suspended again.Based on patience, Barça wanted to dominate the game waiting for the ball to reach Ansu or Messi to give the final peck before a Levante who had the opportunity to shorten distances at a time when Barça left the game after a take out neutral. Rochina, with everything in favor sent the ball to the clouds.From there, Levante saw that Barça was weak behind and Ter Stegen had to show off against Morales. The Blaugrana failed to sleep the duel and the Blaugrana team relied their luck on the German goalkeeper, who in the 66th minute avoided Hernani’s goal. By then, Piqué had already seen the yellow that gave the feeling of being looking for since the beginning of the game.To try to settle the Blaugrana game, Sergi Roberto entered by Griezmann and Arthur by De Jong while the home team, Messi became obsessed with scoring and Ansu for completing the triplet, while those of Paco López did not give up and continued to test the goalkeeper German, who had more work than Aitor.Barcelona was unable to maintain its goal to zero before the siege of visitors and Rochina, in the discount put the scare on the body of the Culés by scoring from the front the goal that deserved a brave Levante that ended up making him suffer a club that continues to grow as the teenager Ansu, who clung to continue chasing Madrid. After Madrid’s victory against Atlético al Barça he had three options left in his match against Levante: win the whole season in a plan to follow, fail or win, convincing that Setién’s bet has a course. Everything stayed halfway. They are on the road, but cooking is missing. As in adolescence.By virtue of experiencing the trial-error system, Setién seems to be hitting the key that is neither more nor less than an ambitious version of the previous concept. Before Levante it is not that he maintained the defense of four forgetting the three centrals, but that he even opted in defense for a double pivot in defense with Rakitic supporting Busquets to cover any attempt of Levante to go against it.last_img read more