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Diving behavior and energetics during foraging cycles in king penguins

first_imgKing Penguins are the second largest of all diving birds and share with their congener, Emperor Penguins, breeding habits strikingly different from other penguins. Our purpose was to determine the feeding behavior, energetics of foraging and the prey species, and compare these to other sympatric species of subantarctic divers. We determined: (1) general features of foraging behavior using time—depth recorders, velocity meters, and radio transmitters, (2) energetics by doubly labeled water, (3) food habits and energy content from stomach lavage samples, and (4) resting and swimming metabolic rate by oxygen consumption measurements. The average foraging cycle was ≈6 d, during which the mass gain of 30 birds was ≈2 kg. When at sea, the birds exhibit a marked pattern of shallow dives during the night, whereas deep dives of >100 m only occurred during the day. Maximum depth measured from 34 birds and 18 537 dives was 304 m, and maximum dive duration from 23 birds and 11 874 dives was 7.7 min. The frequency distribution of dive depth was bimodal, with few dives between 40 and 100 m. Overall, swim velocities when a bird was at sea averaged 2.1 m/s (N = 5), while descent and ascent rates of change in depth averaged 0.6 m/s for dives 150 m (N = 90). Night feeding dives occurred at a rate of ≈20 dives/h, and deep dives occurred at a rate of ≈5 dives/h. The energy consumption rate while resting ashore was 3.3 W/kg (N = 3) or 1.6 times the predicted standard metabolic rate (SMR). The average energy consumption rate while away from the colony was 10 W/kg (N = 8) or 4.6 x SMR, compared to 4.3 x SMR estimated from a time—energy budget. The latter value is based on an average metabolic rate of 4.2 W/kg for three birds while resting in 5°C water and 9.6 W/kg while swimming at 2 m/s, which was extrapolated from the average of three birds swimming at 1 m/s. The average energy intake based on 9 stomach content samples was nearly 24.6 kJ/g dry mass. The main prey by number are myctophid fish of the species Krefftichthys anderssoni and Electrona carlsbergi. It was concluded that: (1) feeding begins ≈28 km from the colony, (2) prey is pursued night and day through its vertical movements, (3) vertical distribution of the prey is reflected closely by diving habits of the birds, (4) deep—diving, for unknown reasons, is an important component of foraging success, (5) diving capacities of King Penguins are remarkable compared to other birds and many pinnipeds, and (6) calculated foraging energetics can be closely estimated from time—energy budgets.last_img read more

Norway oil fund urged to emulate CPPIB approach to real estate

first_imgNorges Bank Investment Management should be granted greater freedom to invest the assets of Norway’s oil fund, starting with real estate, according to an extensive review of its active management.The review, conducted by Andrew Ang of Columbia Business School, Michael Brandt of Duke University and the former president and chief executive of the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB), David Denison, was commissioned by the Norwegian government late last year and proposed that the NOK5.1trn (€630bn) Government Pension Fund Global shift to an opportunity cost model of active management.The approach, employed by CPPIB and Singaporean sovereign fund GIC, requires the asset owner to set a reference portfolio while granting the asset manager greater flexibility to invest in a way to “provide superior risk-adjusted returns”.The paper urged the adoption of the opportunity cost model “and corresponding delegation framework” that would see Norway’s Finance Ministry, as ultimate asset owner, set out specific terms and reference portfolios. “This can be done in a staged process over several years, and should initially be implemented in the fund’s real estate programme,” it said.Ang noted that, where CPPIB had long been active in the illiquid investment market, GPFG had only in the last few years launched its real estate programme.“Where CPPIB excels, it has an integrated, comprehensive framework for thinking about the investment process for complex illiquid assets,” he said.“Eventually, the Norwegian fund should also have these in scale in their portfolio, and CPPIB has very good structure for thinking about alternatives. That structure is very simple. It is really ‘What are these alternatives giving us we can’t access in passive, low-cost equity and bond markets?’”He also stressed that NBIM was very successful in keeping management costs low, at around 10 basis points.Explaining their thinking in the paper, the authors said: “For example, any dollar that could be invested in private real estate is benchmarked against the opportunity costs of investing that dollar in a mix of public equities and bonds.“Thus, any active investment that deviates from the reference portfolio is benchmarked net of fees against public market securities in the reference portfolio used to fund that investment.”Asked if NBIM should consider setting up a dedicated manager devoted to its illiquid investments, as Canadian pension funds such as the CAD65bn (€44bn) Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System has done with the launch of Borealis Infrastructure, Ang said the matter was secondary.He said: “There is a bigger question behind there, which is ‘What are the sources of the premiums we should be harvesting?’ and ‘Are they appropriate for us?’ Then you can decide how best to implement that.”Ang said NBIM was currently limited to investing only 5% of the GPFG’s assets in real estate – although the fund’s property exposure only stood at 1.2% at the end of March – and that it was therefore important to question why a 5% limit was imposed, and why it was not allowed to increase further.He said it was important to consider the benefits of property compared with equities and bonds.“That’s where I think the Canada framework really helps,” he said. “It says ‘We are doing the funky, sexy illiquid investment X because we can’t get it in equities and bonds’.”,WebsitesWe are not responsible for the content of external sitesLink to review of GPFG’s active managementlast_img read more

COVID-19, not championships, hot topic at SEC practices

first_img First Published: 18th August, 2020 08:22 IST Written By Southeastern Conference teams opened preseason camp Monday with the precarious status of the season largely overshadowing even the annual ambitions of Alabama and Georgia.Questions like how will LSU fare without quarterback Joe Burrow took a backseat to uncertainty. Quarterback battles seem fairly inconsequential with COVID-19 threatening the season — and teams’ depth charts.“The teams that handle this the best and the players that are the safest, those teams are going to win a lot of games,” first-year Mississippi coach Lane Kiffin said.The SEC, winner of 10 football national championships since 2006, is just hoping to have a season and play out the league-only schedule starting Sept. 26. It’s an open question of how a national champion will even be crowned, with the PAC-12 and Big Ten opting not to play this fall.Masks and social distancing are hot topics even with LSU trying to repeat as national champions without its Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback and Alabama aiming for another national championship run after failing to make the playoffs last season.Safety protocols have been the norm around football buildings, with frequent testing and temperature checks and a largely bubble-like existence. But now students are returning, creating troublesome scenes on some campuses , including Alabama.SEC coaches and officials have sounded the alarm in efforts to save the season.Alabama athletic director Greg Byrne Tweeted a photo Sunday showing dozens of people, many not wearing face masks, bunched together waiting to get into a popular bar in Tuscaloosa on the day sororities accepted new members.“Who wants college sports this fall?? Obviously not these people!!” Byrne said in a tweet, urging people to wear masks.Likewise, Kiffin addressed the lack of precautions among some people and predicted the number of students testing positive won’t be a low one.“If people think people are doing this well, open your eyes,” he said. “Just drive around. This ain’t kids. Adults don’t do it. Just drive through downtown and look around or look at pictures on the Internet of other places.“This is not taken very serious by a lot of people and especially by young people who are back at college that have been sitting at their house with their parents for however many months.”But those are the challenges SEC teams face with it becoming harder for players to remain in their virtual protective bubble.Auburn, for instance, had 33 positive tests among players over the summer, according to coach Gus Malzahn. A high number of players in quarantine either for positive tests or contact with those who have the virus could derail a team’s fortunes faster than any injury wave.It has Malzahn talking about the importance of not just second-teamers but third-teamers.“It’s going to be a telling time right now with all the students coming back to the campus,” the Tigers coach said. “What we’ve just told our guys, is let’s control us. Most of our classes are going to be on line for all our players, so we’re just doing everything we can to really stay self-isolated to protect our players so we have a good chance of playing the season.”Some players around the country have opted to sit out the season, and Florida coach Dan Mullen expects more — and perhaps some coaches, too.“Really wouldn’t be surprised if we had coaches opt out, to be honest with you,” said Mullen, who declined to identify which “couple” of players were held out of practice. “Coaches are at such high risk because of the age group that they’re in.”But, he agrees with Kiffin, saying “the team that’s able to adapt will end up holding up that national championship trophy at the end of the season.”Georgia cornerback Eric Stokes said players are safer on campus than at home, but urged students to wear masks, wash hands and practice other safety protocols. Like the players themselves presumably are.“I know for a fact that everybody here on our team wants to have a season and play this fall,” Stokes said. “So we’re doing everything in our power to make sure we can.”Image credits: AP SUBSCRIBE TO US Associated Press Television News COMMENTcenter_img Last Updated: 18th August, 2020 08:22 IST COVID-19, Not Championships, Hot Topic At SEC Practices Southeastern Conference teams opened preseason camp Monday with the precarious status of the season largely overshadowing even the annual ambitions of Alabama and Georgia WATCH US LIVE LIVE TV FOLLOW USlast_img read more

The Breaking Down Borders Africa Youth Initiative

first_imgBy Ntombi NtanziThe Breaking Down Borders Africa Youth Initiative in collaboration with Brand South Africa will be bringing another chapter of this year’s Africa Youth Summit.The Breaking Down Borders Africa Initiative, is a Pan-African platform led by African youth for the benefit of African youth. The initiative is inspired by the vision of enabling African youth to connect and collaborate towards the prosperity of the continent.To this end, the initiative is invested in bringing all Africans together, to dissect the issues they are faced with and to find solutions that can be applied in resolving the challenges identified. Breaking Down Borders Africa, promotes arts education across the continent including Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Namibia, Uganda, Kenya. DRC, Senegal, Tanzania, Zambia and Lesotho.In March, the launch of the 2018 programme and theme was unveiled – “African youth, building our legacy” to media and stakeholders. The Youth summit will be from the 14th – 18th May 2018.Opening the session was Brand South Africa’s Strategic Relationship Manager, Ms Toni Gumede, who gave insight on how Brand South Africa’s involvement was to support youth programmes that enrich and positively impact South African youth and the African youth as a whole.“This programme is doing exactly what we seek to do through the domestic mandate of Brand South Africa and the Play your part programme, we want to break down borders and build the continent together through active citizenship and encourage all South Africans to contribute to progressive change. We are proud to be part of this programme as it inspires our youth and all citizens to collaborate beyond the borders”; said Ms GumedeA keynote address by, Dr Edith Phaswana; further put things into perspective speaking on the legacy of Mandela and emphasized the need for young people to follow the path paved by struggle heroes for a better tomorrow.“Building a legacy is about having influence into the future…breaking down borders, is beyond the physical but also a mental transition. Through this type of this initiative, the youth is able to drive unity. How will you change the world beyond your departure?”, said Dr Phaswana“As a Play Your Part Ambassador and founder of the initiative, I want to create platforms that allow the African youth to collaborate and connect. Our objectives are to further bring Africans together, through a shared passion for music and dance. I encourage the youth to register and follow the conversation and definitely play their part”, said Founder Paul Modjadji.For more information go to: https://breakingdownbordersafrica.com/last_img read more

Resolving to make a Resolution: 5 things to consider when making your New Years Resolution

first_imgBy: Bari Sobelson, MS, LMFTpixabay[Resolution by annca, November 2015, CCO]Have you ever wondered why you can’t seem to stick to your New Year’s resolutions? Do you find yourself wondering why this happens each and every year? You have great intentions and you seem to take off with great force and then your momentum comes to a screeching halt around that third or fourth week in January. Don’t worry; you are not alone. Here is a list of things to consider when making your resolution.Does my resolution have to start on January 1st? So, it’s the beginning of a new year and it seems appropriate to make a fresh start. But, is it really necessary to start of the very first day of the year? Most of us are cleaning up messes from the holidays, attempting to get the kiddos back in something that resembles routine, stewing over that confrontational moment with the mother-in-law, and traveling to get back home. Some of us still may even have more gatherings planned that we were unable to make happen during the actual holidays. With all of these stressors and more, it seems like attempting to make a big change has potential for failure pretty quickly.Are the requirements to attain my resolution really feasible? When you make a resolution, think long and hard about how easily you can do this. If your resolution is to become a body builder over the next year, you will want to think about more than just your ability to go to the gym. Do you have the time to commit to all of the training required? Do you have all of the equipment necessary? And, if you don’t have all of the equipment, do you have the money to buy it? Do you know what type of diet you will need to maintain? And, if you don’t, do you know someone who can help you? Can you afford to pay them to help you? So, before you commit yourself to a resolution, think it through in terms of feasibility, accessibility, and possibility!Is this a resolution that I can really maintain long-term? Tying into the whole idea of thinking long and hard about your resolution choice, add this in as well. Is this something that you can maintain? Are you making such a drastic change in your life that it may not be easy to keep the same momentum at all times? Watzlawick, Weakland, and Fisch (1974) tell us that in first-order change, there are changes that are made but the structure of the system does not change. But, in second order change, the changes that occur are a direct result of a change in the system. So, ask yourself if the changes you have made are simple changes in behavior (first-order change) or complex changes in structure (second-order change) before you decide whether or not this resolution can and will continue past the 3rd week in January.What will happen if I don’t meet my resolution? This is an important question to ask yourself when making a resolution. Will you be disappointed and beat yourself up? Will you blame others for not making it happen? Will this add extra tension and stress to your life? Take some time to really think about this question before you make your resolution.Is it really necessary to even have a resolution? Yes, I asked it. I’m sorry if anyone thinks that this is blasphemous to even suggest it. But, can you skip the resolution this year? Or, if you are really against this idea, you can always make a resolution to not have a resolution this year! Something to think about, right?During these last few weeks of December when you are thinking about your potential resolutions for the upcoming year, consider these five questions. And, most importantly, keep in mind that this is YOUR resolution. You are the expert on yourself which means that you get to choose your resolution and whether you have one or not.References[1] Watzlawick, P., Weakland, J. & Fisch, R. (1974) Change: Principles of Problem Formation and Problem Resolution. New York, NY: W.W Norton & Company, Inc. This post was written by Bari Sobelson, MS, LMFT, the Social Media and Programming Coordination Specialist for the MFLN Family Development Team. The Family Development team aims to support the development of professionals working with military families.  Find out more about the Military Families Learning Network Family Development concentration on our website, Facebook, and Twitter.last_img read more

Danny Green excelling again on the NBA Finals stage

first_imgToronto Raptors guard Danny Green, top, reaches over Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry during the second half of Game 3 of basketball’s NBA Finals in Oakland, Calif., Wednesday, June 5, 2019. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)OAKLAND, California—Toronto’s Danny Green couldn’t make a shot for about two weeks going into these NBA Finals.Seems like forever ago now.ADVERTISEMENT Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Rights group asks for worker-safety probe at Tokyo Olympics The finals are a happy stage for Green, who has been in the title-deciding series three times now and has put up big numbers in each of those trips. The trend has continued in this series against Golden State, and Green’s six 3-pointers were a huge factor in the Raptors’ Game 3 win that put them up 2-1 in the series.Game 4 is on Friday, and Green can expect to see a lot more defensive attention from the Warriors.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSPalace wants Cayetano’s PHISGOC Foundation probed over corruption chargesSPORTSSingapore latest to raise issue on SEA Games food, logistics“Our defense was poor last night and in particular several times leaving Danny when we didn’t need to,” Warriors coach Steve Kerr said Thursday. “He’s a shooter who commands attention and respect. And there were at least three of his shots where we just drifted away from him, and we have got to stay connected to him.”Green was 6 for 10 from long range in the Raptors’ win Wednesday. He was just 6 for 32 from 3-point land in the six games it took Toronto to oust Milwaukee in the Eastern Conference finals. “I’m sure they’re going to do a better job, trying to make us feel them,” Green said. “But you do that, you’ve got to pick your poison. You’ve got to guard me or double-team Kawhi. Stay stuck to me, it’s going to leave open lanes … they’ll have to pick and choose. If we use our pace and move the ball like we know we can, we’ll have open lanes for everybody.”Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next Catholic schools seek legislated pay hike, too Private companies step in to help SEA Games hosting Cayetano: Senate, Drilon to be blamed for SEA Games mess “I don’t think it’s the stage,” Green said. “I think it’s just the life of a shooter. Sometimes you have ups and downs and I think luckily, during this time, I’ve had some ups.”He’s had a lot of them in the finals.There are 46 players in NBA history to have made at least 15 3-pointers in the finals. Of those 46, only two have done so while shooting at least 50% from beyond the arc.No. 1 is former Miami standout Mike Miller, who went 26 for 49 — 53%.The other is Green, who is 47 for 91 — 52%. And that percentage climbed in Game 3.ADVERTISEMENT DA eyes importing ‘galunggong’ anew LATEST STORIES Kevin Durant out with Achilles injury; to undergo MRI on Tuesday PLAY LIST 03:12Kevin Durant out with Achilles injury; to undergo MRI on Tuesday01:43Who are Filipinos rooting for in the NBA Finals?01:08Huge Toronto crowd celebrates Raptors’ historic win02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games02:11Trump awards medals to Jon Voight, Alison Krauss Two-day strike in Bicol fails to cripple transport MOST READ Ethel Booba twits Mocha over 2 toilets in one cubicle at SEA Games venue Duterte wants probe of SEA Games mess ‘Rebel attack’ no cause for concern-PNP, AFP “Danny’s buckets, I think, boosted our whole team’s confidence,” Raptors coach Nick Nurse said. “We’re kind of used to most of the year relying on those.”Ray Allen shot 43% from 3-point range in finals games. Golden State’s Kevin Durant is also at 43%. Larry Bird, 42%. Raptors forward Kawhi Leonard, 41%. Warriors sharpshooter Stephen Curry, who has made more 3s than anyone in finals history, is just under 40% in those games from deep. Warriors guard Klay Thompson, 38%.Even Kerr, who was as good a shooter as one could find in the NBA when he played, was a 28% guy from beyond the arc in his finals career.But for Green, the big number in Game 3 was 100%.That’s where he was at following his first attempt. And when a shooter sees the first shot of a game go down, the rim tends to get bigger.“It helps,” Green said. “It helps a ton.”Curry blamed himself for some of Green’s Game 3 success, saying that first shot was one he should have contested better.“Early in the first quarter I gave up a 3 to him, or I let him get open for a 3 in the corner without really making him feel my presence at all,” Curry said. “And shots like that for a great shooter just build confidence, and he fed off of that the rest of the game.”The Warriors know their defense has to get better, and with an elite defender like Thompson — who missed Wednesday with a strained hamstring — expected to be back on the floor for Game 4, they should be better on that end.Thompson’s presence alone won’t be enough. If the Warriors pay too much attention to Green, he’s perfectly fine giving up the ball. View commentslast_img read more

Video: Virginia Took The Lead Over Notre Dame On A Double-Reverse Flea Flicker TD Pass

first_imgUVA does a trick play against Notre Dame.uva trick playVirginia is leading No.9 Notre Dame 14-12 late in the second quarter, and the Cavs just took the lead on a beautifully-executed trick play. It began with running back Albert Reid in the Wildcat formation and quarterback Matt Johns lined up as a wide receiver. Reid handed to running back Taquan Mizzell on what looked like a jet sweep, but Mizzell instead pitched back to Johns, who hit a wide-open Keon Johnson for the score.UVA trickeration pic.twitter.com/EITkHAp2mZ— Dan Lyons (@Dan_Lyons76) September 12, 2015Great play. Can the Cavaliers keep the upset bid going?last_img read more

Mountie being investigated for racist comments not the only one

first_imgKathleen MartensAPTN NewsA shocking online comment about Colten Boushie by an RCMP officer has the force investigating one of its own and others saying scrap the service altogether.“Disband the RCMP,” tweeted retired Vancouver police officer Lorimer Shenher with a link to Wednesday’s APTN story.“She is not the only one with that attitude,” Shenher added in a telephone interview Friday.“In Saskatchewan and Alberta – let’s face it – and in B.C. too, these kind of sentiments are pretty common among law enforcement.”APTN reported a female Mountie in Alberta posted Boushie “got what he deserved” on a private Facebook page called ‘News Stories that Matter to or May Impact RCMP’.Related: RCMP Facebook group claims Colten Boushie ‘got what he deserved’The shooting death of Boushie, from Saskatchewan’s Red Pheasant First Nation, and subsequent acquittal of farmer Gerald Stanley revealed a racial divide across Canada.“I’m not on Facebook myself but I would imagine these kinds of things have been going definitely since Colten was shot,” said Shenher, who worked with Indigenous people and members of the RCMP as lead investigator on the missing women investigation that eventually led to serial killer Robert Pickton.Shenher, who has since written a book about that case and blogs about reforming police culture, says the comment was “horrifying.”“This obviously affects the public’s trust in the RCMP and it affects Indigenous peoples’, I would venture to say, hope for any reconciliation.”The force has told APTN it is investigating the private page with 1,200 members that admitted an APTN reporter as a member who screen-grabbedthe shocking post and others. But it won’t comment further.Shenher thinks that’s a mistake. He says now would be a good time to do things differently – more transparently, for example – to rebuild relationships.“And, to show the RCMP are even sensitive to these issues.”Vice-chief Kimberly Jonathan says the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations in Saskatchewan has been assured the RCMP are taking this latest scandal seriously.“Despite the challenges, I can assure you that we’ve been in close contact with the RCMP,” she said Friday in Saskatoon, “and we’re working towards resolve and accountability for people who write and incite hate.”Although she didn’t know what the end result would be.“What that looks like, I guess, is dependent on the community. There’s so much that needs to be said.”The Boushie family and its supporters have been bombarded with hate speech since the not-guilty verdict came down Feb. 9.Rallies in their name are being held across Canada and politicians are promising to reform the justice system. Again.But only they can say how this latest attack feels on top of all the other discrimination they say they have had to deal with. Although they weren’t available for comment Friday.“We’re very aware of the effects,” Jonathan added. “We’re very aware of how huge and troubled this could be.”APTN has made numerous attempts to contact the officer who made the controversial post on Facebook. But she was not the only person to make questionable comments on the page.An APTN reporter took screen captures of numerous conversations about the trial, defence and verdict. Officers appear to use their real names, describe their detachment areas, name the provinces they work in, and complain about issues of under-staffing and Indigenous communities.“If there was a failing in this trial, it was with the law as it currently stands, not the jury or verdict,” said a male in a post on Feb. 14.“It’s not about race,” a female posted a few hours later. “I don’t care if someone is green or has a tail, if you trespass with intent to harm, steal or cause damage, how can you expect bad things not to happen?”There are links to media stories on the trial. And debate about the issue of the lack of visibly Indigenous members of the jury.“So the family and friends are now going to drive the karma bus and become vigilantes for justice? That’s the sentiment I’m getting from this…as if the people from that area haven’t been terrorized by these upstanding model citizens off the Rez?” added the female APTN has confirmed works at a rural Alberta detachment.Shenher says the officer may find sympathetic ears among her peers but to him it sounds like she should leave the field.Although he knows that’s likely to backfire.“I know that firing them probably isn’t going to decrease the world’s population of racists by one or two because then they’re just going to be bitter, fired racists,’ he said.“But they’re still going to be racists and they’re just going to be bitter because they’re going to say, ‘Oh, somebody played the race card …and now I don’t have a job.’”[email protected]last_img read more

Toronto stocks fall for a seventh straight day crude oil prices fall

first_imgTORONTO – Canada’s main stock index started the week losing ground for a seventh-straight session amid an off-day for any headlines on NAFTA as negotiations are set to resume Tuesday.It was a rather directionless day for equities with some pockets of strength and weakness, said Craig Fehr, Canadian markets strategist for Edward Jones.He expects political drama and issues over trade and tariffs will probably spook the markets sporadically but otherwise return to fundamentals such as economic growth on light news days.“You put those together and on days when there’s not the distraction of political drama or policy risks, I think that is probably where the markets will gravitate back to which again absent the headline risks probably leads the markets higher over time,” he said in an interview.The United States has enjoyed strong corporate earnings and economic data, including last week’s labour report. Canada’s employment report was weaker with 51,600 net jobs lost last month that drove the national unemployment rate to six per cent, up from 5.8 per cent in July.While weekend tweets from U.S. President Donald Trump about China stoked some fears, markets didn’t overreact because the trade dispute between the two countries will simmer for awhile, Fehr said.The S&P/TSX composite index lost 33.18 points to close at 16,057.09, after reaching a low of 16,057.09 on 200.7 million shares traded.The stock market is down about two per cent since Aug. 29.Monday’s session saw major sectors like gold fall 1.78 per cent and energy move down one per cent. Materials, metals, consumer staples and financials also lost ground.The cannabis-heavy health-care sector led, rising 1.5 per cent. Information technology, consumer discretionary, real estate, utilities and telecom services were up.In New York, the Dow Jones industrial average was down 59.47 points to 25,857.07. The S&P 500 index was up 5.45 points to 2,877.13, while the Nasdaq composite was up 21.62 points to 7,924.16.The Canadian dollar was trading at an average of 75.97 cents US, compared with an average of 75.96 cents US on Friday.The October crude contract was down 21 cents to US$67.54 per barrel and the October natural gas contract was up 2.8 cents to US$2.80 per mmBTU.The December gold contract was down 60 cents US to US$1,199.80 an ounce and the December copper contract was up 0.55 of a cent at US$2.63 a pound.last_img read more

City taking action against five properties with illegal suites on 109A Street

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – A motion was carried at Monday’s Council meeting authorizing City staff to file Bylaw Contravention Notices on five properties on 109A Street in the Sunset Ridge neighbourhood of Fort St. John.The notices have been put onto the titles of the properties, which are all located in the same block of 109A Street between 105th and 108th Avenues, under Section 57 of the Community Charter.The notices were issued to the following five properties: Jackson added in her report that to date, no applications have been received nor have the owners contacted the City with regard to the bylaw contraventions.This is the second instance of the City issuing notices on property titles for secondary suite bylaw contraventions.In July, notices were issued against six properties in three duplexes located on 77th Street, 101st Avenue, and 104A Avenue.The City’s Planning Manager Renee Jamurat said then that the Bylaw Contravention Notice on the properties’ titles mean that the current and future owners of the properties will be made aware of the issues. 10611 109A Street; PID Number 029-142-27010612 109A Street; PID Number 029-142-42310615 109A Street; PID Number 029-142-28810703 109A Street; PID Number 029-142-29610708 109A Street; PID Number 029-142-393. A house at 10611 109A Street that has had a bylaw contravention notice issued for an illegal secondary suite. Photo by Chris Newton A house at 10611 109A Street that has had a bylaw contravention notice issued for an illegal secondary suite. Photo by Chris Newton A house at 10612 109A Street that has had a bylaw contravention notice issued for an illegal secondary suite. Photo by Chris Newton A house at 10612 109A Street that has had a bylaw contravention notice issued for an illegal secondary suite. Photo by Chris Newton A house at 10615 109A Street that has had a bylaw contravention notice issued for an illegal secondary suite. Photo by Chris Newton A house at 10615 109A Street that has had a bylaw contravention notice issued for an illegal secondary suite. Photo by Chris Newton A house at 10703 109A Street that has had a bylaw contravention notice issued for an illegal secondary suite. Photo by Chris Newton A house at 10703 109A Street that has had a bylaw contravention notice issued for an illegal secondary suite. Photo by Chris Newton A house at 10708 109A Street that has had a bylaw contravention notice issued for an illegal secondary suite. Photo by Chris Newton A house at 10708 109A Street that has had a bylaw contravention notice issued for an illegal secondary suite. Photo by Chris Newton A building permit was issued for one of the five single-family detached homes in November 2013, while the other four were all approved on November 19, 2014.Final inspections of the five homes were conducted between May 22, 2014, and November 16, 2015, with occupancy being granted to each home on the same day as their inspections.In her report, Planner Charlene Jackson said that complaints were filed with the City on April 26th, April 30th, May 4th and May 8th of this year against the five properties.Jackson said that in each case, the City requested to schedule a secondary suite inspection via a registered letter sent on June 19th, with a deadline to contact the City to schedule an inspection of July 22nd.On July 27th, a second notice was sent informing the Owner that, under Section 57 of the Community Charter, the Building Inspectors were recommending that a notice be registered on the title.center_img She said that though titles have been issued for the properties, the City won’t be taking the approach of getting property owners to have the illegal suites removed.last_img read more