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Imaginary Feathers Found on Dinosaur

first_imgThe science news outlets are all talking about a new dinosaur with feathers, but where are the feathers?  Bjorn Carey at LiveScience said that Guanlong wucaii were “likely covered in feathers” and MSNBC said it was “likely feathered as a chicken.”  John Roach on National Geographic News even went so far as to say, “Scientists say the 160-million-year-old animal, which had simple feathers and an elaborate head crest, is the oldest known tyrannosaur” (emphasis added in all quotes).    We went to the source looking for the feathers.  The original paper by Xu et al. in Nature1 says nothing about feathers.  Neither does the news story about it by Thomas R. Holtz in the same issue of Nature.2  Holtz does mention “feathered dinosaurs” from China, lists “feathered maniraptorans” in passing, and refers to an earlier discovery, Dilong paradoxus, that had some kind of coating that he calls “simple fuzzy ‘protofeathers’” in quote marks.  Still no conclusive feathers for Guanlong.  The plot thickens in The Case of the Missing Feathers.    The first solution to this mystery is to go back to an Oct. 6, 2004 story in National Geographic about D. paradoxus.  This mentions a “at least a partial coat of hairlike feathers” on this small tyrannosaurid, but the description of the feathers is not what most of us picture when we think of a bird feather.  These are called “featherlike structures” that apparently were for warmth or insulation, not flight.3  Since Sinosauropteryx had these “featherlike structures”, the discoverer assumed that this new fossil, along with birds, were “all expressions of the same evolutionary change.”  Holtz said, “then we have to infer that tyrannosaurids also had some expression of the same trait [feathers].”  Yet even these structures on D. paradoxus seem questionable.  The article goes on: “The description of Dilong paradoxus is based on the fossils of four specimens, including a fragmented one with evidence of protofeathers—precursors to the feathers found on modern birds.”  Then the article speculates on whether T. rex youngsters sported the downy coats, without mentioning any fossil evidence for such a claim.    Back to Guanlong wucaii.  Now we have the context for the claims about feathers in the science news articles, despite the absence of the word in the scientific paper.  The end of the MSNBC article quotes Mark Norell of the American Museum of Natural History, one of the co-discoverers of both fossils, who made a big point about the “featherlike structures” on the earlier find.  After referring back to Dilong paradoxus, he explains about the new fossil: “Because they’re so closely related [sic], there’s no reason at all to think it didn’t have feathers.”  (His museum is the same one with an exhibit that boldly announces to the public, “Birds Are Dinosaurs.”)1Xu et al., “A basal tyrannosauroid dinosaur from the Late Jurassic of China,” Nature 439, 715-718 (9 February 2006) | doi:10.1038/nature04511.2Thomas R. Holtz Jr., “Palaeontology: A Jurassic tyrant is crowned,” Nature 439, 665-666 (9 February 2006) | doi:10.1038/439665a.3See Jonathan Sarfati’s analysis on AIG #1 and AIG #2.  The fossil impressions could be from flayed collagen fibers, not feathers.This is very strange.  Only one specimen of the earlier fossil, a fragmented specimen, had some kind of hairy skin filaments, that were not feathers, but “protofeathers” or “featherlike structures.”  Then the new fossil has none at all.  One team member leaps from fragmentary evidence to pure imagination in a single bound, assuming evolution relates these two dinosaurs to birds according to a common evolutionary innovation.  From there, the news media print color drawings of Gualong coated in colorful plumage, with the word FEATHERS in bold type in the headlines.  What is going on here?  Why are they doing this to us?    Horsefeathers.  They should know better.  We are onto their tricks.  They are mixing and matching fragments of flimsy evidence to fit a preconceived speculation and market it as fact.  For earlier and similar claims, see 05/06/2004 on the questionable museum exhibit, 06/18/2001 on a New Mexico tale, and 08/21/2001 and 10/30/2002 on problems with feather evolution.  Mark Robertson on AIG called for more skepticism over the weak claims, and AIG has many other articles on dinosaurs and birds.(Visited 13 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Voss Margarine – Geocache of the Week

first_imgDifficulty:2Terrain:1.5 Multi-CacheGC18182by Mystphi (maintained by P!X3L) Voss Margarine, our Geocache of the Week, is currently the third most Favorited geocache in the world. Since it was hidden in 2008, it has accumulated an astonishing 6,345 Favorite points; 83% of Premium member logs awarded a Favorite point. It is also a prime example of how creative and exciting urban caching can be. Location:Hamburg, GermanyN 53° 35.501′ E 010° 03.297′center_img This three-stage Multi-Cache is near one of Hamburg’s historic landmarks, the Voss Margarine factory. Founded in 1910, the company ran into financial troubles in the 1970s and closed in 1978. Most of the factory was demolished in 1984, with the exception of the entrance building, which was added to Hamburg’s protected historical culture monuments in 1981. Today you see an odd mixture of the historical site embedded into a new steel and glass structure, which now hosts an insurance company.The posted coordinates of the cache bring you to a spot with a great view of the building. As you proceed to the entrance, there’s an information board with location history and everything you need to find stage two. At the entrance to the factory, you discover a cow head that hangs overhead, representing the “artificial cow” which allowed production of a cheaper spread, margarine. The current head is a 300 kg (660 lb) replica; the original is inside the building.The final stage of the cache is hidden in plain sight but it is protected by an SEP field. Just act like you belong there, walk straight up to the cache, and see if you can figure out how to access the log book.Sadly, the cache owner, Mystphi, passed away in late 2018. He remains highly regarded in the geocaching community for the creative caches he owned. Community members even collaborated to create a commemorative coin in his honor, so his legacy may live on alongside his beloved urban hides. Continue to explore some of the most amazing geocaches around the world.Check out all of the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, fill out this form.Share with your Friends:More SharePrint Relatedlast_img read more

Sunny days ahead

first_imgOur astrological forecast raises a toast to staying fit this summer. Here are some sunny tips for you.AriesMarch 21 – April 20Aries is a fire sign, which imparts enthusiasm and dynamic energy. You would do well at rigorous sporting activities like kick boxing and weight lifting. Team sports like football or cricket.is also a good idea for you.TaurusApr 21 – May 20Playing tennis, badminton or squash would be a good idea to keep your body and mind fit. A practical person like you would otherwise consider exercising a waste of time, if it will not mentally stimulate you.GeminiMay 21 – June 21A gemini loves entertainment and partying with a group of friends. Workouts which can give them an opportunity to meet new people would be ideal for you. Activities like bollywood dancing and gymnastics would fit the bill.CancerJune 22 – July 23Cancerians are always more comfortable at home. A relaxed environment while exercising would keep you fit as well as happy. You can set up a mini gym in your basement or a spare room. Running on a treadmill is a good option for you.LeoJuly 24 – Aug 23Leos cannot do with boredom, and tend to get lazy at times. So, exercising in the gym under the supervision of a trainer would be beneficial for you. You can also try swimming or some bollywood dancing . A dynamic workout would keep you upbeat all day long.VirgoAug 24 – Sept 23A virgo is a perfectionist and likes to push themselves harder to attain the unattainable. Rigorous running in a cross country marathon or skiing is perfect for you.aadvertisementLibraSept 24 – Oct 22Refined taste and a strong aesthetic sense comes naturally to you. A love for luxury and all things beautiful encourages activities like Golfing in a plush golf club or exercising in a well equipped gym. Workout is more appealing when they can socialise at the same time.ScorpioOct 23 – Nov 22Scorpio represents one of the strongest signs of the zodiac. This deep well of strength needs to be channelised in right direction. Kick Boxing, karate and power yoga are good options for this powerful and intense sun sign.SagittariusNov 23 – Dec 22You people love adventure and outdoor sports. Activities such as sky diving, bunjee jumping, mountaineering and rock climbing would give you some much needed adrenaline rush. But extreme sports involves risk. Take safety precautions to avoid danger.CapricornDec 23- Jan 20A Capriconian is driven by ambition. Their structured minds would do well at golf where they would be able to exercise while expanding their networking circle.AquariusJanuary 21-February 19Physical exertion is not your cup of tea. A dedicated soul like you would be more interested in alternative therapies. For instance, enrolling yourself in a Tai Chi, Chi Yung or Sudarshan Kriya class would be your key to fitness and relaxation.PiscesFeb 20 – Mar 20They are gentle, sensitive and like to live in their imaginative world. Make an effort to keep yourself calm. Healing activities like Surya Namaskar and light workouts such as cycling would release the tension and would give you a fresh perspective on things.last_img read more

Devastated by reactions to my comments, didn’t mean to insult Indian cricketers: Kerry O’Keeffe

first_imgFormer Australia crikceter-turned commentator Kerry O’Keeffe has responded to the criticism he has been facing over the controversial comments he had made on air during the course of the Boxing Day Test between India and Australia in Melbourne.In an open letter to India cricket team and its fans, O’Keeffe said he has been “devastated” by the reaction to his on-air comments that are being labelled distasteful and even racist by a section of Indian fans and the media.O’Keeffe also conceded that some of the fans may not be able to “relate to my sense of humour” and that what he meant is “vastly different” from what is being represented in the media.”I have been devastated by the reaction to my on-air comments on Fox Cricket during the recently completed Third Test between Australia and India. I am coming to terms with how negatively those words have been interpreted,” O’Keeffe wrote in his open letter, as quoted by foxsports.com.au.”That interpretation is not who I am. It is not what I represent. My style as a commentator is to attempt to find a quirky view to lighten up some of the serious analysis.”When I made a remark about Indian first-class batting averages within their domestic cricket competition being made against a “canteen” bowling attack, I was being entirely tongue in cheek. I was certainly not disrespecting Indian cricket, where I toured as a schoolboy and for which I have the greatest admiration as a cricketing nation.advertisement”I accept that some fans may not always relate to my sense of humour – but missing the mark on a joke between overs is vastly different to what I’ve been accused of on Twitter and in some sections of the media in recent days.”O’Keeffe’s open letter comes after his comments hit the nerve of the fans and the India dressing room. The veteran commentator had kicked up a storm when he said that debutant Mayank Agarwal’s Ranji Trophy triple ton may have come against “Jalandhar Railway canteen staff” and that the said opposition had bowlers who were “chefs and waiters”.Despite facing severe backlash for his comments, O’Keeffe didn’t stop there as he went on to make distasteful joke about difficulty in pronouncing India players’ names during the Boxing Day Test.Sharing the commentary boxing with legendary Australian cricketer Shane Warne and Mark Waugh, O’Keeffe was heard from behind the mic on Saturday, saying “Why would you name your kid Cheteshwar Pujara?”Insisting that he does extensive research before commentary, O’Keeffe added that he had no intention to ridicule Indian players or the premier domestic tournament of the country.”I pride myself on doing extensive research before a match and when I stumbled over the names of Pujara and Jadeja on Day Four, I took a swipe at myself for getting them wrong,” O’Keeffe added.”There was no intention to ridicule those two wonderful players and I am horrified by any suggestion to the contrary. I had spent months researching and analysing these two players and when the moment arrived, I stuffed it up. The joke was on me.”… I respect India, its cricketers and its supporters for their deep love of the game and it hurts me to think a couple of misplaced attempts at humour might compromise our mutual joy in all things cricket. While I’ve listened to the feedback to some of my calls, it’s now important for me to move on and look to the Sydney Test.”I love calling cricket for a living and I’ll continue to do it in my slightly offbeat style. I’d like to think I produce more diamonds than rocks in the commentary box and that viewers will give me the benefit of the doubt if I bowl the occasional no-ball.”India head coach Ravi Shastri had hit back at O’Keeffe over his comments on Mayank Agarwal. Speaking during a post-day show on Friday, the former captain had said: “He [Mayank] has got a message for Kerry… ‘when you do open your canteen, he wants to come and smell the coffee. He wants to compare it to the ones back in India…coffee here’s better or the ones back home’.”Meanwhile, India’s bowling coach Bharat Arun, who addressed the press after Saturday’s play in Melbourne, said India are hurt by O’Keeffe’s comments but insisted that the team is not thinking about an official complaint against the Australian commentator at the moment.Notably, captain Virat Kohli and Jasprit Bumrah, who won the Man of the Match award for his nine-wicket match haul, talked up India’s first-class cricket after the visitors crushed Australia by 137 runs in Melbourne on Sunday to take an unassailable 2-1 lead in the ongoing four-Test series.advertisementAlso Read | Offensive Aussie commentary hurts but nothing we can do about it: India bowling coachAlso Read | Virat Kohli equals Sourav Ganguly’s record of most overseas Test wins as India captainAlso Read | Jasprit Bumrah scary for opposition batsmen, would not want to face him: Virat Kohlilast_img read more

Nova Scotia says it will boost role of Acadian black voters Definitely

first_imgHALIFAX – The Nova Scotia government says it will introduce a new law to make it easier for Acadian and black candidates to get elected in certain ridings.Government house leader Geoff MacLellan said Thursday the province would follow the key recommendations of a committee that studied Nova Scotia’s voting rules.“There’s nothing that strikes us as problematic,” said MacLellan.The committee was appointed in April after the province lost a court battle with a group that represents Nova Scotia’s Acadian population.The three-member committee submitted 29 recommendations to the Liberal government Thursday, saying the province should ensure black and Acadian minorities have a bigger say in elections, and also strengthen other means of representation.“It’s definitely a win for the Acadian community,” said Ghislain Boudreau, president of the Acadian Federation of Nova Scotia. “We’re very pleased with the report.”Doug Keefe, chairman of the committee, said the proposed law must include the broad principles for setting electoral boundaries.Nova Scotia is the only province in Canada without such a law, he said.The lack of legislation set the stage for an incendiary standoff in 2012, when then NDP premier Darrell Dexter rejected a proposed electoral map drafted by an independent electoral boundaries commission.At the time, Dexter took aim at the province’s four so-called exceptional ridings, established in 1992 to give Acadian and black voters a stronger voice in the legislature.By 2012, the populations in the four ridings had become much smaller than the provincial average, which was about 14,000 people. Dexter said the boundaries had to be changed because the number of residents did not fall within a range of plus or minus 25 per cent of the average.In September 2012, the boundaries commission effectively abolished the predominantly French-speaking ridings of Clare, Argyle and Richmond, and it said the Halifax-area riding of Preston, with its large black population, must be merged with a neighbouring district.“That was the end of the exceptional ridings,” Keefe said.At the time, critics said minority groups in each riding would see their influence reduced at election time. In the old riding of Argyle, for example, there were only 6,200 voters, and about 60 per cent of them were Acadian. Under redistribution, the Acadian proportion dropped to about 22 per cent.Three months later, the Acadian federation said it would launch a court challenge to quash the redrawn electoral map.In January 2017, Premier Stephen McNeil’s Liberal government accepted an appeal court decision that said the previous NDP government had violated the constitution by forcing an independent commission to redraw the map.On Thursday, Keefe’s committee stopped short of recommending restoration of the exceptional ridings. The committee said that decision should be left to another independent boundaries commission, which will be appointed before the next election.With a new law in place, the provincial government will be required to accept the map drafted by the commission, Keefe said.As well, he said the commission should have the ability to recommend the creation of additional ridings, over and above the 51 that already exist.Keefe said with the province’s rural population in decline, some ridings have become so large they make little sense to the voters who live there. He said some other jurisdictions in Canada have already created exceptional ridings in rural areas.He also said the committee heard during public consultations that members of the province’s black community, which makes up about two per cent of the population, had expressed their support for exceptional ridings.Boudreau, whose organization represents about four per cent of the province’s population, said the federation is in favour of creating new ridings.“We hope that there will be some protected ridings that will be re-established,” Boudreau said, adding that the federation will be pushing for a new, exceptional riding in the Cheticamp area of Cape Breton, which has a large Acadian population.MacLellan said it will be up to the boundaries commission to decide if the province needs more members of the legislature.Note to readers: This is a corrected story. An earlier version said every other jurisdiction in Canada has a law allowing the creation of “exceptional ridings.”last_img read more