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SIBC unveils new internship program

first_imgAs Notre Dame’s largest student-run organization, the Student International Business Council (SIBC) will institute a program to give students a new kind of on-campus job as early as this semester, senior Brett Hummel said. Hummel, who is the vice president of domestic internships for SIBC, said the Council will pair students with Fortune 500 companies, start-ups and small businesses for internships during the academic year. Depending on the companies’ employment needs, engineering, science and Arts and Letters students could team with business students to do real work for major corporations for the duration of at least a semester, he said. “While you’re on campus, during your academic year, instead of working at the Huddle or dining hall, you’d get the opportunity to work for companies like [General Electric] for 10 to 20 hours per week,” Hummel said. “And you’d be paid for that, and they’d be the highest-paid jobs on campus.” The internships will be open from students of classes ranging from second-semester sophomores to graduate students. Hummel said SIBC will broaden its reach and help students in all fields find valuable work experience with a new program for facilitating domestic internship opportunities. “[SIBC] members are always drawn more from the Mendoza students, and so the whole goal now is to try to broaden that,” Hummel said. “Students who are not necessarily business majors who want experience have the opportunity now to actually get that on their resumes.” Hummel said the domestic internship idea came from the “disconnect” he saw between the demands of employers for veteran workers and the struggle for undergraduates to gain meaningful work experience in the South Bend area. He worked with faculty advisors and associate vice president for career and professional development Lee Svete. “There is a degree of responsibility because it is actual, real work,” Hummel said. “The company’s going to take your work and give it to clients.” After completing an application and interview process modeled on that of the Kellogg Institute for International Studies, Hummel said students will then be assigned individual and team projects for a specific company. Team meetings and Skype calls with the company will ensure each student is making progress, he said. The new program will complement the SIBC’s existing international program, which currently consists of five positions in locations as far-reaching as Thailand and Ecuador. Sophomore Pedro Suarez, SIBC vice president of international internships, said the domestic program could eventually begin to incorporate international elements. “Hopefully, one day for the people who are looking for a global career, … it could suddenly become something where a company in Brazil could outsource their work to us,” Suarez said. Suarez said past internship experience does not necessarily make an applicant competitive. “I think more than experience, it’s someone who’s passionate about something, someone who can really learn and grow,” Suarez said. The new internship program will build invaluable skills for the future careers of students involved, Hummel said. “[The companies] can teach you all the stuff you need to learn, but they want to make sure that you are able to be taught and that you have those kinds of qualities to be a leader going forward,” Hummel said. An information session discussing both domestic and international internships will be held today at 7 p.m. in 155 DeBartolo Hall. Contact Lesley Stevenson at [email protected]last_img read more

Best sports footwear

first_imgMcGrathYou would be surprised how diverse footwear in the world of sports can be. I mean you could go with Michael Johnson’s gold shoes, anything worn by roller-derby stars, even the ultra-complex professional wrestling boots — because faking it requires only the best in podiatric protection. But without a doubt the best and most unique footwear is that chosen by some kickers and punters: nothing at all.Now, while sumo wrestlers and swimmers all go barefoot, that is by necessity of the sport rather than choice. No, when football players decide to let their feet go naked, it’s all about personal choice. It takes some serious onions to go barefoot on a field with 21 other guys basically running around with nails on their feet, more than half of them running after the guys whose toes are in their birthday suit. I mean if one of those lumbering lunch wagons known as defensive lineman meandered their way onto a kicker’s most important body part, then he could quickly go from playing football to having his foot shaped like a pancake and being able to play little else than curling. Plus, have you ever had to kick something without shoes on? There’s a reason you probably don’t do it all the time. It’s about as pleasurable as head-butting a porcupine — or Sonic the Hedgehog, for that matter. A football isn’t like a kickball. It’s quite dense, and in cold weather it is often comparable to kicking a small boulder. Barefooted kickers often have bloody phalanges at the end of their contest looking like Vienna sausages doused in Heinz. It’s not a pretty picture. Kickers are always considered to be weenies, but kickers who go barefoot aren’t just anti-weenie, they are all real men’s men. Point: barefoot kickers.PoppyBeing such a Project Runway buff, McGrath naturally believes he can win this Point-Counterpoint. Sorry, my friend, all I have to do is search through my closet to find the best sports footwear.Air Jordan XIs? NahSnow shoes? Tempting, but no.Penny Hardaway Air Maxs? Nope, Lil’ Penny ruined that one (“Tyra Banks, fool!”).L.A. Gears? Maybe.Chuck Taylors? Pretty close. Those Larry Johnson — not the Chiefs’ L.J. — grandmamma Converse shoes were as cool as a cucumber. Or at least the commercials were.Shaq’s Dunkmans? Heck no!The best sports footwear, without a doubt, is the Reebok Pump basketball shoe. What better way to compete with Nike’s “Air” cushioning than to pump it up and air out?Plus the concept itself was as cool as a cucumber. If you felt you needed that little boost to get up and touch the rim, just bend over and give your shoes a little pump.The shoes themselves may not have been the best looking, but you can’t beat a tongue with a basketball on it — one that Pumps up at that.Reebok Pumps made basketball shoes what they are today. Expensive, ugly and virtually unable to live up to whatever so-called features they provide. I mean the Pump was a good idea, but seeing how it turned out, all it really did was make the shoe heavier — in essence completely ruining the whole concept.But that’s what makes it the best sports footwear — even with a flawed concept, it remains one of the most iconic shoes of the ’90s — so much so that Reebok re-launched it two years ago and continues to sell it in stores. All it needs is a not-so good basketball player to promote it. Harold Minor, a.k.a. Baby Jordan, should’ve been all over that.last_img read more