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Kalmadi fudged papers to get OC chief post: Shunglu committee report

first_imgPanel probing Games irregularities finds material changes in official documents so that Kalmadi could have complete control over the Organising Committee.The high-powered V. K. Shunglu committee has further slammed sacked Commonwealth Games Organising Committee (OC) chief Suresh Kalmadi for being the leader of a “sham OC with much lesser accountability and transparency”. A day after the panel, set up by the Prime Minister to probe the Games mess, blamed Kalmadi and his “club” for bringing shame to the country for CWG mismanagement, it came out with yet another 103-page report questioning his appointment.The report said the documents reviewed for Kalmadi’s appointment were not without tampering and undue changes.”We have found material changes in official documents by Kalmadi to get the post of OC chief and also to have sweeping administrative control over it,” the report says.The OC was constituted to retain absolute and unhindered control on the Games through a sham society with much lesser accountability and transparency even in comparison to the Indian Olympic Association (IOA, which Kalmadi heads), it adds.”We have therefore no hesitation in coming to the conclusion that a document (relating to the appointment of OC chairman) was created by Kalmadi or at his behest in the IOA for being specifically used to secure his ends, including the chairmanship of OC and justification for the commitments made by him at Montego Bay without any authority,” the committee says, citing instances of Kalmadi’s approach to get the key post.”It would also be pertinent to mention that all attempts made by the ministry of sports to open a dialogue with Kalmadi between November 2003 and September 2004 on the action to be taken for CWG 2010 were unsuccessful because Kalmadi was unwilling to open negotiations till he was assured of OC chairmanship,” the report points out.advertisementQuestioning the OC’s constitution, it says that on February 10, 2005, Kalmadi got a society named OC registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860.This society, its memorandum, rules, executive board and membership should have been approved by the Group of Ministers. But no such approval was taken.”His (Kalmadi’s) continuance in both offices was not conducive to the efficient conduct of the CWG. More importantly, there were areas of conflict of interests between the OC and IOA,” says the report.It also takes a dig at the manner in which the government accepted, without due consideration, the Host City Contract to organise the sporting extravaganza in the Capital.Such was the mess in organising the Games till the last minute last year that a committee of secretaries (CoS) headed by the cabinet secretary too was “unable to get the agencies to complete the works in time. It is observed that incorrect reporting and lack of coordination at the lower levels prevented the CoS from taking corrective action at stages earlier than they actually did. Early warnings were ignored by the implementing agencies”. The report also questioned the decisions of the Commonwealth Games Federation President Mike Fennel and its CEO Michael Hooper.The Shunglu Committee held Kalmadi responsible for appointing his close associates and inexperienced staff in the OC for individual gains.On Friday, PM Manmohan Singh said the committee’s report was being analysed by various ministries. “There are procedures. I am yet to get the analyses from the ministries,” he told reporters on the sidelines on the function to give away the Padma awards.last_img read more

Regina woman suing after tip of sons penis cut off in circumcision

first_imgREGINA — A Regina mother has filed a lawsuit alleging negligence after the tip of her baby’s penis was severed during a circumcision.In an interview, the woman says she and her husband are worried about their son’s self-esteem as he grows up. The circumcision happened last November when the boy was nine-days old. The mother has filed a statement of claim against the doctor, his business, and an unidentified intern she believes did the procedure.The woman, whom The Canadian Press is not naming to protect the identity of the child, said she and her husband took their newborn to the Victoria East Medical Clinic in Regina for the procedure.The mother is of African descent and said circumcision is part of her family’s culture.“It was already taking too long,” she said, remembering how quick the procedure had been for her older son eight years earlier. “I could hear the baby crying so much.”She said Dr. Owen Miller, the physician they understood was going to perform the circumcision, came into the waiting area and was apologetic.“He came out and he said, ‘There’s a problem. We have to call the ambulance,’” the mother recalled.The lawsuit adds, “After the botched surgery, Miller informed the plaintiff (mother) that his intern performed the surgery.”The mother said she broke down and couldn’t control her crying.“Someone just told me he was performing some practice on my baby, that’s what it sounded like,” she said. “I couldn’t even talk.”Lawyer Kolade Oladokun, who’s representing the mother, said any damages awarded in the suit could help pay for future cosmetic surgery for the boy.The boy’s father said the family doesn’t care about money.“We just want to know if our son’s going to be OK,” he said. None of the allegations has been proven in court.In an email, Miller declined to comment, but in a statement of defence filed with the court he denies acting negligently.“At the close of the procedure, it was noted that a small piece of the glans of the infant’s penis (tip) had been removed with the foreskin,” the statement reads.“Immediate steps were undertaken to treat the wound and arrangements made to transfer the infant to specialists at Regina General Hospital for further treatment.”Miller is a longtime doctor who specializes in family medicine and has no previous disciplinary history listed on the Saskatchewan College of Physicians and Surgeons website.The mother said her baby bled for hours and wailed in pain while he was in the emergency room.Photographs taken by the woman show the infant lying in a hospital bed, hooked up to machines and a tube to carry urine.She said a surgeon informed them he was too young to have the severed tip re-attached.Dr. Todd Sorokan, a pediatrician based in British Columbia, said circumcision remains a relatively common procedure in Canada, with between ten to 30 per cent of babies having it done.Saskatchewan has seen an average of about 430 circumcisions performed annually out of medical necessity in recent years. Non-medically necessary circumcisions aren’t insured by the province, so those numbers aren’t tracked.Last year, a doctor in Regina was fined more than $10,000 for not dealing appropriately with complications arising from a circumcision done in 2014.Sorokan said it’s a straightforward procedure where minor bleeding can occur, but that’s estimated to happen in only one to two cases out of 100.“It’s certainly not a good result to trim part of the glans penis (tip) along with the foreskin,” he said. “I’m happy to hear that the family went and got urgent attention.”The boy’s next followup appointment is in September. His penis is mostly functional, but is disfigured, said his mother.“It’s healed up, but it doesn’t look normal.”The mother kept the severed part of her son’s penis and stored in the freezer, she said, in case he someday has questions about his body.“I just hope this doesn’t get to that point where the boy is feeling less of himself,” she said. “We don’t know.”Stephanie Taylor, The Canadian Presslast_img read more