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Raising the game

first_imgKing Canute is best known for turning back the waves. Warburtons, by contrast, just had to raise the ground. And it had the benefit of modern technology.Its new bakery at Bristol, which officially opened on 30 June, is the latest in a chain designed to give the company national distribution of fresh Warburtons bread.Historically speaking, it is also the last – the final piece of the jigsaw. National distribution was actually accomplished in September 2007, but this is the company’s 14th bakery, the most modern to date, and it takes some of the pressure off Enfield and Newport.Built on a greenfield site, the ground had to be raised by 4ft, because it is within the flood plain of the Severn Estuary.== Room to grow ==The bakery does have room for expansion, but right now Warburtons is busy creating bigger demand for mainstream 800g white, ensuring that its white Toastie, medium, and extra thick-sliced are coming off at top quality – because ’quality’ is what company chairman Jonathan Warburton guarantees with his signature on every pack.He tells British Baker: “Of all our £300m investment in the past 15 years, this Bristol bakery is the most impressive. It’s great to start with a greenfield site. The management team code-named the project 112, because its aim was to start trials on the first of the 12th month 2008 – and they actually achieved it one day early on 30 November.”This bakery is a massive credit to them and takes us even closer in our ambition to ’Paint Britain Red’,” says Jonathan Warburton. (That’s Warburtons red of course!) “For Brett [Warburton] and I, this bakery is a milestone, a symbol of what we set out to achieve many years ago, along with Malcom Keat, operations support director, and Robert Higginson, MD.He continues: “We are currently producing over 80,000 loaves a day. We always start slowly and build up. It’s a quality argument. Our family values and company values are the same: commitment, trust and passion for what we do.”From plans on paper on 1 February to bakery trials on 1 December, with breads coming off the conveyor, was quite a target. It was about getting market share on a national scale, while continuing to innovate with both products and equipment, says Jonathan.And to illustrate the point, commercial director Roz Cuschieri reveals: “We are putting in another crumpet line at Burnley, which should be operating by December. It will be similar to the one at Enfield. Warburtons is a well-invested family business. Over the past 15 years, we have invested around £300m in new bakeries, including Enfield, Wakefield and Bristol. Our total business investment in the last five years stands at around £500m. This includes investment in new depots, improved production capability and the significant infrastructure associated with our national expansion and continued brand and business growth.”But now the focus is firmly on Bristol. Operations support director Keat tells British Baker: “This bakery has a satellite depot at Newton Abbot. We focus very much on customer service, timing, full quantity and freshness and I believe we are recognised for it. It’s a precursor to why we build bakeries like this. Via Newton Abott, we can deliver as far as Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset and Bristol.David Williams is general manager of the Bristol bakery. He says: “I cannot tell you what this site means to us – it gives us an enormous sense of pride. Seventeen months ago, it was field. We started digging in February 2008 and raised the ground. The mainframe was up by June. It was weathered in August and producing in December. We asked Guinness if it was a world record.” He and manufacturing manager Clive Strawbridge run the factory.Executive director Brett Warburton has overseen the whole project. “For the first time, we have enclosed the mixing, dividing and moulding area to improve dough handling,” he says. “We shall be making dough in a ’constant temperature’ environment. If it works well, we shall retro-fit it to other bakeries.” It is unique to the group, he says, and has evolved out of Tuscany Park, Wakefield, the company’s previous new-build bakery. “We looked back and asked ’What can we do better? What can help us make even more consistent products?’.”Another new addition is the Double Dough Detector, which sends down a beam of light to measure the height of dough in each tin and rejects any double deposits. This prevents the lids coming off later and causing messy spillage.The salt issue is a perennial challenge, but one Brett is confident Warburtons is meeting.” We are working with lower levels of salt than ever before. The dough has got to be right by the time it goes into the tin. I’m confident we will meet the 2012 targets, but we do have concerns, particularly in warm weather. This industry has come a long way. They need to look more at other areas of the food chain.”Eye to the futureNext month, the company will decide whether to manufacture extra products at Bristol. Most likely are a wholemeal and a 400g Danish. Brett says: “It’s like moving into a new house. You have to snag it [iron out initial problems] first. So far, we are delighted.”The choice of project team leader for Bristol was someone outside the industry. Brett says he was at an Institute of Directors function and met Humphrey Walters, who studied leadership and teamwork. This included spending 11 months in a force 10 gale in a yacht race, sailing the wrong way around the world, having never sailed before. Brett chose Walters to put together the 112 team, who delivered right on time.Inevitably, Warburtons is stronger in its north-west homeland, while Kingsmill leads in the south east and Hovis in the south west. So while much has been achieved, much remains to be done. The company continues to stick to its policy of not discounting loaves. “Price is important, value is more important,” stresses Brett.Like quality, it will not be compromised. But the quality focus is what has built the Warburtons empire.—-=== Bristol bakery fact file ===Bakery: 120,000ft2, with room to grow to 220,000ft2 on 12-acre site near the M4 and M5 motorwaysCurrent output: 7,650 loaves per hourStaff: 140 including distribution. 80 in the bakeryEquipment so far:Spooner ovenFerguson Engineering cooler, final prover and wrapping machineryBaker Perkins Tweedy mixers first prover and dividersSpiromatic silos (Benier UK)Kaak lid handling, depanning, basket storage (Benier UK)Gudel tin storageNewsmith conveyorsDyson bagging machines100% Omega basketsFlour: Whitworths—-=== Warburtons fact file ===Company founded: 1876Turnover: over £498m (2008)Plants: 14 bakeriesStaff: 4,800 employeesMarket: a 32.9% share of total consumer spend on wrapped bread. Target for 2010 is 40%. Warburtons is the UK’s second-largest grocery brandlast_img read more

Watch Young Derek Trucks Jam With Brother Duane And Jimmy Herring In 1995

first_imgIn 1995, Derek Trucks was in the midst of making his fame through his own Derek Trucks Band. Beyond coming from a family of rock stars, the young Derek had skills that impressed many at that age. While his talents were undeniable, it was Col. Bruce Hampton (who you’ll see on set toward the end of this video) that really pushed along his career. With the “Godfather of Jam Bands” backing you up, there’s no question that the 16-year-old guitarist had business performing at The Georgia Theatre.Jimmy Herring, another close family friend of the Trucks, also played the show with Derek. In the video below, you can see Derek and Herring practicing during soundcheck, alongside a young Duane Trucks behind the drum kit. Who would’ve expected that 21 years later, these two would be playing together in Widespread Panic? Even more, the young drummer is also now married to Herring’s daughter, making The White Wizard out to be Duane’s father-in-law. The history goes way back between the Trucks and Herring families, but this snippet from a soundcheck in 1995 at The Georgia Theatre really shows just how deep the roots run:Watch the full performance of the Derek Trucks Band with Jimmy Herring at The Georgia Theatre in 1995 below:last_img read more

NEWS SCAN: H5N1 cases in Egypt, virus-sharing impasse, NYC’s new health commissioner

first_imgMay 18, 2009Egypt reports two new H5N1 cases, one fatalEgypt’s health ministry recently reported two new H5N1 avian influenza cases in young children, one of them fatal, according reports from Strengthening Avian Influenza Detection and Response (SAIDR). A 4-year-old girl with a history of contact with sick poultry died from her infection today at a hospital in Dakahliya governorate. She got sick on May 9 and was hospitalized May 17. The second case involved a 3-year-old boy from Gharbia governorate. He got sick on May 12, was hospitalized on May 15, and was listed in good condition. His family said the boy had contact with sick poultry. If the World Health Organization confirms the cases, they will be listed as Egypt’s 71st and 72nd cases, with the girl’s death marking the country’s 27th fatality. In other developments, the WHO on May 15 confirmed an H5N1 infection ion a 5-year-old girl from Sohag governorate. She became ill on May 7, was hospitalized 2 days later, and remains in stable condition. On the same day the WHO also noted the deaths of three previously confirmed case-patients from Egypt: a 6-year-old by from Qaliobia governorate, a 33-year-old woman from Kafr el Sheikh governorate, and a 25-year-old woman from Cairo governorate. The WHO confirmations raise the global H5N1 total to 424 cases, 261 of them fatal.[May 15 WHO statement]WHO virus-sharing meeting ends without agreementAn intergovernmental group convened by the World Health Organization (WHO) met in Geneva on May 15 and 16 but did not complete an agreement to share influenza virus samples and vaccines, Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported yesterday. In a statement, the group said they reached an agreement on most elements of the “pandemic influenza preparedness framework for sharing of influenza viruses and access to vaccines and other benefits.” The unresolved issues are sharing of data between laboratories and intellectual property rights relating to viruses. The dispute over virus-sharing began in December 2006 when Indonesia, the nation hardest hit by the H5N1 virus, stopped sending samples to the WHO to protest the high cost of vaccines made by pharmaceutical companies from the isolates the country provided. Since then, the intergovernmental group has met several times but has not forged a final agreement. At the last meeting, in December 2008, the group asked Margaret Chan, WHO director general, to help them flesh out a traceability mechanism, set terms of reference for WHO collaborating centers, revise a material transfer agreement, and outline needs and priorities for benefits such as vaccine stockpiles and financing. Chan’s office published a report on the four tasks, dated Apr 30, in advance of the recent meeting.[Apr 30 WHO director-general’s report on virus sharing issues]New York City names new health commissionerMayor Michael Bloomberg announced today that Dr. Thomas Farley, a pediatrician and epidemiologist from Louisiana, will head the city’s health department. He will replace Dr. Thomas Frieden, who was named this week by President Barack Obama as the new director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Reuters reported. Farley heads the Department of Community Health Sciences and the Prevention Research Center at Tulane University in Louisiana but has worked as a senior advisor to Frieden since 2007. He will step into his new position in June. Farley said today that his top priority would be handling novel H1N1 influenza issues, but he also intends to continue Frieden’s fight against obesity and smoking. Farley.[May 18 Reuters story]last_img read more

Pac-10 confirms addition of two schools

first_imgIt’s official. Contracts have been signed, Utah and Colorado have been abducted, and the red-headed step-conference of the NCAA is back — bigger, badder and with a brand new name.  That’s right, after months of frenzied negotiation and reckless speculation, the Pac-10 Conference is now the Pac-12.Of course, Utah and Colorado aren’t the only additions to the conference.  Expansion comes complete with a sleek new website, an inspirational promotional video and a racy new logo with waves, mountains and curves that would make the Stanford Tree blush.“The response has been terrific,” said Pac-10 Commissioner Larry Scott.  “People are craving change, they’re craving energy.”Yes, it’s all very exciting. But besides a new logo and a media day in New York, expansion also means new television markets and a new conference title game.  And that means new revenue for every school in the conference.“Almost all conference expansion is driven by television and media in general and the ability to turn those alignments into dollars for the member institutions,” Stanford Athletic Director Bob Bowlsby told The Stanford Daily. “And so I’d say that this one was driven as much by that as any other factor.”Katrina MacGregor | Daily TrojanCoincidentally, the Pac-10’s current TV contract with Fox Sports Net expires after the 2011-2012 academic year.  Now the Pac-12 has two options: sell its media rights to a network like ESPN, or create a new Pac-12 conference network.  The Big Ten Network makes the conference about $75 million in annual rights fees.  ESPN and CBS nets the SEC just more than $200 million a year. Compared to the Pac-10’s current $45-million deal with Fox, either option makes Larry Scott a financial genius.Coaches around the league seem to be embracing the change.“I think it’s smart,” said Oregon football coach Chip Kelly. “I have friends back in the Northeast that want to see us play but they’re getting Big 12 games. Why aren’t they getting Pac-10 games?”The biggest change for Pac-12 coaches, however, will likely come at the end of the season.  Current NCAA bylaws mandate that a conference must have at least 12 teams to hold a title game. Now, for the first time in conference history, the West Coast can play for a championship.Scott knows that a conference title game means more buzz, more media contracts and more money. But a championship game could help springboard a highly ranked Pac-12 team into the BCS National Championship too. In recent years, SEC and Big 12 Conference Championship games have helped conference winners like Alabama, Florida and Texas impress voters and computers in the last moments of the pre-bowl season. A high-profile conference championship could give Pac-12 contenders a similar edge.Then again, as ESPN’s Ted Miller points out, a championship game could just as well give a conference David one last chance to trip up Goliath.“As for an 8-3 team beating an unbeaten team for the title,” Miller wrote in May, “that’s the risk inherent in a championship game.”Furthermore, organizing the conference schedule around a conference championship means dividing the conference. And that’s where things get messy.For now, a north-south split seems most likely. This would divide the conference into northern and southern sections; California, Stanford, Oregon, Oregon State, Washington and Washington State would form the north division, and USC, Utah, Colorado, UCLA, Arizona, and Arizona State  would make up the south.However, even with a nine-game conference schedule, a horizontal split would deny northern section teams their annual recruiting pilgrimage to Southern California, the Mecca of West Coast recruiting. Also, northern section teams would be reluctant to forfeit home games with USC every other year, which typically turn out big crowds and big payoffs.The alternate scenario, a “zipper split,” would divide the conference along traditional rivalries: A western division would group Washington, UCLA, California, Arizona State, Oregon State and Utah together, and the eastern division would be made up of USC, Oregon, Colorado, Washington State, Stanford, and Arizona.Besides creating a less regional, more expensive conference, the zipper split would likely ruffle Buffalo feathers, as newcomer Colorado claims to have been promised a spot in the southern section with USC and UCLA.So congratulations, Trojans. You’re right back at the center of the new Pac-12 universe, and all the mess, too.So what does this all mean for USC?Right now — nothing.“The intention is that [the integration] would start in 2012 for all sports,” Scott said.So the Trojans have some time to prepare for, and become eligible for, a championship game and all the glitz and glamour of a shiny new conference.And then they can really welcome their new conference friends to Southern California in the Coliseum.last_img read more

L.A. exports gang terror

first_imgThe techniques are increasingly similar on both sides of the border. In El Salvador, officials say, gang members commit half of the country’s homicides. But there, gang members have derailed the city’s infrastructure. In December 2005, Salvadoran gangs demanding “taxes” killed a series of bus drivers, shutting down service. Local police are afraid some of the more brazen tactics Central American gangs use will emerge in Los Angeles. “Their tactics are a lot more vicious than other gangs, they are more violent and they are everywhere,” said Robert Loofle, the FBI agent overseeing Los Angeles’ criminal division. “They use intimidation to get what they want, they will commit a vicious homicide to show their power and the force, then easily cross the border. “We have to clamp down now so they don’t evolve into something stronger and more vicious.” Cooperation needed Key to slowing gang activity is better cooperation among police agencies in all countries – an item officials will focus on this week. All are clamoring for better intelligence. Now, local law enforcement agencies contact other countries when they are looking for a suspect to be extradited. With increased cooperation, federal and local authorities hope they can eventually share surveillance on gang members and knowledge of their activities. “Our fear is that they become franchises and unwittingly help other organizations like narco-traffickers as muscle or transporting money,” Loofle said. In areas of the San Fernando Valley, where transnational gangs such as MS 13 and 18th Street have taken root in North Hollywood and Van Nuys in recent years, violent gang crime has soared. Most troubling, police say, is the rising level of witness intimidation, which criminal organizations use to keep their members out of jail. In the North Hollywood area, the number of intimidation cases rose 85 percent in 2005-06, from 13 to 24. “The part that scares us is that the percentage of increase of violent gang crime is higher in the Valley than any other regions … we need to act fast,” Nanson said. Last year the San Fernando Valley saw a 42 percent increase in violent gang crime and citywide, gang crime jumped 14 percent. There has also been a rise in hate crimes among gang members. New anti-gang effort The summit comes a day before Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is set to release a sweeping anti-gang effort and follows a high-profile report finding the city’s gang prevention piecemeal and ineffective. Community activists have lobbied for intervention efforts such as lengthening school hours and providing job opportunities. But stopping the spread of gangs – who can call on strong family ties and rooted criminal networks in both countries – will prove tough. “The idea of eradicating them is erroneous and the way of totally severing the ties is misconceived,” said Tom Ward, a University of Southern California expert on Central American gangs. “As long as you have migrants coming back, how are you going to determine which one is a gang member or an ex-gang member? “Gangs are a reflection of society, they are symptom of sick societies, you address the social problems that bred the gangs and they won’t necessarily go away but the problems they cause will be significantly diminished,” Ward said. Federal crackdown Responding to the surge in gang activity nationally, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in 2005 launched Operation Community Shield targeting gangs across the U.S. Under the effort, more than 4,302 street-gang members from 442 gangs were arrested, about one-fourth of those on pending criminal charges. Over the past decade, as hundreds of gang members have been deported – immigration officials have no official estimate of just how many – and others returned home, a new gang culture emerged in their home country. “It used to be for kids in the poor neighborhoods … Now it’s kids from well-to-do homes,” said Rodrigo Avila, El Salvador’s top law enforcement official. “They are forced into it, under pressure.” [email protected] (818) 713-37412160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Acknowledging that Los Angeles is the epicenter of a global gang crisis, fueling violence from Guatemala to Russia, law enforcement officials from around the world will meet this week to tackle the scourge. LAPD Chief William Bratton will open a three-day summit today to discuss the migration of gang members from Southern California to their homelands, bringing a culture of violence and terror. “We are seeing the international gang problem growing by leaps and bounds,” said Lt. Gary Nanson, head of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Valley gang unit. “They have opened up the door for the local criminal. They are more worldly in their ability to franchise, they can move stolen goods or narcotics or money across boundaries.” The summit will focus on gangs with ties to Central America. Becoming increasingly sophisticated and murderous, these transnational gangs – such as the U.S.-grown Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13 – are ravaging poor Central American communities and terrorizing Los Angeles neighborhoods. last_img read more

Europe’s top 12 U21 revealed! Ballon d’Or creators list Zouma, Can and Depay among top young talent

first_img 12 2) Marquinhos: Young PSG defender moved for £27m when he was 19 – to find out which players France Football rated number one, click the arrow above – Marquinhos only turned 21 in May and like Sterling, has already moved clubs for big money. PSG paid Roma £27m for the composed Brazilian defender in 2013 and has built a good partnership with compatriots David Luiz and Thiago Silva. 6) Munir El-Haddadi: 19-year-old Barcelona forward with a €35m release clause – to find out which players France Football rated among the top five, click the arrow above – El-Haddadi was a member of the Barca U19 side that won the inaugural UEFA Youth League in 2014, scoring a spectacular goal from the halfway line in the final against Benfica. He has played for Spain’s young sides and has also made his full debut. 4) Kurt Zouma: Versatile Chelsea youngster making a name for himself – to find out which players France Football rated among the top three, click the arrow above – Chelsea signed 20-year-old Zouma in January 2014, but spent the remainder of the season on loan at St Etienne. Since becoming part of the Blues’ first team squad, the defender has also played in midfield and in addition, talkSPORT discovered he was named in honour of Jean-Claude Van Damme’s character in Kickboxer, which is pretty cool. 12 12 12 12 5) Max Meyer: The star of a new generation of footballers in Germany – to find out which players France Football rated among the top four, click the arrow above – Big things are expected of the 19-year-old Schalke midfielder, who is one of the best young prospects in Europe. He played 28 times in the Bundesliga last season and was in Germany’s European U21 squad. 12 12) Emre Can: Calls for promising 20-year-old to be made Liverpool’s captain – to find out which players France Football rated among the top 11, click the arrow above – France Football, the chaps behind the Ballon d’Or before it became the FIFA Ballon d’Or in 2010 have put together their 50 best players in Europe. Here, talkSPORT looks at the leading 12 – none of whom are above the age of 21 – who are thought to be on the verge of big things, beginning with Liverpool’s Emre Can. Fans were impressed by their German last year and his calmness has led some to label him a future captain. Also featuring are Saido Berahino (14), Ross Barkley (18) and Luke Shaw (38). 12 12 8) Bernardo Silva: 20-year-old Portugal midfielder a star in the making – to find out which players France Football rated among the top seven, click the arrow above – Silva was Man of the Match as Portugal beat England in the European U21 Championship and has been praised by former Barca and Portugal ace Deco. “He’s tremendous on the ball and has a lot of confidence for someone so young,” he said. “What I like more about him is that he’s not afraid of taking risks and making mistakes,” he added, claiming Silva has improved hugely since leaving Benfica for Monaco. 3) Raheem Sterling: Man City pay £49m for England winger’s potential – to find out which players France Football rated among the top two, click the arrow above – He’s still not done anything of note yet, but following his £49m transfer to Man City, he will be expected to shine in the Premier League and Champions League. Now is surely the time for Sterling to fulfil his huge potential. 11) Breel Embolo: 18-year-old Basel forward is already a Champions League goal scorer – to find out which players France Football rated among the top 10, click the arrow above – Embolo turned 18 earlier in the year and was one of eight players under the 18 to have scored in the Champions League when he found the back of the net against Ludogorets. The forward is a composed finisher, powerful and very fast. 10) Julian Brandt: ‘Talented’ Germany youngster has a bright future ahead – to find out which players France Football rated among the top nine, click the arrow above – Brandt has been called one of German football’s ‘most talented players’ by Rudi Voller. The 19-year-old is an exciting midfielder, who was linked to Chelsea before joining Leverkusen from Wolfsburg in 2013. 12 12 12 7) Martin Odegaard: At 16, the attacking midfielder already played for the Real Madrid first team – to find out which players France Football rated among the top six, click the arrow above – In the end, Real Madrid won the race for Odegaard, the talented Norwegian, who moved to Spain in January. In May he became the youngest Liga debutant in Real’s history when he replaced Cristiano Ronaldo against Getafe at the age of 16 years and 157 days old. 9) Alen Halilovic: Barcelona whizz-kid can dazzle with the ball at this feet – to find out which players France Football rated among the top eight, click the arrow above – The talented Croatian was coveted by many clubs before joining Barcelona in May 2014. He made his Dinamo Zagreb debut at the age of 16 and now he is 19, Halilovic may look to move on loan somewhere an gain first team experience. He is quick, very attack minded and his control of the ball is mesmerising at times. 12 France Football, the chaps behind the Ballon d’Or before it became the FIFA Ballon d’Or in 2010 have put together their 50 best players in Europe.Here, talkSPORT looks at the top 12 featuring Liverpool midfielder Emre Can and former winger Raheem Sterling.CONFIRMED: MAN CITY SIGN RAHEEM STERLINGBoth are still finding their feet in football, but there is no doubt of their huge potential, which is reflected in France Football’s list.11 PLAYERS CHEAPER THAN £49M MAN STERLINGClick the arrow above, right, to see the list. 1) Memphis Depay: Talented 21-year-old snapped up by Man United for £25m – Depay had a fantastic final season in the Netherlands, scoring 22 goals in 30 Eredivisie matches for champions PSV. Man United decided to gamble on the 21-year-old and will hope he can go on to become a great player.last_img read more