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Proper investigation needed into Uitvlugt factory incident

first_imgDear Editor,I fully support the call by Sookram Persaud for a proper investigation of the recent accident at the Uitvlugt Sugar Cane Factory.Editor, the very next day after the accident, many people could be heard saying that the industry is being sabotaged by this present administration, and whilst evidence might be available, not everything must be taken as truth. From what I’ve gathered, a manager went against the wishes and advice of the junior employees and personally increased the speed, causing the damages, because the machine is an old machine and cannot operate to its full capacity. It’s like forcing a Morris Oxford to drive at the same speed as a Ferrari.Now, according to the Guyana Times, some $18 million in canes are spoilt, even though the factory restarted operating on Sunday night/Monday morning. It’s too late! With the estimated damages at the factory and the spoilt canes, my calculation is around $30 million has gone down the drain. All is not lost, the spoilt canes could be used to make molasses for sale, so some sort of money can be recovered, but it still cannot cushion the losses due to negligence.So, in all fairness, I’m urging a proper investigation by the relevant authorities, and that preventative steps be taken to prevent future disasters.Sincerely,Sahadeo Bateslast_img read more