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Shaw Communications trying to set up WiFi agreement with City

first_imgJeff Bray is the Manager of Government and Regulatory Affairs for Shaw Communications. He says with the demands increasing as it pertains to data usage, WiFi is becoming more in demand.“Data usage on devices is doubling every four years and increasingly the way in which the world is looking to use data is actually not cellular, it’s Wifi,” Bray explains. “Wifi is a much larger pipe than cellular. When you go to coffee shops, when you go to hotels you increasingly see Wifi as what’s being offered.WiFi connections provided by some local stores lack in robustness according to Bray. When you move from different stores that offer the service, it also makes you log in and read through a long terms and conditions page before accepting every time. This would not be the case if the Shaw proposal were to be accepted as it would add to the 20,000 locations in Western Canada that the service is already available.- Advertisement -“The way Shaw Go Wifi works is for sake of argument lets say there is a Shaw Go access point here in the chambers. As a customer for the first time I log in and enter my email and password for my account,” he says. ” Now wherever I go in Western Canada in those 20,000 locations I never have to log in again. It will automatically recognize me and more importantly switch me off of my expensive data plan onto my no cost WiFi connection. “Council did express some concern surrounding potential down time in service, as well as individuals potentially viewing inappropriate content with the service. In response Bray said any service disruption would be resolved as quickly as possible just as it is with any outage, and that Shaw has chosen not to filter content available online as the company would then be telling people what the can and cannot view on the internet.Bray adds that Shaw does not charge customers for use of Shaw Go WiFi and does not charge businesses that partner with the company.Advertisementlast_img read more