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Moroccos Al Adl Wal Ihsan Urges Government to Criminalize Ties with

Rabat – Al Adl wal Ihsan (Justice and Benevolence), the banned but tolerated Islamist opposition group, has called on the government to outlaw contacts with Israel.“There are several indicators showing that trade between Morocco and the Zionist state is on the rise,” Omar Iherchane, a leading member of the Islamist opposition group, was quoted as saying by Telquel.“Although Israeli has no embassy in the kingdom, ties between the two states do exist,” Iherchane noted. He went on to add that these ties include cultural corporation, under which “Israeli artists are allowed to perform in Morocco and Moroccan artists are invited to perform in Israel.”Iherchane stressed that the Moroccan government should criminalize relations with Israel and render trade with Israeli entities illegal.This demand follows the Pro-Palestine march, which was led by the Islamist group in Casablanca on Sunday.In 2013, five Moroccan political parties sponsored two law proposals calling for the criminalization of any attempt to normalize ties with Israel. Both bills sought to make it illegal to trade with Israeli entities, while one of them proposed making it illegal for Israelis to enter Morocco. read more