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Mourinho Rages at Evertons Roberto Martinez After Chelsea Defeat

Rabat – Chelsea’s Jose Mourinho swore at Everton boss Roberto Martinez following Blues’ 3-1 defeat at the Goodison Park on Saturday afternoon. The Portuguese was angry at Martinez because he wanted to talk to the media first.The Everton boss went first with his post-game interview which resulted in delaying Chelsea’s trip home. Premier League tradition stipulates that home managers allow the away boss to go first with post-game interviews so they can leave. The Everton manager was talking to the press away from the television cameras, when Mourinho approached him and said: “Roberto, Roberto, next time tell me go before you because we have to travel.” Martinez replied: “We don’t control that Jose, I don’t control that.” Mourinho then shouted: “****** hell”, before walking off.Martinez, cup of coffee in hand, mocked: “When he beat us 6-3 (last season) he was such a nice man. I prefer him like that!”Chelsea’s 3-1 defeat at Everton on Saturday marked the London-based team’s worst opening in the Premier League in 29 years.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed without permission read more