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Museum Launches New Interactive Space

first_imgVisitors to the Museum of Natural History will be encouraged to find their place in the forest when the Netukulimk [Nah-DOO-ga-limk] interactive space opens Friday, June 3. Netukulimk, a Mi’kmaq philosophy, describes the connection between all living things. The concept crosses cultures and generations and refers to individual experiences harmonizing the natural and human worlds. “Netukulimk is a stunning educational space and we are proud of its unique design,” said David Wilson, Minister of Communities, Culture and Heritage. “We appreciate and value the input received from members of the Mi’kmaq community during development.” Focused on Nova Scotia’s forests, the space features six larger-than-life multimedia units designed to engage the senses of touch, sight and sound. Each unit explores the principles behind biodiverse areas of the forest. For example, the Fallen Log unit demonstrates the principles of recycle, reduce, reuse. The Porcupine Tree illustrates the principles of nesting, feeding and gathering. Live plants and animals reflect the principles of growth, movement and change. The interactive space uses “Two-Eyed Seeing”, which acknowledges the strengths of aboriginal and non-aboriginal knowledge and balances cultural and scientific perspectives. For example, the Mother Tree part of the interactive space, could be interpreted for its role as a gathering place and a force for sustaining living things. It also could be seen through its role in producing oxygen, building materials and paper products. In keeping with the concept of Netukulimk, the interactive space offers few interpretive panels, allowing visitors to draw their own conclusions about the space. “I would like to thank our museum and curatorial staff and all those who contributed toward Netukulimk,” said Janet Maltby, manager of the Museum of Natural History. “It is our hope that by finding their place in the forest, visitors will begin to re-examine their relationship with nature.” Netukulimk is designed to change with the seasons in Nova Scotia. The space is intended to evolve and create new learning opportunities for visitors. For more information about Netukulimk call 902-424-7353 or visit http://nature.museum.gov.ns.ca .last_img read more