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Jotun to Launch HPS Newbuilding Solution at Kormarine

first_imgJotun, October 23, 2013 Print  Close My location zoom Jotun Hull Performance Solutions (HPS) has launched the HPS Newbuilding Solution at Kormarine in Busan, South Korea. The HPS Newbuilding solution is aimed at yards delivering vessels with eco-design and who want to maximize the energy efficiency at both speed trial and in operation.“With HPS Newbuilding Solution Jotun enables yards to become more competitive when bidding for eco-ship projects. The solution provides an opportunity to both optimize initial performance as well as lifetime performance. The solution thereby serves the long term interests of the designers, yards, owners, operators and the environment,” says Mr Geir Boe, Vice President Jotun Marine Coatings.The foundation of the HPS Newbuilding solution is SeaQuantum X200, Jotun’s top of the line antifouling with documented low friction properties, designed to maximise initial and lifetime performance. In addition comes 3 upgrade components with reliable guarantees.Roughness of the hull has a major impact at speed trial. The first component of the HPS Newbuilding Solution is a Smooth Application Package that combines comprehensive technical service with an optimised anticorrosive system. Jotun measures average roughness on the underwater hull surface and offers a money-back guarantee as a part of its Smooth Application Package.Keeping the hull slime and fouling free through the outfitting period is a challenge. Jotun’s second component is an Outfitting Protection Package which includes a final coat of the newly developed SeaQuantum X200-S which has superior resistance to slime and fouling. Any fouling incurred over the docking may have a major impact on the attained EEDI. With the Outfitting Protection Package Jotun guarantees a clean hull at speed trial. Yards will then avoid costly re-dock or under water hull cleaning which is time consuming and may increase hull roughness.The third and last component is a 60 month high performance guarantee with cash back if average speed loss exceeds 1,50% over 60 months which may be transferred from the yard to the owner. This equals a 15% improvement in propulsion efficiency over 60 months compared to market average performance. This component gives the yards an opportunity to differentiate themselves by extending from a typical 12 months standard guarantee to a 60 month high performance cash back guarantee.By analyzing a series of accurate measurements from the ship in voyage, Jotun determines the condition on the underwater hull and its effect on fuel consumption using the Jotun Hull Performance Measurement Method. 此页面无法正确加载 Google 地图。您是否拥有此网站?确定last_img read more

Rahul Gandhi gracious in defeat

first_imgNew Delhi: Conceding defeat, Congress president Rahul Gandhi Thursday congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP for their landslide victory in the Lok Sabha polls, and said his party will continue to fight the ideological battle with the saffron party.Addressing a press conference at the party headquarters, he said the Congress Working Committee will meet soon and decide on whether he should resign as party chief following the electoral debacle. The Congress could manage to add only a few seats to its 2014 Lok Sabha tally of 44 seats. See insidelast_img read more

UN official enlists advertising industry in combating violence against women

“The United Nations needs your support in ending one of the most pervasive and brutish challenges of our time, one that affects all people, everywhere,” Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information Kiyo Akasaka said of violence against women.He told advertising titans at a gathering in Moscow yesterday that up to 70 per cent of women experience violence in their lifetime.“This is not an abstract issue,” Mr. Akasaka stressed. “For women and girls, this is a struggle not to be assaulted, raped, molested or forced into the commercial sex trade.”Shortly after assuming the position of Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, who has made ending violence against women one of his top priorities, launched the campaign known as UNiTE to End Violence against Women, which seeks to raise public awareness and generate political will.He also set up a Network of Men Leaders bringing together current and former politicians, activists, religious and community figures – including Nobel Peace Prize laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Brazilian novelist Paulo Coelho – to combat the global pandemic.“Violence against women is the most common, most shameful and least punished crime in the world,” and wiping out the scourge is vital for sustainable development, economic growth and peace, Mr. Akasaka underscored yesterday in the Russian capital.He pointed to studies which have shown that negative stereotyping, including the depiction of women as sex objects, exacerbates gender discrimination. Women have been portrayed in demeaning or damaging ways on billboards, magazines, television and magazines, he added.“We need to put an end to persistent negative assumptions about the role of men and women in society,” the UN official stressed at the International Advertising Association (IAA) gathering. “And we need to turn away from limited and one-dimensional gender portrayals in mass media.”He called on advertisers to harness their “immense power of persuasion” to act as a “driver of change for a better world.”Mr. Akasaka evoked the collaboration between the UN and the advertising industry on climate change, ahead of last year’s international conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.The IAA’s ‘Hopenhagen’ campaign showcased the industry’s vast ability and potential to promote critical global issues, he said.“Imagine what you could do by combining your ideas, technology and entrepreneurship to the mission of eliminating violence against women,” he told the meeting, which brought together representatives from the corporate sector, professional associations, academia and international organizations to exchange best practices and promote partnerships. 14 May 2010A top United Nations official has exhorted advertisers to join efforts to stamp out violence against women, calling on the industry to help defy destructive gender stereotypes, a root cause of the scourge. read more

LKAB weighing up the prospects for crooked borehole drilling

first_imgLKAB is using a variation of conventional prospecting drilling to search for new orebodies and secure reserves for the future.Prospecting drilling will allow the iron ore miner to gain more detailed knowledge of the geometry and geochemistry of mineralisation, but this process can often be expensive in both man hours and euros.That is why this year the company started trials with crooked, or deviated, bore holes in prospect drilling.Karin Lindgren (pictured), geologist at LKAB, explains: “We can already see several advantages with crooked holes. Overall, the number of drilling metres is reduced, and we do not have to drive drifts at the outer edges of the orebody to the same extent and can reach the intended drilling locations with greater precision.”She continued: “With crooked drilling, we can reach greater depth and access the ore from different angles. The technique can be used to reach the outer boundaries of the orebody and gain a better understanding of its geometry.”Today, two drill rigs are being used and a third will soon be operational at the company’s operations, LKAB said. The company is testing the crooked-hole technique to first learn, and then evaluate, the method, it said.Anders Edlert, Project Manager for Prospecting Drilling at LKAB, said: “We want to push the boundaries and find out what can be done with this technology in this type of rock and at what cost.”He does admit drilling deviated holes comes with more friction, so drilling takes longer and currently costs nearly three times as much as conventional drilling.“We, therefore, have to press the costs and compare them against the time and resources that are needed for driving new drifts for conventional drilling,” he concluded.last_img read more