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Training essential to keep telecoms staff on board

first_imgTraining essential to keep telecoms staff on boardOn 5 Jun 2001 in Personnel Today Training is more important than financial incentives in retaining telecomsstaff, delegates were told at an HR telecoms conference in London last week. John Halladay, international consultant at Watson Wyatt, unveiled findingsfrom a survey of 14 telecoms companies which shows that most – more than 60 percent – feel training is fundamental to addressing retention problems. It ratedhigher than increasing basic pay, bonus payments and career progression. Steve Peace, employee relations adviser for One2One, agreed that training isa vital part of its retention strategy. He said, “The ability to provide development opportunities is veryimportant as we are competing for very marketable skills. It is vital to ourretention strategy but only one element of it.” Career development is key to retention in telecoms companies, claimed RayLeighton, e-HR executive at IBM. He said, “The primary reason many staffleave is due to lack of career development, so this highlights how importanttraining is. We are trying to get hold of the best skills, which means ourcontract of employment has to be tailored to employees’ needs.” Another retention tool is an extra day off for long-serving staff afterthree years, where they can do anything they want at the company’s expense,said Halladay, speaking at the Compensation and Benefits in Telecoms 2001Conference in London. By Karen Higginbottom Previous Article Next Article Comments are closed. Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

Oxygen uptake by Nanorchestes antarcticus (Acari)

first_imgOxygen consumption rates of the minute terrestrial mite, Nanorchestes antarcticus Strandtmann were measured at +5°C with a Cartesian Diver microrespirometer. Individual respiration rates were in the range 0.156 (deutonymphy) to 1.135 (tritonymph) × 10-3 μ l O2 ind-1 h-1. Mean estimated live weights were 1.59 to 3.57 μg, and metabolic rate was highest in the adult female (367.734 μl O2 g-1 h-1) and lowest in the deutonymph (161.045 μl O2 g-1 h-1). These results are discussed with reference to other terrestrial mites and cold adaptationlast_img read more

Buy-to-let damaged by govt’s tax and mortgage changes, says leading lender

first_imgHome » News » Buy-to-let damaged by govt’s tax and mortgage changes, says leading lender previous nextBuy-to-let damaged by govt’s tax and mortgage changes, says leading lenderParagon reveals the number of mortgage being taken out has dropped since new tax relief, Stamp Duty and mortgage underwriting rules were introduced recently.Nigel Lewis23rd November 20170954 Views The Prudential Regulation Authority’s changes last year to the UK’s lending rules for the buy-to-let sector have led to reduced activity in the market, leading lender Paragon has reported in its full-year accounts.Following a review of the buy-to-let market in 2015/2016, the PRA this year raised the standards it expects underwriters to apply to landlords taking out mortgages.This includes greater scrutiny of a landlord’s overall business financials, in particular for portfolio landlords with four or more properties.Paragon also says the additional Stamp Duty that is now paid by landlords buying properties, and the reduction is tax perks for the sector, also contributed to a bad year.Stamp DutyThese factors, the lender says, helped drive modest profits within its business over the past year, up from £143.2 to £144.8 million – a rise of just 1.1%.Paragon appears to suggest that the additional red tape has increased its costs, because its buy-to-lending increased by 20% to £1.39 billion last year.And depsite the “disruption” to the market in recent months, the lender says overall demand in Britain’s private rented sector is expected to continue for the “foreseeable future”.“Against this backdrop the Group’s performance has been strong, with its twenty-year experience of servicing the complex needs of professional landlords differentiating it from other lenders and allowing the business to make market share gains during the year,” says Chief Executive Nigel Terrington in his management report.But Paragon says it is the tax relief reductions introduced by the government for landlords which have had a more damaging influence on landlords than the extra 3% Stamp Duty they must now pay on property purchases.“It is the amateur landlords – those with fewer than four properties – who have been moving away from the market,” the report says, “leading to a fall in the volume of buy-to-let transactions which seems to be establishing a new ‘normal’ level.”nigel terrington landlords paragon PRA buy-to-let November 23, 2017Nigel LewisWhat’s your opinion? Cancel replyYou must be logged in to post a comment.Please note: This is a site for professional discussion. Comments will carry your full name and company.This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.Related articles BREAKING: Evictions paperwork must now include ‘breathing space’ scheme details30th April 2021 City dwellers most satisfied with where they live30th April 2021 Hong Kong remains most expensive city to rent with London in 4th place30th April 2021last_img read more

FGS Brandenburg Contributes for VBSS Ops

first_img March 25, 2015 View post tag: Naval Authorities Boarding teams from five Gulf of Guinea countries are using the German navy frigate FGS Brandenburg (F215) to enhance their abilities to complete visit, board, search and seizure (VBSS) operations during Exercise Obangame Express 2015, from March 19 to 27, 2015.After boarding the ship, the boarding teams are confronted with situations that require them to detain and question suspects, clear rooms and respond to medical emergencies in order to effectively demonstrate their capabilities to perform in potentially hostile shipboard environments.Lt. j.g. Yaw Achiaw Owusu-Danso, boarding team leader, Ghana navy, said:Boarding operations are very important in the Gulf of Guinea because recently we have had to deal with a number of security challenges. Boarding operations help us deal with or control some of these problems.The countries participating in boarding exercises aboard the Brandenburg are the Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Togo and Benin.[mappress mapid=”15498″]Image: US Navy View post tag: FGS Brandenburg View post tag: africa View post tag: Navy Share this article View post tag: VBSS View post tag: News by topic FGS Brandenburg Contributes for VBSS Ops Back to overview,Home naval-today FGS Brandenburg Contributes for VBSS Ops View post tag: Obangame Expresslast_img read more

Dental Hygiene Adjunct Faculty Pool

first_imgBachelor’s Degree in Dental HygieneTwo years of teaching experience in Dental HygieneTwo years of clinical experience in Dental Hygiene within thelast 3 yearsCurrent Licensure [or eligibility] in the state of MD as adental hygienistCurrent CPR certification [American Heart Association]Annual PPD [tuberculin] testingPreferred QualificationsPreferred Qualifications: Description/Job SummaryAn Adjunct Faculty in Dental Hygiene is responsiblefor:1. Based on master syllabus, design and teach assigned classsession(s), leveraging digital content and multi-media resources inthe classroom.2. Assess student engagement/understanding during each classsession and throughout the semester3. Collect, grade, and report assignments and homework4. Maintain and update the syllabus and course materials andmake sure they are available through the College’s LearningManagement System5. Advise learners in ways to help them meet theireducational goals6. Use a variety of strategies to assess and evaluatelearning.7. Provide timely, thoughtful and constructive feedback tolearnersEmployees in this classification receive supervision from theAssociate Dean of Nursing.Required QualificationsMinimum Qualifications : Master’s Degree in Dental HygieneFive years of teaching experiencelast_img read more

Election’s confusing pro-life choice

first_imgYesterday’s OUSU VP Women byelection was mired in controversy as it emerged that one of the two candidates had not mentioned her anti-abortion links on her manifesto. Lucy Underwood, one of the two candidates for the post, is the current President of the Oxford Pro- Life Society, whose stated aim is “to campaign around Oxford for the protection of human life”. However the role of VP Women involves “producing the Unplanned Pregnancy: Your Options pack and overseeing the work of OUSU’s Promoting Choice Committee” as well as always being “available to see students to give confidential nondirective welfare support, particularly on pregnancy”. Ms Underwood, who has not been involved in political campaigns on any issue apart from antiabortion before, mentions cutting student numbers and post-exam celebrations on her manifesto but fails to mention her Pro-Life role. Her only mention of pregnancy came under the title “Choice and free speech for women” where she said that “the pregnancy advisory handbook and OUSU counselling services should be open to all legal organisations who wish to advertise.” It is thought this was a reference to OUSU’s long-standing policy not to allow the anti-abortion organisation Life to advertise in the pregnancy advisory handbook on the grounds that it provides directional advice. At hustings Ms Underwood claimed her Pro-Life links were irrelevant and that OUSU should not take a “political line” on the issue. She did explain to Cherwell that she had declared her Pro-Life role on her nomination form and had no duty to mention it on the manifesto. She explained that she hoped to be able “to provide all the choices” to Oxford’s women. Bex Wilkinson, Ms Underwood’s competitor and a former OUSU Council Delegate and Executive Member, states quite openly on her manifesto that she has been a Pro- Choice Officer and is endorsed by former Pro-Choice Officers. Wilkinson won by a landslide majority.ARCHIVE: 2nd week TT 2004last_img read more

Comment: Entertainment at the Oxford Union

first_imgIn the interests of full disclosure, I should probably mention that I am not a member of the Oxford Union. Amid the blur of Freshers’ Week, I remember looking at the hordes of other Freshers rushing toward Frewin Court with their life membership forms, determined to check that box on their bucket list of ‘Oxford experiences’. Despite the alluring thought that membership would transport me into the hallowed chambers of ‘the world’s most famous debating society’, and the prospect of hearing a long train of undoubtedly glittering personalities speak in the flesh, the thought of coughing up £190 was simply quite unappetizing. Besides, I surmised that the real appeal of the Union lay in the unmatched entertainment value of its bigger-than-Broadway antics, an appeal as easily appreciated from outside the aforementioned hallowed chambers as from inside. Three years on, the entertainment value has, if anything, become even clearer. I was, for example, delighted when I chanced on the Union’s bold foray into multimedia, in the form of its Freshers’ DVD. This masterpiece of marketing, which can now be viewed on YouTube, features hilarious personal sales’ pitches by three Union luminaries, who all achieve the miraculous feat of talking while maintaining implausibly wide grins. One of them even describes the Purple Turtle as an ‘exclusive nightclub’ with what sounds like utter conviction. But that is not all. As the video draws to a close and the telemarketing drone of the voice-over urges Freshers to sign up for membership, we are treated to a shot of Krishna Omkar leaving the Union in what appears to be the world’s shortest and whitest shorts. Initially, I thought the inclusion of this image was quite inexplicable, but I soon came to see it as the cherry on the top of this tour de force of postmodern ironic self-parody. Which brings us, of course, to the latest twist in the thriller. After last term’s President and his Eine Kleine Nachtracismus, I would have thought that the antics would abate, if only temporarily. But it was not to be. For at Frewin Court, the show must go on. Of course, the ‘crisis’ surrounding the overturning of last term’s elections is old news now, but I’d like to draw your attention to some hidden gems in the story which you might have missed. I was enchanted to learn, for one, that an appeal had been lodged with the tribunal on the grounds that its decision was ‘founded on an error of law’ and breached ‘any of the principles of natural justice’. Like most of you, up to that point I remained unaware that the dress-up games at the Union included pretending to be arguing landmark cases before the European Court of Human Rights. But – aha! – apparently the tribunal that hears allegations of electoral malpractice always has one member who is a qualified lawyer. It seems these events are not in fact elaborate entertainments put on for our amusement, but Very Serious and Professional Matters. This unusual sobriety was reflected in the Returning Officer’s Jeffersonian declaration of principles: ‘The democratic election of Officers is a fundamental principle which underpins all for which this Society stands.’ It seems every term we learn of a new fundamental principle of this illustrious Society – once free speech, now democracy; these people are really fighting the good fight. To call this entertainment, then, would be flippant. Yet a doubt still lingers. Surely when I had hoped for bigger-than-Broadway, my optimism was not unfounded? Surely this deluded sense of purpose and importance is the foundation on which this entire Theatre of the Absurd is built? The best thing to do, both for our own sanity and theirs, is to play along. As this ‘crisis’ rumbles on, the curtains at Frewin Court will still rise tonight, every night, sit back, relax, and don’t forget the standing-O at the end. by Caleb Yonglast_img read more

Pence’s Empty Office

first_imgPence’s Empty OfficeBy Rob Kendall of IntoretrontOn Saturday, thousands of people from across the state flocked to Downtown Danville for the Mayberry in the Midwest Festival. This was great for Governor Mike Pence. He recently opened a campaign office on the corner where the event was taking place. As a candidate, one could not ask for better free exposure.There was only one problem…no one was at his office. Even worse, there were no signs in the storefront window. There was not one worker passing out information. No promotion at all. Nothing to identify Pence, other than his name on the door. Unless passersby looked closely, the office resembled just another attorney on the Courthouse Square.At a time where polling shows the governor in a very tight race, thousands of potential voters walked right past his door. Unfortunately, there was no one to seize the opportunity. I was broadcasting the event. I watched as other campaigns had volunteers walking the streets to promote their candidate.Mistakes in May do not necessarily make or break a campaign, but a lack of discipline and organization throughout will. Pence’s campaign no-show at his office was just that. The race to elect Indiana’s next governor will be razor thin. Unforced errors will haunt both candidates. Pence has several built-in advantages. He needs to exploit them if he is to be victorious. One is volunteers and infrastructure, which failed on Saturday.The visual of Pence’s empty office was striking. Many people commented. The fact the governor, who personally attended a grand opening for the office just a week ago (complete with a bus full of people to help celebrate), left it unattended, was inexcusable. I was at that event and interviewed Pence. There were placards and signs set up all over the office. Not only did someone remove them when he left, but did not take the effort to transfer them to the window which faces one of the town’s busiest streets. It also means there has likely been no promotion (completely free mind you) for over a week.Much of politics is about impressions. Pence’s empty office left an awful one. His campaign’s lack of presence fed a narrative many hold of the governor: A guy more about fanfare and publicity than attention to detail which produces good public policy. At the office’s opening, many staffers were on hand, hours before his arrival. Nothing was out of place. Every detail perfectly attended to. After he left, the office apparently became out of sight, out of mind.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

O.C. Boys Basketball Defeats Spartans

first_imgGannon Brady puts up two of his game high 31 points. By LESLEY GRAHAMFor three and a half quarters of play, the Ocean City Boys basketball team and the visiting Spartans of Deptford traded baskets.With five minutes remaining in the game, Ocean City broke out their full court press defense, momentum swinging to their side to pull away for a 79-66 victory in the first round of the South Jersey Group Three playoffs.Ocean City the six seed improved to 17-9 on the year, while Deptford who was seeded 11th, finished their season 12-14.Junior Gannon Brady led all scorers with 31 on the evening, while teammates Tom Finnegan and Mike Rhodes dropped 20 a piece.Deptford had the hot shooting hand early in the game, draining nine 3 point baskets in the opening half of play.The outside shot combined with strong defense kept Ocean City from opening up any type of lead as the Red Raiders found themselves tied with Deptford at the half, 37 a piece.Tom Finnegan uses his tall frame to guard against his Deptford opponent.Adjustments were made at halftime and Ocean City was able to clean up a bit of unforced errors on their part, but Deptford was not about to give in to Ocean City as they answered every shot with a big one of their own.After three quarters of play, the game was once again tied, this time at 50 with the final eight minutes remaining.Ocean City finally found its offensive firepower as it opened up for 29 points in the final quarter, using momentum to close out the game against the Spartans.Ocean City turned the tides with an inbound steal, bucket and one late in the fourth to help seal Deptford’s fate.The Raiders would go on to win 79-66.The win advances Ocean City into the second round of playoffs where they will face the three seed Westampton Tech Wednesday at Westampton Tech.Joe Repetti with the steal for the Red Raiders.last_img read more

Bakkavor to close Scunthorpe pasta plant

first_imgFood manufacturer Bakkavor is to close its pasta production site at Scunthorpe. The plant will close on May 30.The decision comes after a 90-day consultation period, and affects 107 staff. A spokesman for the company said “the business is fully committed to doing everything possible to minimise its impact. “Bakkavor is working closely with the affected employees, focusing on finding them alternative roles at its other sites or with other employers in the region”.Bakkavor is an international food manufacturing company, which makes food for both hot and cold consumption, including pizza and speciality breads. Last month, it bought Italian pizza company Italpizza.last_img read more