Reasons for slow update of website Baidu snapshot

website Baidu snapshot update slow, basically be updated once a week, or a few days update once, there are five reasons for this, probably the first problem: slow update server; second articles: content update; third: the same web server; Fourth: Fifth: the optimization of external links. The following believe, simply say, Baidu snapshot update slow these five reasons.

first: the server is unstable. This is the site where the server often can not access, or often fails, causing the site from time to time to open and so on, this may affect Baidu spiders crawl, if several Baidu spider crawls are found not open the site, it will reduce the probability of Baidu spider to the site, which will appear Baidu snapshot update slow situation. read more

Website profit is the key place website means of profit is summed up


survey was done, China webmaster number, but the profit is small, there are about eighty percent of the owners are not profitable, website or in the "money" stage. People on the Internet are either big winners, successful in the global rich list, or are still struggling with food and clothing, which is the case for most grassroots webmasters.

website profit, is a real problem, means it is not a permanent solution, if you want to do for a long time the website, must find a good website profit pattern. In the A5 forum, is talking about the profit model every day, and the commercial operation of the A5 forum is the only way to develop the website for a long time. Many webmaster, the burden of electricity, Internet, and server costs, rent, some staff wages, no profit, the website development is can’t do anything. How to make profits has become very urgent. read more

Talking about how to operate the website of serving college students

We want to know how to operate the

university network, you must know the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of website where the nature of the service object and how, to be successful, I take my working network of college students in Shangrao to talk about what university students need a kind of website.


1. college students are small in proportion to the number of students in other groups. A city of one million, the largest number of college students, 100 thousand, so it has a strong targeted, which also caused the site traffic has a certain limit. As we have a total population of 600 thousand in Shangrao, a total of three major secondary technical schools (Shangrao Normal University, Jiangxi Medical College, Shangrao branch, Shangrao Vocational Technical College), a total of about 40 thousand people. read more

Near the Olympic Games personal website experience rectification experience

I’m a farm kid. I graduated from junior high school without any culture. Because of the love of the story, so determined to do a good job (new story network). The first time I published an article, I didn’t know what language and word to match. In order to write this article well, I racked my brains and hoped that I could use a day to express my inner thoughts.

I often visit the Webmaster Station of figure Wang, I basically watch the news of station station every day, because I think this is my website. Unless of course, sometimes because of busy to help the family go dry. Before writing this, I would like to thank the moderator for coming back to the forum. Thank you for giving me a lot of help. At the same time, I also thank webmaster for having this kind of webmaster. I believe that the person who has been helped by webmaster network (whether on that side) has the same feeling. Well, it is difficult to say a word of praise. Now get to the point. read more

Talk about my experience of doing websites in March

did not know anything about HTML and CSS, and the first website did less than a week and ended abruptly. That is, learn to install dedecms and add statistical code. Post such fool style skills, published dozens of articles, try to apply for a Adsense account, but second days because of the change in the template, website become garbled, then put the host in the files are deleted, the Adsense team said that I did not refuse the website content.

Oh, so far, the first website that stopped and started learning HTML and CSS, during the day to read the A5 article, also see their download English e-books, make money on line eBook in some ebook sites are everywhere, the foreign network industry that make himself like a raging fire. This year I know wangzhuan. read more